"My Cum Slut"

I can't believe you're finally here. I've been stroking my cock to porn all day, holding back from releasing just so I could fill my balls with cum and release a huge load for you. I showered, shaved, and enema'd just for you. Just come into the bedroom, I'm naked on my back, my legs are pulled back, exposing my shaved pink asshole. Go ahead, lick it, yes, you know how to tease me with your tongue, licking all around my hole, then running your tongue over my balls and back to my rim. Thats it, now fuck my tight hole with your tongue, that feels soo good, keep fucking me with that tongue baby. Yes, spit on your finger and rub it on my hole, dont keep teasing me, I already have precum drooling all over from my cock, stick that finger in. Oh yea, now another one. Fuck my ass with those fingers. Keep finger-banging my ass while your tongue works up to my swollen balls, they are a shade of blue so be easy, just work your way up to dripping cockhead. Thats it, put my swollen head into your mouth, stroke my shaft and finger my hole. OMG I'm going to explode. Dont stop fucking my ass just because my asshole is contracting, jam those fingers into my male g-spot as my toes are curling and my cock is beginning to pulsate. OH YES BABY, DONT STOP, I'm pulling your head onto my cock, the first spurt is kind of small, just enough to open the chute, then, the second blasts into your mouth full f***e, then the third, and the fourth, fifth, sixth, I've never cum this hard before. Your intention of letting me fill your mouth as usual then swallowing one big gulp is not working, my cum is oozing out the sides of your mouth and running down my cock, covering your hand and my balls. As my spasms finally subside you gulp down what you can, then continue to lick and suck and tease my tender cockhead. Watching your beautifull mouth lick all the cum from your hand and my cock, and watching you take your fingers out of my ass, rub them in some of my cum and re-insert them into my ass is why sex with you is so FUCKING great. I can't thank you enough my little "Cum Slut", but I can repay you. What did you have in mind? I'm all yours.
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Posted by HornyBimale
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2 years ago
This a Kinky Erotic Story that had my Cock twitching, tingling & Thrtobbing while i Gripped, Squeezed and Stroked my Dick until I Spurted, & Oozed Warm, Sticky Cum inot my bare lap, licking it from my fingers...
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I'm Johnny in Los Angeles and I'm Still Seeping Gooey Drops of Cum from my tiny Cock slit...
2 years ago
I lay under you with your head resting on my throbbing cock....my mouth swallowing your cock to the balls...holding it deep with my tongue licking those big beautiful sacks....you moan and swallow mine..mmmmm
2 years ago
Now that is fuckin hot..great pov in a story!!!
3 years ago
3 years ago
love it
3 years ago
How about a good ass massage with a hot cum shower to follow that sounds great thanks