Oh shit

I remember when i was 17 i was at this girls house there parents were out she was sucking my hard cock i'd masterbate alot beacause i was a virgin so it was taking awhile. I got so bored that i read a book then i hear a (creeek) then her father walked in the first thing i thought was. Throw the book at him! i throwed the book at him and got him in the face he starts to have a total spazim throws his daughter out the way and grabs my shoulders mean while i finally had an eretion in total fear he looks down at my dick and i push him and run. sadly i had my pants down so i pulled them off and ran. My erection was the best ive ever had.

I was going to the shops with my friends down the main road a green car drives past i looked at the drivers face and he looked at mine then i realized it was the guy i threw the book at. He stops reversed then looked at me then his eyebrows just start going lower and lower then i ran it was really scary but i knew some parkour from friends i jumped over a fence then SMASH! he took down the fence! i keep't running until i got to my house i was happy he wrecked his car and im still alive.
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4 years ago
4 years ago
as a father/ grandfather i am not sure how i would react as a male it is very funny & remembering to those days i would have run like the devil hisself was after me like you did
4 years ago
Pretty funny story.
4 years ago
Very funny, lucky to get out of it with your life!!
4 years ago
if it had been my daughter giving , or son recieving I'd of been happy that I walked in on a BJ and left , now had you been fucking my daugther you'd better be wearing a rubber
4 years ago
dam i spelt erection wrong