My yesterday unexpected experience with my roommat

Hey ;-)
This is my first story with my first experience like that ;-) This is true story and it all happened yesterday.
Let's start properly, my name is Patrick i live in Poland. Sorry for my english, I will try my best ! I hope You won't get bored while reading my story ;-) Okay, so i live with my roommate - Monika. We are very good friends, we talk about everything but we are not a couple (maybe this will change after yesterday ?). I really like her and she's so hot ! I totally love her ass ! I was always trying to see whatever and whenever i could (You know, when she was having a shower for example) i know it's not too good to watch people having a shower, being naked, but right now i know that she knew about it and she like it ! And this is just stronger than me ! I can't help it ! I'm having such beautiful girl at home ! Something more about her ? She's blond and two years older than me. She's so nice and friendly, but what happened showed me her from the way i didn't know she might be !
Okay but let's get back to yesterday, well she was working and i came home, the flat was empty so i thought about launching xhamster and that's what i did, i turned on the laptop in my room, and i played exactly this movie:

It just popped out on the site, i didn't closed the doors to my room (was it a foolish thing in Your opinion right now? Check out what happened later !) i started to... You know touching myself and when i got really hard in there i putted my cock in my right hand and started the real fun :) Suddenly i didn't know even when my roommate came back from work - i didn't hear her coming. I have my speakers set really loud, so when she came in to the house she heard that i'm doing something really naughty :)

She bursted into my room, she smiled - i was like a human sculpture - i didn't move when i saw her, i was holding my dick in my hand, the movie was still playing, i thought that i will get burned by the feeling of shame. So i didn't move for about 15 sec, she said "Wow ! I like what he's doing to that girl in the movie !" and i didn't know what to do, then again she said "I know You are watching me when i'm naked, do you like my body ?" i was surprised, i said, really, really quietly "You are very beautiful and sexy", then again she smiled and said "Do me what this guy is doing to the girl in the film !" and "RIGHT NOW !" she screamed. I was still feeling very ashamed but she came closer to me and we started to kiss, she was touching my cock - he softened while she walked into the room, but after one minute he was back in the right - hard form ! I started to undress her, she said that i'm really naughty boy - but she is really wicked woman! Then we laughed. She got totally naked, and i felt like - it's not true, it can't be - but this is really happening ! I automatically started to touch her beautifull tits, her nipples were so hard ! I sucked them both ! meantime she was playing with my cock, she said she would love to suck it, so she knelt and took it to her mouth and started to suck it so hard ! I was praying not to cum so fast ! She was sucking and spitting my cock - it was unbelievable ! I felt that i can't take it no more - that i will cum ! So i said that now i want to play with her pussy ! - "But i like it wet and hard !" she said ! My cock was pulsing like never before, it was really the final moment, one suck more and i would end this beautiful moment !

She layed on my bed and parted her legs showing me this wet, juicy pussy, i started to lick her juice - it was so good, her pussy was smelling so appealing ! I putted my finger in it and started to suck and penetrate her pussy, a pussy that was so tight ! She was groaning ! "Put one more finger !" - she yelled at me ! That was what i did ! I was trying my best with the fingers and then i heard "Put your dick in it and fuck me like a slut!" - i slipped my little friend into that amazing hole and started to fuck her, i was so turned on ! She was groaning louder and louder (there is no way my neighbours didn't heard that, but i didn't thought about it - all i wanted is to fuck that pussy the best way i can)"HARDER, HARDER ! DON'T BE SO GENTLE ! I WANT IT HARD!" And then again i felt that i can't make it any longer ! But i was so turned on that i couldn't stop it ! I quickly taked out my dick and cum over he belly i shooted so long that a small "portion" of my sperm flyed on her face ! "I'M NOT OVER YET ! YOU STILL DIDN'T DRILL MY ASS!" My dick became so small and soft, she got it in her mouth and started to suck it again ! "YOU HAVE TO FUCK MY ASS !"

A couple of minutes passed and i was hard but not so hard like by the first time ! She showed me her ass - this was my favourite part of her ! (i like womans ass and anal stuff) I was a little tired, but i thought "You must do it ! This is what you always wanted" So i spit on her hole and massaged it with my finger, then i slipped the finger inside ! "Fuck me with your finger honey !" i immediately slipped in another finger and in a little while another, i fucked her ass with my three fingers and then i shouted "I'M PUTTING HIM IN !" - she said "Fuck me hard Patrick, fuck me so incredibly HARD!" Her tight ass was like a dream come true for me ! I was fucking her really hard, my balls were hitting her pussy, she was fingering herself, again i was so turned on ! She was wet like... i got nothing to compare ! Believe me the feeling was amazing, suddenly she screamed and started to bending herself such oddly, she screamed "I'm having an orgasm !" i was happy - you know, it was partially my share :) I was still having my cock in her ass, and when she started to move in this "spasmodic" way i couldn't hold it for much longer i cummed in her ass !

Then i layed next to her and we hugged ourselves, we were chugging (i hope this is the right word - i meant to say that we were catching our breaths) after this amazing happening !

After a while she said "I'm glad that i cought you masturbating today, you were amazing ! We must do that again !" And after these words i'm so happy today ! I will never forget this experience. We sl**ped the night together. Today in the morning we were kissing and hugging in the bed - maybe now this will be something more than friendship ? I sure hope so ! She will come home after work in an hour so... i can't wait. :)

Thank You to all that readed this, i hope i didn't bored You too much, i just felt i needed to share with this here ! I will be glad to see Your comments, do You liked it ? Maybe You had a similiar experience ? Let me know !

Have a nice week !
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2 years ago
Hey :) Sorry it took me so long and i talked with her, she don't want me to show her picture on the net. I do not want to do anything against her will. I'm sorry friends :(
2 years ago
Nice roomie.....can't wait for a pic!
2 years ago
great story
2 years ago
I will post her picture soon, just need to take one :)
2 years ago
Great job Get a picture of her...
2 years ago
Very hot indeed Patrick,,you done a very good job with English..just keep her happy and sometime we would love some pics of her ..thanks
2 years ago
Well done, Patrick...even on the English.