Sex with Jan (and friend!) part 2

Jan and I then gave each other a smoky blowjob each. Slowly, and seductively blowing smoke over each others throbbing monsters, in between sucking and licking each other gently, tasting each other lustfully, but not enough to tip one another too far. Jans beautiful shiny black mac rustled gently as she pushed me away from her purple glans. 'Redo your makeup up and then I want you to fuck me.' she whispered. So we both applied so much gloss and lipstick, our lips shone like our plastic macs. 'I'm gonna put my cfm heels on.' she said, peeling off her white boots, and retrieving a pair of black platform court shoes with what looked like 10" stilettos. I put a condom on my dick, and gently wanked it in preparation. Then the phone rang, and Jan tottered tartilly to answer it. I took no notice of her conversation, admiring myself in the mirrors, and grinning at the camcorders. Jan eventually returned, and started to lube her wanton hole. 'Just fuck me slowly, but don't cum! I want you all over my face.' She lay back on the sofa, in all that makeup and plastic, and presented her arse. My cock pushed gently in and out a few centimetres until I could feel her ease open, and I pushed deeper. My black fingernails wrapped around the base of her cock and squeezed, then starting stroking her gently, as she sighed as I penetrated and fucked her slowly. 'That was a contact of mine, on the phone, and he's coming over right now. He'll be here in about 20 minutes.' Jan said. 'Another TV?' I asked. 'No, but I think you'll like him. Take your time, and we'll see!' I continued to fuck her sweet hole, but she took my hand off her cock. I was going to spunk any time, and had to withdraw from her. Jan sat up and sucked my condom covered cock, tasting her own arse. This was unbelieveable, what a slut! 'I want a rest, now, cos I want this to last.' I said. 'I daren't even have a ciggie. This is fantastic. Why does no one ever make dragqueen fetish porn?' Jan then answered with a gleam in her eye, 'WE ARE! Im off for a piss.' and disappeared upstairs. This helped me to calm down a bit, until I heard the door. 'Get that will you, H. That'll be him.' Jan yelled from upstairs. I opened the door to be met by a guy dressed in a fabulously shiny, rustling, full length rubber cape. 'You must be H.' he said as he walked in, carrying a large holdall. 'You look so slutty, I love it! This is going to be fun.'
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1 year ago
Love to read part 3 where the stud gets involved
3 years ago
Thia was too short but yo got allhard had to jack off anyway thanks