Smoking rubber masked TV wank doll.

I was now dragged out of the car by one of the masked voyeurs, his thick cock dangling semi-limp, and handed a small rubber bundle. "You've got to come over to the trees with us, and put this hood on. Your master will be over soon." My mind was in a whirl, what next? Once more my plastic boots took me around the car park, to the edge of the trees. "You've got to tie your plastic mac tightly, first, slut, put the hood on, then just lie on the ground. You must NOT wank!" I tied the creaking clear plastic mac around me, then studied the hood for a moment. It was obviously inflatable, with a pump attached to the top, but there were also tubes, and a gag! "The small tubes go into your nostrils, slut, and the gag in your mouth." It was my master, this time. "Just relax, everything will be fine, and you'll be able to watch the film later." After removing my wig, I inserted the small tubes into my nostrils, then the gag into my mouth, before pulling the skintight black rubber over my head. Everything was now dark. I couldn't see anything, hearing was very muted, and my nose was uncomfortable, but I could breath through a hole in the gag. "Just relax, and breath slowly. In through your mouth, and out through your nose. I'm going to pump your hood up, now, and when I'm finished, I want you to lie down." my masters muted voice said, reassuringly, then I could hear the pump begin. The pressure increased around my face and neck, as the slick rubber expanded, and I felt a few taps from outside, checking the pressure. Once the inflating stopped, I carefully lay on the grass, senses now heightened, gently controlling my breathing. I didn't know what was going to happen, but outside my latex coccoon, my master was filming everything. The 6 guys positioned themselves around my prostrate body, with my clear mac and boots gently glistening, as they began to stroke their cocks. One moved forward to put a lit cigarette into the breathing hole of my gag. I inhaled through the gag, surprised by the taste, but now savouring each smoky breath. The 6 depraved wankers could now see each of my slow exhales as a two plumes of smoke escaped from the nostril tubes. The 6 capnolagniaists started wanking quicker. They also had a camcorder each, recording their big cocks, or my rubber hooded, plastic coated form. Master was loving this. His tart being wanked over, and filmed. I just let my mind wander. What's happening? And as I thought weird, kinky thoughts, my cock started to push through my PVC miniskirt, and strain against the plastic mac. I felt so horny! My feet were both lifted into the air, as two guys started to fuck my shiny plastic boots, between the platform and the heel. This carried on for a few more minutes, then I heard a muffled countdown. Outside all 6 were timing their spurts together. Inside, as the count reached zero, I felt, and even heard their spunk shots splattering all over my clear plastic tarts mac, then felt the warmness, too. Finally I could hear the sound of the greatest rain shower ever, as they pissed all over my rubber covered face!
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