Sex with Jan- part 1

Jan reached for her packet of Rothmans Royals 120s, and extracting two cigarettes, offered me one. I took it in my long black PVC gloved hand. The fingertipless gauntlets revealed 4" long black false nails, that guided the sexy cigarette to my bright 'diva' red, heavily glossed, shiny, cock hungry lips. 'Take things easy H, we've got all night. My wife's at her s****rs for the weekend, and my 3 video cameras are fully charged.' She stood up, switching the cameras all on, then looking at me dangling my Royal seductively, gently lifted her skirt, adding, 'Forgive me, but I've got to stroke it!', as she lent over me, igniting my smoke. She lit her own, sat down on the sofa next to me and said 'Get yours out, honey, and give it a wank!' I stood up, my clear plastic boots crackling erotically, turned my ass to Jan, and asked, 'Could you unzip me, darling, cos I can't do it with these nails.' Jan slowly unzipped the double zip of my leopard print PVC catsuit very carefully, trying not to catch my throbbing bulge in it. She managed to unzip from my lower back, revealing my sweaty hole, til my cock popped up in front of her face, invitingly. I pulled my see thru mac to oneside, giving her easy access to my pole. She gently turned me 30degrees or so, to be in perfect view of camera 1, pulled my foreskin back, and popped the purple head into her red lips. I, and her, had fantasised so many times about this, over the many years of our film swapping. I just lay back, eyes closed, as she sucked the glans gently, then licked the tip and underside of my throbbing crown. I sucked on my cigarette as deeply as Jan sucked on my cock. I felt hot breath cover the 7" length of my rod, as Jan exhaled thick smoke over it. I opened my eyes, hoping she'd do it again, and she obliged. I gazed, transfixed, at her really heavy makeup, as this smoking hot, smoking slut submerged my cock in a thick pall of gorgeous smoke. 'Fucking hell, Jan, you've got to stop, or I'll blow! I need to tie my dick, cos I don't wanna spunk yet!' Jan sat back, reaching into a bag, then handed me a leather cock and ball harness that took some working out how to fit. Jan raised her black PVC skirt, and I noticed she had a similar (slightly bigger!) harness, snug around her hairless cock and balls. I dipped into my handbag to retrieve my lipstick and gloss, coating my overdrawn, thickly liplined cock wanting lips, before lighting a fag, then returning the cocksucking favour. Jans mac rustled provocatively, and my PVC creaked gently, as one PVC clad transvestite tart sucked the other, in between thick smoky lungfuls. I started to taste her precum, so I withdrew my lips, tickled her slit with my long black nails, and watched as she gently oozed clear liquid. I dipped my red stained filter into it, coating the shiny lipstick with her dew, inhaled deeply, savouring the salty smoke, and exhaled up and down her thick, lipstick stained cock.
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3 years ago
Got to luv those smokey blow jobs. Hot story.
3 years ago
Wow had to jack off thanks