The Gang Bang

"Oh fuck...fuck.....fuuuuck....."

I could hear a very familiar sound. The sound of a hand vigorously stroking a cock to orgasm. I always liked the sound. Or maybe it was what the sound entailed. Either way, I liked it. And that sound was right above my head. I had my eyes closed. I was panting, trying to catch my breath. I let my hands wander all over myself. Absorbing every feeling.


I did as i was told. All of a sudden there was a cock going down my throat and a pair of balls laying over my eyes. I wrapped my tongue around the shaft of the cock as the head reached the back of my throat. I wished whoever this guy was would have put his cock in my mouth the other way so that my tongue could lick his balls as he came in my throat., but he was too close for that.

"Here it comes!"

His cock throbbed and expanded in my throat. He moved back and forth ever so gently as the first wave of cum shot down my throat. He wasn't all the way in though. I reached up and grabbed his ass and shoved down. The first wave just got done as i felt the tip of his head tickle the back of my throat. Second wave came. His legs shook as he came again. He closed his thighs around my head as his cock pumped my throat full again and again and again.

"Oh my god......."

He let my head go and slowly inch by inch took his cock out of my mouth. A trail of cum and spit followed my lips to the tip of his cock. I opened my eyes and looked up at him. His cock still dribbling a little cum, he panted and sighed as he fell back into the chair behind him. I turned over onto my stomach and gathered myself. I could feel cum leaking from my pussy and ass. I looked up around the room and saw the five guys who just had there way with me.

"So fellas.....any of you care to get me a towel?"
Earlier that day i was waiting for Gs to show up. It was around 11 in the morning and he was running kinda late. Mom wasnt around today. No one else was. Already naked and a bit moist at the thought of Gs coming, i was ready to be fucked. I txted him asking him where he was when a knock came at the door. I jumped up, smiling, and ran to the door.

"Finally i get to be fucked!" i yelled.

When i opened the door it wasn't Gs, but five guys i didn't know, all smiling at me. I stood in front of them naked and looked around outside. I couldn't see anyone else but heard a car pulling out from the drive way. I shoved past the guys and ran out to the drive way. It was the middle of the day and i was standing in my front yard naked as the day i was born. I didn't much care though because i had in one way or another serviced pretty much all the neighbors. They knew i didn't keep my clothes on much. It was Gs pulling out. He had dropped these guys off here which meant that they were his friends, which meant i knew what came next. I stood in the yard and smirked at Gs as he waved from the car and drove off. All off a sudden i was being picked up off my feet and being carried back to the house by one of the guys Gs dropped off.

"Come on sweet tits!"

I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and looked up at him giggling. He carried me back into the house and kicked the door shut behind him. The other four guys had already stripped.

"So whats your names?" i asked.

The guy caring me set me down on the couch and began to strip. "Our names dont matter...." he said, ".......we were told you would like some cock this morning." The guys drew around me stroking their cocks. I looked around. He was right. Names didn't matter. All but two of the guys had sizable cocks. The two that didn't reached about 6 inches if i had to guess by looking at them. I was fine with that. Gs probably picked them out for that reason. He always says that no guy should go without t least a hand job every week. Lucky for these two, i had two hands.

"Well boys i do need cock this morning so lets get to it!" I spread my legs apart and it began.

The nearest guy grabbed my ankles and pulled me toward him. My ass was hanging off the couch a bit. He grabbed my thighs and lifted me up to be level with his cock, then i felt it slid in. The two with the small dicks were rubbing their cocks in my open hands, so i wrapped my fist around them and began to jerk.

"Dude i got a better idea."

The two other big cocks had gone into the dining room. On was laying on the dining room table stoking his cock while the other stood by waiting.

"Bring her over here."

The guy in me simply lifted me up, cock still in me, and stood up with me. I gasped and shuddered as gravity shoved me down onto his cock more. He grunted as felt this and walked me over to the table. On the way i could feel a probing finger in my ass, preparing it for his friends cock. The two small dicks followed u in there.

He gently placed me down onto the other cock and it gently wiggled its was up my ass. I gasped and twitched. I always loved the feeling of both my fuck holes being filled up with cock.

"Shit dude her ass is SOOO tight!" he began his thrusts upward and inward.

I laid back onto the guy under me. I could feel his erratic panting in my ear, It made me more wet. The other big cock got onto the table and stood over me stroking his cock. I looked at him and opened my mouth wide. I knew what he wanted. I remembered the other two, so i sit into each of my hands and reached out. Two small cocks fell into my hands. I closed my fist tightly around them. The two guys in my hands grabbed me by the forearms and began fucking my fist.

The big cock above me then slide into my throat and began to fuck my face.

My hands, pussy, mouth and ass were all full of cock and being fucked. i loved it. I tried to moan but all i could do was let out muffled squeaks as i was fucked. In my ass, the big cock moved in and out each thrust going in balls deep. In my pussy, it felt the best. The cock in my pussy was so big that my little snatch couldnt swallow it all. That didnt seem to matter to the guy though. He still thrusted in and out as if i was the last piece of pussy he would ever get.
In my mouth, the tip of the cocks head kept touching the back of my throat as he fucked me. I stared up at him as he yanked my head forward on his cock with each thrust. In my hands, their heads were rubbing against my wrist with each thrust. I couldn't turn my head to see them, but i heard their panting and the slippery noises that their cocks and pre cum made in my hands.

After about 15 minutes of pure ecstasy, the two small cocks were the first to cum. The cock on the left began to moan and grunt as he drew near. The cock on the right already began to cum. Warm spurts of cum collected on my wrist. I could hear drops of it falling from his cock and my wrist, hitting the hardwood floor. The cock on my left then began to cum. Now both my wrist were covered in cum.

The cock in my mouth was still going strong. The cock in my pussy all of a sudden began to explode with cum. My eyes widened in surprise as he thrust up even further. The throbbing thrusts of him cumming must have been felt by the cock in my ass as he quivered and came at the same time. My eyes rolled back as i shivered. The orgasm i had washed over me in waves making me go limp. The cock in my pulled out. I gasped and laid there as the cocks in my ass and pussy withdrew.

"Oh fuck...fuck.....fuuuuck....."

I could hear a very familiar sound.

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4 months ago
Such a good girl.
1 year ago
awesome but a part 2??
1 year ago
Great story.
1 year ago
1 year ago
This shit got me hot!
1 year ago
Great story,,,you certainly like being used.
1 year ago
No kidding, me too.. maybe we could carpool!
1 year ago
Great story would love to see the pics.
1 year ago
1 year ago
amazing story!
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1 year ago
I loved this! Please write more!!!