Long haired guy in my neighborhood

So, I live in a townhome that is surrounded by a ton of other townhomes. It's very close living and the only space between each building is only wide enough to fit one car, truck etc.

So this guy in the neighborhood would be out with his k**, letting the k** ride their bike etc and 90% of the time, he was shirtless. He is HOT! My ideal rough, rugged, manly kind of guy - the kind you know is wild in the bedroom. I wanted him. I had to have him. We would exchange smiles, or wave to each other in passing, and then started doing little signals etc. I'd grab my crotch like I was a thug with low hanging pants and just hold it there a little longer than you would if you were adjusting yourself. I wanted to feel him out with the famous 'tug of the crotch' cruising signal.

One night, I saw him outside without his k**, smoking a cigarette, and shirtless. I knew this was my chance. I opened up the blinds in my bedroom and got on my bed and looked out and luckily he happened to look up. I was totally naked, rock hard, cock was lubed up...I showed him a silver vibrator and held it to the window, then I bent over and shoved it in my ass. I don't know if he realized it or not but he had his hand down his pants through the waist of his jean shorts, and he was playing with his nipples. HE WANTED IT...BAD! I opened the window wide enough to tell him to come in and the door was unlocked. It's a 2 level townhouse so I figured he would manage to find me.

He took his clothes off downstairs because when he was standing in my doorway, he was totally naked, rock hard. This dude was bomb! Perfect cock, perfect size, it was beautiful. I had gay porn playing on my computer and I was on my bed with my asshole facing the doorway so the first thing he would see when he looked in the room, was me on my back with my tight, pink, mancunt staring at him. I told him to come over by motioning with my index finger. He strutted in with his big schlong standing at attention and I threw him down on the bed. I spread his legs apart with his knees bent and started deep throating him like there was no tomorrow. When I got him in the back of my throat and his balls were pressing against my lips, his head came off the bed as he yelled, ahhh fuuucckk man. Then I licked his balls, underneath his balls which really got him off, then came back up to swallow his cock.

He wanted to finger fuck me and get my ass ready so he kinda squatted on the bed with his right foot/leg on the footboard of the bed so he would facefuck me on my back while reaching down a little and sticking in 2 fingers.

All the sudden dude got all whacked out and started whimpering and begging me to let him fuck me. I mean whimpering in a sexually charged, crying/begging kinda way ...like, he wanted it bad. I told him fuck yeah! I said you're going to fuck me over and over again until we can't go anymore.

He told me he was divorced and hadn't had sex in 2 years. He said he jacked off of course, fantasized, watched porn but as far as a bj or penetration..nothing. I believed it too the way he was begging me to please let him fuck me. I said I can do even better for you. I said, you're gonna fuck me raw, bareback, no condom. I'm gonna make you feel real good man like you deserve.

So I kept deep throating him and he said dude, if you don't stop I'm gonna fuckin blow man. I can understand that after going without sex for 2 years and real stimulation of a mouth, tongue, saliva etc. He said it felt so fucking good and he didn't want me to stop but he was gonna lose it if I kept sucking him like that. I told him it was cool and to bend me over and have his way with me and my ass...LUBE ONLY. He slid into me and oh my god, it felt soooo good. My ass needed to be filled with his cock, as badly as he needed to have his buried deep in my ass.

Usually (or often) it's the bottom who's screaming and moaning. In this case, from the second his tip touched my asshole, until it was buried deep in me (balls deep) he cried and whimpered, moaned, groaned, grunted. I thought maybe he unloaded already lol. This dude was happy to be getting laid and laying pipe for the first time in 2 years.

When I started talking dirty...whew...look out! He was sweating, moaning, saying all kinds of shit like "GOD this feels so FUCKING good.." "oh man I've needed a tight little ass like this for WAY TOO LONG." I said "it feels so good huh? Does it man? Then show me it feels good man...pound it like a pussy, give it to me, make ME scream and moan." He started pumping really fast and hard and grunting loudly. I felt his dick swelling inside me. I KNEW that 2 year load wasn't far away. He said "fuck man, fuck! where do I cum, where do I cum?" I had to respond quickly and I said shoot it inside man...fuckin shoot it inside..come on...let it go...fucking shoot it.

He did just that along with a bl**d curdling scream (like when your pc speakers are too high and you have a "loud unloader" on a porn movie) but he screamed "FUUUUUCCCCKKKKKKK, GOD DAAMMMNNNNNNN." His whole body was convulsing and streams of cum kept flowing out, one behind the other. With each spurt of massive cum, I could feel his cock blow up in size until he was done unloading and grunting.

I drained his dick dry that night. He had to lay there for about 20 minutes before he could even consider getting up and getting dressed. He was shaking, sweating, convulsing (post orgasm) and he was so weak from that huge load and the mammoth amount of pumping, fucking, driving it home, slamming it deep etc.

He made me feel REALLY good, and I helped out a buddy in need who was divorced, deprived of sex and NEEDED my ass...like a fat k** needs cake.

Isn't that what life is about? Helping people in need? Doing for others? Doing others? Lending a hand, or ass to your fellow man? Yeah...we helped each other out alright. Ball busting, dick draining, sweaty, man 2 man, cock sucking, ball licking, ass munching, ass fucking kind of help.
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4 months ago
1 year ago
That is a keeper, mate. Beautiful hot scenario, perfectly described and of course the description of the actual fucking was sensational. Had me hard, jacking and blowing a load to your pics. Job done! :)
1 year ago
thanks for the comments guys :) glad you liked the story.
1 year ago
love the storie
1 year ago
Fucking great story
1 year ago
great story. i especially loved the hard cum description.