I Love Very Slutty Whorish Women

The more a woman looks and dresses like a hot slutty streetwalking prostitute the more I am attracted to her because this is my ideal looking and dressing woman and who I am most proud to have at my side whenever and wherever and regardless of what anyone else thinks. A man like me must be very strong and confident to have a slutwhorish looking and dressing woman at his side because society is very cruel! They look at her and I with disgust and hatred, they laugh at her, call her names and find me a loser to be with such a slutty looking tramp or think shes a hooker I hired...etc...etc. I dont give a fuck what anyone thinks because shes my woman and I love her and she must be equally strong to just laugh it off and ignore them, because those closeminded people are nothings and should be treated as such! My last long term girlfriend loved looking and dressing like a hot hooker and was gorgeous, but she could not handle the ridicule from normal people and gradually stopped looking/dressing like the hot slutty hooker and we separated. I want a strong slutty fetishy dressing woman who not only doesnt give a fuck what others think of her hooker look, but she loves their disapproval and as a result looks and dresses even sluttier!
79% (7/2)
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1 year ago
Thanks! I enjoy giving non slutty dressing women the boot!!
1 year ago
hmmm, well said.
2 years ago
3 years ago
food for thought, I tend to agree. we can see the result of having stuck up prudish people leading our society
3 years ago
As it should be...
3 years ago
i dress before very slutty in swinger houses but not too slutty in public....wish i could!
but sometimes dress naughty when go out
3 years ago