We had booked adjoining rooms at a local hotel. You arrived earlier in the day and prepped your yourself by shaving your balls and ass, cleaning yourself properly, then unlocked your side of the door. When I arrived, and prepared myself, I came through the door to find you on the bed, naked, with your legs spread wide and a lubed up butt plug in your ass waiting for me. I came through the door wearing a pair of panties with my semi-hard cock bulging out of them. Your asshole was very nice, and inviting. I made my way over to you and placed your hand on my quickly erecting cock to rub through my panties. My pre-cum was making quite a wet spot in my panties. Your cock was quite limp so I grabbed it and began to stroke it gently while I released my big cock from the side of my panties. Your cock immediately responded. I also noticed you move your head toward my cock, I knew you wanted it in your mouth and I wanted to put it there, so I shoved my hips toward your face and held my penis just far enough away from your lips that when you milked my cock with your hand you had to use your tongue to catch the large drop of pre-cum that oozed out. Only then did I allow you to take me fully into your mouth. You began to suck me feverishly and I had to pull out to get you(and me) back under control. I then removed my panties completely. I turned around and spread my ass cheeks apart to expose my tight asshole and moved into your face. Your tongue went straight into my hole and you starting rimming and sucking my ass like never before, again I had to pull away. I then moved around in front of you to remove your butt plug. Your ass hole tightened back up nicely and I began to finger your hole to make sure it was ready to recieve my big cock. My fingers easily penetrated your hole and I could tell by your moans you were more than ready.
I put the head of cock up against your hole and slowly eased my head in. I was waiting for some friction to tell me to stop but there was none. You were quite ready. I buried my big cock balls deep on the first push. I went all the way in then stopped. I wanted to enjoy the moment. Me with my hard dick in your tight ass and you feeling your asshole completely stuffed. I then began to slowly move my cock in and out. I had my hand on your now rock hard cock, stroking it and using it to pull on when I thrusted into your ass. Your ass was so wet I began removing my cock completely from your ass then plunging all the way back in. I knew I was too turned on to take much more of this and I could tell from your moaning and throbbing cock you would'nt either. I bent over as much as I could still leaving the head of my cock in your ass while my mouth reached the head of your cock. I was just teasing your ass with just about the head of my cock thrusting in and out your ass while my mouth sucked on your cum oozing head. I stroked your cock until you started blasting into my mouth. I swallowed like crazy to catch all your load. It was sooo fucking fantastick to eat that. Then, I returned to pounding your ass. You knew it would'nt be long and so did I. You opened your mouth and begged for my load. I was going to give you a creampie but decided to cum in your mouth if thats what you really wanted. I quickly pulled out of your ass and tried to get to your mouth in time. It didn't work. My first blast went across your cheek. I was able to get my cock in your mouth for the remaing cum shots that you took quite professionally. I must say it was much more intense watching you swallow my load with that cum on your cheek already. I used the head of my cock to push the cum on your cheek into your mouth.

That's my version of how the night started. Why don't you tell me your version of what happened next.
71% (10/4)
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2 years ago
Another GREAT Story but now I got to Spew my Sticky Cum TWICE ~ Reading YOUR Story AND then, Again while reading "Lorenzo's" comment below!
I'm a Horny Bi-Guy named Johnny in California and my own Cum's splattered all over my Naked lap & Seeping from my soft flacid Dick...
Johnny in L.A.
If only you could both see me now:
3 years ago
I savored your hot load before I swallowed .....gently massaging your spent cock.I was so aroused my Cock hardened quickly.Needing more ass fucking I began licking and sucking your manmeat until it got big and hard again. We moved into a hot 69 position slurping away on each others ass ,cock and balls until I begged you to fill me again.I laid on the edge of the bed and lifted my legs exposing my hot gaping hole.You stood at the edge of the bed and grabbed my ankles spreading me wide,filling my hole with your throbbing cock.I was so aroused with the hard ass pounding and cock stroking you were giving me...mmmmm.This time I wanted you to fill my ass with your hot cumm and begged you to do so.Soon I felt the squirts of man juice filling my sloppy hot, wet, ass and squealed in delight.I laid there totally satisfied as you brought your spent cock to my mouth to lick and suck clean.Your cuumm was leaking out of my ass so your brought your mouth to it sucking it out....holding it in ...and then brought you mouth to mine to share the delicious load with our tongues swirling together...We still had more time to enjoy each took a quick break...what should we do next????
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