Masturbation about b*****r (Teaser Continued)

I layed down in my bed, softly circling my already hard nipples, as if I wasn't teased enough. My body was having heat waves pass through it, my breath was already out of control, and my pussy was pulsating with need...need and desire for my b*****r. Images of him in the shower were sending shocks and pleasure waves, causing my mouth to water, despite me moaning, my cheeks to burn, and my cunt leaking pure horniness. I lifted my shirt, my hands now on my bare breasts, 38B, probably not big enough, but just as sensitive as any others, maybe even more, if I could imagine. I massaged them, until my cunt couldn't wait any longer. I knew whether my hands go down or not, I would explode... but knowing how much better it feels with my fingers there, I stopped. As I suspected, my panties were useless...I was so wet it you could sense it on my thighs before my hand even spread my lips. What a soapy, watery sensation, absolutely undescribable. The sensation of my hand, sends goosebumps all over. I just love to tease myself, I can't help it. So instead going directly to my clit, I only spread my cunt wider and traced around my pussy lips, feeling like a painter...spreading my moisture all over my cunt. Picturing my b*****r over and over, his shoulders, neck, his hand going down his chest, belly...hmmm...his cock. Fuck, I really have to calm my breathing, or else even the fan won't overcome my loud and fast breathing. I want to moan his name, but I dont dare to say it outloud. I want to touch his skin, but I dont dare to try. I want so much... I want his mouth, lips, saliva...our tongues entwined rubbing against each other...I cant...I cant stop... I should... but I can't my legs are trembling just with the thought of him. It's no longer my hands whole body is moving towards my fingers... I want it to be him. I dont dare to open my eyes. I dont want his image to disappear. When suddenly I hear a knock on the door, and without waiting for the answer he enters the room. Luckily enough, by that time, my hands are out, and although I am still short of breath and slightly bewildered and still oh so horny for him... I do my best to pretend nothing happened.
-That's interesting. I ask if you want TV on and you say yes, and suddenly dont even have the curtesy of turning it off when you leave the living room?
I blink... oh yeah... tv... right...
-Oh sorry about that, I felt I bit weird and left to lay down. I was planning to come back.
I look at his neck, he is standing in nothing but shorts, towel on the neck, beads of water running on the side of his neck and trailing down... his hair still wet and dripping. Suddenly I feel thirsty... I want to lick it off. I automaticly swallow. His gaze changes and he looks at me worried.
-Hey you do look flustered, what happen? Don't tell me you got a fever.- he says reaching for my forehead.
In the back of my mind, I cannot understand how a forehead can be such a sensitive spot. His hand is sending shivers down my spine. If only he knew... what effect he has on me...on my body. I let out a moan ...and cautiously transform it into a painful one.
-You know, I am really not feeling well, maybe I do have fever. You know what, I changed my mind, if you dont mind close the TV for me please, and bring me some water.
He nods still looking at me wearily. That gaze is magic...his eyes have no limit. My whole body is pulsating with just the same though...I-Want-Him...I-Want-Him...
As he walks away I reach under the blanket I have pulled on me when he bursted into my room, and pull up my panties in place. It's quite uncomfortable, having such wet panties back on. On the second though, it's not like he is going to look under my blanket so I remove them and tuck them under my pillow. Just as I am done he approaches my door.
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4 years ago
G8. More please.
4 years ago
good continuation but needs details
4 years ago
Excellently written second part, so ready to read more (and more, wink wink)
4 years ago
More please.
4 years ago
4 years ago
very nice continuation