My first time

I was 18. I was going to a party when my girlfriend,Kerry, dumped me for this guy who had a bigger cock than mine. His name was Jock, his real name- I dunno. But I heard they were having sex, and the guys fucking older than her. He's 22! But, surely its gonna be his first time too! Nope, he's a player. He shags a girl then dumps them. But, they were going to the same party I was going to. I decided to follow them. Jock grabbed her ass and love bit her. She giggled and banged her tits into him. "Kyle's gonna be totally jealous when we fuck." She said in her incredibly squeaky voice. "Yeah, I'm gonna fuck you so hard you bleed." Jock bellowed, like nobody else was listening. "mm.... sounds tempting. Lets go upstairs shall we?" She said. That was my time to move my ass. As I passed, I saw so many fucking hot chicks walking around half naked. I couldn't help getting a boner in this place! But there was no time. So I followed them. I made a small hole in the door which looked unrecognizable. And I peered through. This is what I saw....

He licked her pussy clean, and she sucked his cock dry, then came the sex toys, he pressed a dildo into her pussy,while she wanked him. Then he drilled her pussy with his 15 inch cock and drilled her very deep, and he analed her ass . I couldn't help wanking, and then as soon as I felt a very intense orgasm, they noticed. Then I joined in, I racked through her pussy. I tried some of my cum, It was pretty good if I say so myself. So, basically my first time was a gang bang.
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2 years ago
lol sounds completely untrue! a guy with a 15 inch cock? seriously dude. sound bogus to me
2 years ago
Crap. Unbelievable. Needs expanding, more detail. Where did the toys come from at a party? How did you end up joining in? Come on, bit more effort please.