5 Guy Cream Pie

This is my 5 guy fantasy. It starts with me going to the d**g store for an enema kit and scented deuche. After shaving my ass and cock completely, I use the enema to clean my stomach and ass out. I flush my ass until I get at least 5 clean releases. Then I deuche my ass for a clean scent.

After everyone shows up we all get naked. I make the guys draw numbers 1-5. Guy number 1 has to suck my cock first till I cum. I'm quite excited and it doesn't take long. After I fill his mouth he can't swallow. He has to spit some come on his hand and lube his cock with it. He also has to spit some cum into my ass and work it in with his fingers. As guy 1 starts to fuck my ass slowly streching me and getting me loose, I fluff guy 2's cock by stroking it into my mouth. Guy 1 is fucking my ass hard now and cums in my ass. As he removes his wet cock from my ass guy 2 has to clean his cock off, then clean my asshole as well. Then guy 2 can have his turn fucking my ass as I get started sucking guy 3's cock. Guy 3 then has to clean guy 2 and my ass before his turn.....As guy 5 finshes dumping a load into my creamy stretched out fuckhole I clean his cock myself and he has to clean his own mess from my ass. When he's done he has to suck my hard cock until I shoot my second load of the night into his mouth.

WOW, I am completely satisfied, I've been dreaming about this forever. The night is young though, and everyones cock is getting hard again. Would someone else like to get their 5 guy fanatsy fullfilled?
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Posted by HornyBimale
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1 month ago
Mmmmmmmm that sounds soooooo fucking hot
8 months ago
A dream evening with friends.
1 year ago
sounds like something I want to try
2 years ago
when can we get started?
2 years ago
Naughty fantasy...
2 years ago
Fuck yea like to be there with you
3 years ago
That's one dirty, filthy fantasy. Love it!
3 years ago
3 years ago
one day
3 years ago
Great story! Would love to try that!
3 years ago
I think alot of us share a similar fantacy.
3 years ago
Interesting fantasy you could also have guy 3 suck your cock while guy 2 fucks your mouth and guy fucks your ass and than keep rotating them.
3 years ago
Great story I've always wanted to be used by a croup of guy and have my ass filled