Masturbation about b*****r (Teaser done)

Here he is standing at my door with the water. So hot and sexy. He is not magazine Cosmo hot...maybe a bit more on a plain side. But his eyes are deep and dark, and his hair is black and curly. And his fingers are so long...oh no I am having flashbacks of him washing himself. I have a thousand of things running through my mind, me masturbating right here right now in front of him, but I dont dare, me reaching out for him to kiss, caress, but I dont dare. Instead I turn to him and say:
-Thank you, so much. Could you close the light on your way out, I think I am going to try to sl**p. (As if I could even think of sl**p, when my body won't stop trobbing and pulsating all over the places, when bl**d rushes from one part of my body to another, when my cunt is pulsating as fast and hard as my heart)
-Sure. Feel better. I'd be worried if you really got sick you know.
Would he? Would he really be worried? I look at him silently inquiring.
-Don't look so surprised of course I would be worried. Our parents are out for the rest of the week, and I suck at carrying for the sick.-he says devilishly smiling. That jerk... that fucking hot jerk... with a twinkle in his eye... why his eyes do that to me. They're nothing special, but it's like they can see through me. I give him a wtv face as he closes the door, and only after hearing the door to his room close, I put the blanket away and finally touch my throbbing wet cunt. My fingers rubbing through it...from the clit all the way in...aaawwww...if only it was his finger... if only it was his tongue, and I can feel my face getting hot, just at that thought. I shouldn't be thinking things like that... girls shouldn't even be masturbating... but my thought is interrupted by one of the most powerful orgasms ever. My cunt errupting with cum. The creamy liquid soaking up my hands and leaking down my butt. I can literrally feel it slide down from my vagina all the way down. But I'm so greedy that I continue. I suck on my fingers, I insert them again... I apply pressure to the entrance to my asshole, as I vigourously tease my clit. My cunt closing up and contracting, cum overflowing from it. My breasts rising as I let out my last moan for the day and let the air that I was holding in out, trying my best not to make to much noise.
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2 years ago
Short, but intense! Loved it.
4 years ago
G8. Getting hotter.
4 years ago
sounds like there should be more to this
4 years ago
Wow! Very hot! Sure hope that there will be more stories!
4 years ago
This is so good.
4 years ago
great finish