The Time I Fucked My Young Neighbor

In my older age throughout Hank and I's swinger lifestyle up until recently, we have always been with other couples around our age. It has been a long time fantasy of mine to be with a younger man since I reached my 50s. It has never come to fruition up until recently. So allow me to go into some back story on how it all came about.

We have neighbors that live on our street and have neighbors with them for many years. They have one son and I have watched him grow from a young teen to a very good looking 26 year old. His name is Ryan and he has grown into a very handsome young man. I always caught myself admiring him from afar and just undressing him with my eyes any chance I got. I've told my husband many times on how I just want to fuck him so bad. Hank was fine with it but said I was on my own in making it happen, so I had to figure out a way to lure him over to the house when Hank was gone for some time during the day.

Whenever Ryan and I would meet at the grocery store or on the street, I always caught him checking out my cleavage. His eyes were always focused on my chest and I loved knowing he was looking at me in a sexual manner. He was also abit flirty too with me, which I just loved. Through some small talk, I came to find he was very tech savvy and knew alot about computers. Hank and I are basically computer illiterate. I knew this was my way to get him over to the house.

About afew weeks ago, Hank had met him outside our house and needed him to help carry in some heavy boxes from the car. I had no idea this was happening and when I am home I usually just walk around in my bra and panties. Unbeknownst to me, Ryan comes walking into the living room as I am watering my plants in my bra and panties. He immediately apologized for walking in on me. I was startled at first but once I knew it was Ryan, I didn't care that he saw me like that. I could feel his eyes glued to my body and knew he was turned on by it. He apologized one more time before he left. I knew right then and their he wanted me as I did him.

Fast-forward a week and I meet Ryan in the front of his house working on his bike as I am walking home. I start asking him some computer tech questions and ask if he had some free time the next day to look at it and help me out. He agreed to come over around noon, which was perfect because Hank was going out fishing with friends.

I woke up the next morning filled with excitement knowing I was going to get my chance to hopefully seduce Ryan into giving me his young cock! My pussy grew wet just thinking about it laying in bed. I just couldn't wait for him to arrive. Before he came over, I made sure to put on my nice silky panties and lacy bra under my bathrobe. I figured it would be easier to just disrobe if things turned out the way I had planned.

As soon as I heard Ryan knocking at the door, I got so excited that I could feel the juices in my pussy start to flow. He made his way into the house looking so handsome and hot. He was wearing a cut sleeveless shirt and mesh shorts. I apologized to him for still being in my bathrobe and not dressed. He responded with "well that's alright, I've seen you almost naked already the last time I was over!" With him saying that, I knew he had taken a liking to me and my body. I knew I wouldn't have a problem seducing him into fucking me.

I led him into our bedroom where we have our computer set up. We needed help installing a new wireless router which he helped set up. While he was setting it up, I positioned myself on the bed for him to get a peak up my bathrobe. I caught him peaking up there a few times. It was really turning me on. We started with some small talk which then led into if he was dating anyone. He wasn't with anyone which then led to him stating that he hasn't been with a girl in over a year. I instantly complimented him by saying I found that hard to believe as he was such a handsome young man. To which out of nowhere he said to me, "well if you weren't married, I would totally ask you out on a date. You yourself are a beautiful woman!"

This was just getting to easy. I knew once we got passed the flirting, it was a go. I told him that I didn't need to be married in order for him to court me. He figured that Hank would be so mad at him for us having this conversation. I assured him that Hank would mind and knew I liked the younger men. Then I asked him if he enjoyed what he saw the last time he was over when he caught me in my panties. He got abit shy but agreed he loved what he saw and hasn't stopped thinking about it. I right then and there knew he was in and wanted me.

I then stood up off the bed in front of him and said "maybe you need to see it again" as I undid my bathrobe relieving my body to him. He was very taken by surprise but he couldn't get his eyes off me. I walked over to him and whispered in his ear "don't you worry about a thing, I've been wanting to get you in my bedroom for the longest time. And don't you worry about Hank, he understands my needs." To which Ryan replied with "I have been fantasizing about you since last week. I haven't been able to get you out of my mind."

