Peeping Tom at the adult bookstore

It was a weekend. I went to my local adult bookstore looking for some action. I went back into the private booths where you preview a DVD (so basically an excuse to hook up and get some action.) I was very disappointed because there are 6 total rooms, 3 on each side. A, B, C, and D, E, F, on the other side of the hall. I went into the last room on the left side with a full length loveseat, TV and DVD player to "preview my DVD." I pulled my pants down and was hard as a rock. I started watching the DVD, hoping someone would come through the door into another booth, and take interest in me stroking my cock with the door cracked, just enough to see me. I had no luck. I'd keep pausing the DVD to make sure I didn't miss someone entering and the buzzing sound when the clerk let someone into the private area.

FINALLY!! I heard the buzz which meant someone came in! For a split second I feared, will he be good looking, my type, etc. After a few minutes and him settling into his booth, I saw a figure appear. My heart raced with excitement, anxiety, the need to devour a hard cock. He walked by with his thick dick hanging out, hard and ready for action. Then he'd walk back to his booth, then come back and so on. This happened for a few minutes. Finally he came back, stood outside the door letting me know he liked what he, stroking my hard cock and at this point, totally naked. He pushed open the door after stroking his cock for a few minutes while watching me. I said "hey man, how's it going?" He replied "not too bad bud, what are you into?" I said, sucking cock, getting fucked bareback in my tight little asscunt...and you? He didn't say anything. He came in, turned off the light and shut the door and locked it. There it was, his big, thick, man meat hanging in my face. I went right to town and started sucking and deep-throating his cock while he still had his jeans on...just below the bottom of his balls. I got him even harder and throbbing with precum as I danced my tongue around his dick, worshipping it. His dick looked like it was going to explode so I said "you wanna slide in bareback man, and fuck this tight ass? That's what you want, right man?" He said fuck yeah b*o.

I told him to take off all his clothes..everything. I told him I wanted him completely naked, no socks, nothing! He agreed and stripped off his clothes in record time. This guy had a baseball cap on, was a little stocky, kind of a medium build, nice meaty thighs and a bubble, meaty ass..just like I like my men. Rugged and built like a man should look!

We did 69 and I devoured his cock while he prepped my ass with his warm, wet, manly tongue...all spread out on the loveseat. He had my ass pulsating and ready and craving his cock so bad. I was so horny I had the chills. I got on my knees on the loveseat after our hot 69 session and he squatted down to be at level with my asshole to tongue fuck me some more while he stroked his cock downward, toward the floor, eager to fuck my ass. He was stroking so fast and with such excitement.

He stood up and I said, "go on man, stick it in my ass bareback." He slid in and we both moaned as he entered my tight, pink, wet, eager ass. His cock knew I was going to drain him dry...every drop. He started pounding me hard, his big meaty balls, slapping against my ass as he fucked every inch of his fat cock into my tight cunt. The whole loveseat was moving a little across the wood floor as he buried his stiff, throbbing, swollen cock into my quivering, tight little fuckhole.

I could feel his cock growing bigger, the more he moaned. I knew he wasn't far from exploding. He pulled my hair and grunted, as he yelled "fuck man, I'm gonna drain inside you!" I said "fuck yeah man, you know you want to explode inside me, drain those fucking balls you nasty pig!" He moaned louder and louder as I screamed "fuck me harder you filthy fuck..this is what you wanted, this is what you had your eye on outside the door." And with that statement, his scream and his grunt as he unloaded deep inside me his hot load of man jizz, could be heard throughout the whole store.

He asked me if I wanted to go again...I said fuck yeah man, let's go for it. He just kept thrusting, never got soft and I'm a verbal person so I was talking to him a lot saying things like "you gonna cum inside again you nasty fuck, are you gonna empty another load into me and unload your balls and drain your dick inside...huh man?" He said in a somewhat submissive tone "oh yes.." almost girly. I had him in that hornball zone where he was just into getting that next nut, and the more I talked, the faster he pounded, the more his dick sloshed with wetness and then....he hit my spot and I said "holy fuck man, that's my spot, you're gonna make my ass cum" and that really excited him as I spit out a anal orgasm load onto his dick. I saw his face, it was a proud face, that he made my ass orgasm and cum, and also kind of surprised at the same time. That really got him as he looked down at the cream on his dick and he said "oh fuck yeah! you fucking nasty little faggot do love cock...holy fuck man" and he screamed and came inside me again. I could feel his cock contracting as it spit stream after stream of cum into my ass. I drained him good that night. He left with an empty sack and a drained dick, just like I told him I would do.

It was fucking hot, and the best night of my life.

96% (57/3)
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7 months ago
I love hot bookstore sex!
1 year ago
Love going to the bookstore and getting my pussy filled.
1 year ago
great story. I love it when my spot is hit, over and over again.
1 year ago
"You're gonna make my ass cum"...I want you bad.
Great story baby.
1 year ago
thanks for all the comments guys :) glad you enjoyed the story.
1 year ago
oh my.....
2 years ago
hard n fast..
2 years ago
Smokin' hot and you left w/ a pussy full of cum!
2 years ago
nasty but so great
2 years ago
So hot...
2 years ago
yummmmm im hard