Confessions of a Smoking TV Tart. Part 2.

Gosh! Where to start? 'I've got so many fantasies, but they ALL involve me being used as a cock-sucking, cigarette smoking spunk slut!' As my thoughts trawled through so many kinky scenarios, my cock pulsed ever harder above my face. My tightly bound dick getting ever more solid in it's binding. Master pushed the dildo slightly deeper into my wanton hole, and I could feel it was ribbed, and growing thicker. "Tell me about your first outdoor meeting." he asked gently, easing the dildo in a slow fucking motion. The discomfort of my position was beginning to be overwhelmed by gentle pleasure. 'My first meet outside was with a local contact from a magazine. I was dressed in my black rubber mini dress, white 6" thigh boots, and short black PVC mac. My makeup was not too OTT, but still had the very long lashes, big blonde hair, and 2" red nails on. I was nervous as hell when his car arrived, but so horny, too! I opened my window to see a big black guy, who handed me a condom, and said he wanted me to just parade in front of his car while he wanked off! How could I refuse, but looking at the condom, I noticed it was full to bursting! I said he must have wanked 100 times to fill this, and he just laughed! I got out, as he got back into his car, and I put on a show for him!' The dildo was penetrating deeper, but meeting some painful resistance, so Master withdrew it, and going back to his case, said, "Continue!" 'I lit my first ciggie, and slowly strutted around, PVC crackling, and rubber rustling, with one hand holding his condom high. I went to town on that Rothmans Royals 120, sucking the smoke out of it, as if it were my last. I blew out over the full johnny, then popped it into my mouth, sucking the spunk-filled tip as much as I could. My contact was tossing his cock off, but I needed a closer look, and moved to his side window for a better view!' Master now knelt at my head, and placed a resuscitation mask, with a pad of cotton wool in it, over my nose and mouth. "Breath deeply, slut." he said, calmly, like a doctor, in total control. I did, and recognised the aroma. I took 5 deep breaths, and he removed it. "Continue you're story." The buzz hit me immediately. That slight d***ken feel, the throbbing in the head, that rush, and he was immediately back into my hole, but finding no resistance, the plug penetrated to it's base, filling me deep, but wanting it even deeper! Disorientated, I continued, feeling hornier and hornier, thinking of cock. BIG COCK! His cock. 'Through the window I saw he had a 9" cock! Wanking it, oozing precum. I could smell it, outside. I took the condom fully into my mouth gagging slightly, my PVC and rubber shining like diamonds in the dark. I continued to tease him with my smoking, and condom sucking. I was pleased he was wanking, cos he would never get all that up my tight arse. What a cock. What a cockteaser!' My face was covered again, and another hit of poppers turned me into a raving nympho! My dildo wasnt big enough, I wanted that 9 incher now, fucking this transvestite slut completely off her tits. I couldnt speak as my mask was still over my face, inhaling the aroma deeper and deeper, and I remembered how he jumped out of his car, and shot his massive load, splattering my shiny plastic mac, just as my own cock squirted what felt like half a gallon into my face, without even touching it, in the most torrid popper-fuelled orgasm I'd ever had. Up to that point........
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3 years ago
The cigeirat is fine but the rest is os fucking fantastic thanks