I then took his hand and led him over to the bed. I laid him down and crawled on top of him. I could feel his hard cock through his shorts. We started kissing as I felt his hands rub up my ass, squeezing my cheeks. My pussy was so wet by now I could feel it seeping through my panties. I unhooked my bra and let my tits out infront of his face. He instantly grabbed a hold of them and started licking on my nipples. I was so horny I was moaning his name already. I reached behind me to rub his cock over his shorts. I slide my body down off him cause I needed his cock. I wanted to suck it so bad. He slid his shorts off and his large cock sprung out at me. It was huge! Had a nice thick shaft and great head on it. I saw he already had some precum leaking out. I slowly ran my tongue up his shaft to the tip of his head and licked off the precum before taking his entire cock in my mouth. He was so hot as he moaned in pleasure with each suck of his cock.

He knew he was close to cumming as I sucked his cock, so he asked me to stop because he wanted to eat my pussy. I loved how attentive he was to my needs. I laid back on the bed and he got on top of me as he continued sucking on my tits. His hand went down under my panties and he started to rub my clit as he slid two fingers in my pussy! I was so wet I could hear the sounds of my pussy as he fingered me! He then moved his head down between my legs and started licking slowly on my clit. I could tell he has done this many times cause he made me cum instantly. I pushed his face deeper in my pussy as I was cumming moaning his name. He wouldn't stop eating my pussy which led to me having multi orgasms. I loved it! He sure knew how to please a woman orally!

After some more pussy eating fun, I pulled him by the arms to crawl back on top of me. I wanted his hard throbbing cock inside my. We began kissing some more as he played with my tits all while sliding his hard cock deep in my pussy! It felt so good. I pressed my hands against his ass for him to shove it all the way in as I told him "fuck me so good and hard Ryan!" He started to pick up speed as he fucked me harder. He loved watching my big tits bouncing all around as he fucked me harder and harder!

While being fucked this way, I wanted him to get behind me and fuck my pussy from behind. And WOW, he sure could fuck a woman so good from behind! He started off by rubbing his throbbing cock all over my clit which made me cum again. Right as I was cumming he slammed his cock deep in my pussy! It felt wonderful feeling him deep in my wet pussy!! He was fucking me so good and hard that I must have had atleast 5 orgasms that way. He sure was one of the best lovers I had experienced. I could tell by his cock pulsating he was close to cumming. But I wasn't ready to be done with him. I asked him if he wanted me to ride his cock. Without hesitation, he pulled his cock out of me and laid back on the bed.

Before I got on top of him, I looked him in the eye as I sucked off my pussy juice off his cock. He loved it. I loved the taste of my pussy and his precum. I then got on top of his and slid his cock in my pussy! I rode him nice and slow as he groped and sucked my tits. I begged him to slap my ass as I was fucking him! I then picked up speed as I fucked him faster. My big tits were smothering his face as he slapped my ass! He was moments away from cumming. I wanted his load in my pussy so bad! He asked me before he came where I wanted it. And right as I told him I wanted his load inside me, he grabbed my face down towards him and kissed me so good with that hot tongue of his as he moaned out a large roar as I felt his cock pumping my pussy full of hot cum! It felt so good that I began cumming mysrlf. I began moaning his name as each thrust of cum filled my pussy! It was one of the best fucks I have ever had!

I collapsed on top of Ryan after we had finished as I felt my pussy leaking out all his cum on his cock. I was still so horny that I went back down and sucked off all the cum off his cock as he squirmed. After we laid on the bed for afew minutes, I explained to him how I have always wanted to fuck him for the longest time. He was worried about Hank finding out and getting mad. I explained to him about our lifestyle and how he would not mind at all. And then explored the idea of having a threesome with the both of them sometime! Ryan was thrilled with the idea of that, as was I!

Before Ryan left, I told him not to be shy and now that anytime, he was welcome to come over. He expressed that he would be over anytime he was free because he simply had never been fucked like that before.

When Hank returned home, I explained all that had happened and the story of it turned Hank on so much that he fucked me too! It was a great day for me! I got fucked by a young stud and then by my hubby!! Now to work on this threesome with the both of them!

Hope you enjoyed!

-Justine xoxo

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6 days ago
Wow very hot, always my fantasy.
4 months ago
fuck, wish it was me
4 months ago
Young guys are great in bed!
5 months ago
Got me stroking thanks
6 months ago
Wow Justine it only goes to show you that you get better with age.
6 months ago
6 months ago
Great story .Got me very hot reading it.
6 months ago
love it...such a sexy mature woman!
6 months ago
great story and a horny older woman tell me where she lives as I am moving next door:)XXXXXX
7 months ago
wow that got my dick soooo hard!!
7 months ago
Loved it! That's one lucky neighbor
7 months ago
great story. We loved it. thanks for sharing
7 months ago
Very hot story!