Smoking TV slut. Part 4

How could I resist this Dominant rubber vision before me? The kinky hood was driving me crazy! I coated my red lips thickly, once again, and grasped his straining cock in my right hand, my red talons tinkling gently together as I started to pull his foreskin back. The warm rubber aroma inside the car, now mingled with a salty smell, as clear precum gently oozed from his slit. This was what I was born for! His steady breath became shorter and quicker, as he gasped through the long rubber tube, when my shiny lips kissed his crown, leaving a deep red stain. My mouth enveloped the head, as I began to gently suck. A muffled moan came from the tube, as I looked up, into his plastic covered eyes. This was surreal! My dreams turning true. I sucked that cock like a lollipop, to the accompaniment of muted moans and groans, savouring his dominant rubber taste. "THMO!" came from the tube, and I sat back, releasing him, to patch up my lipstick and gloss again. The 6 guys from the other cars were now outside, watching and wanking gently, their rubber hoods and masks glinting in the moonlight. After re-applying the bright red lipstick, I leant over him, and lit a fresh white cigarette. It almost slipped out of my lips because of such thick gloss. My exhale was aimed straight over his purple bell-end, from about 2 inches away, so I knew he would be able to feel it, and I noticed his precum was no longer clear. I dabbed a 6 inch red nail genly around his cock slit, then looking at his masterful rubber face, popped the oozing juice between my cocksucking lips. I then resumed sucking him some more, inbetween exhaling thick voluminous clouds of cooling smoke over the painful looking glans. His rubber hands took hold of my head, and began to feed me more, inch by inch, his muted breathing now more erratic than ever. Until finally, just as I exhaled my deepest lungfull of sexy smoke, my whole face became covered by 8 or 9 massive spurts of thick, hot, salty spunk. Ribbons of it hung from my OTT lashes, as I tried to lick my lips clean of my Masters tribute. My heavilly teased hair was caked in it. It was the first of many that night!
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