Smoking TV slut. Part 3

There were 6 other cars in the dark, tree-lined car park. As ordered, I carefully extracted a long, white cigarette, with my trepidation becoming overwhelmed by rampant excitement. He, and I, knew this was what I needed. An outrageously madeup transvestite tart needed that final push. A gentle persuasion to become a cock-loving slut. A cigarette smoking whore, with another addiction. Cock! The nicotine was like my fuel, and my platform heels clicked loudly in the dark silence, as I fulfilled my orders. I was very aware of walking as sexilly as I could in 8 inch heels, but the clear plastic uppers helped. I approached the rear of the first car, sucking comfortingly on the ciggie. I could see the driver with his hand gently stroking his cock, watching me approach in his wing mirror. I had never felt so excited, and my thumping cock made my strutting a little more difficult. Moving to the front of his car, I half turned to view his face, inhaling erotically as we made eye contact, except his eyes were hidden behind a black rubber hood. His car headlights came on, blinding me for a few seconds, and when I re-focused on him, he was now wanking furiously at my vision of plastic coated, cock- teasing slutty delight. I now wanted to grab my 7 inch cock, and do the same. But no, I had to take the nicotine fix, and continue to the next vehicle. His lights went off, and I continued my journey, as ordered. Each driver wore a different type of latex hood, or mask. Some with straps, others in red. Seeing all of those horny, rubber hooded, wanking guys, gave me such confidence in my cock-raising ability, I got back to the BMW as if I'd glided there. I opened the door and saw Master wanking an 8 1/2 inch fat cock, and heard a muted, "THU I". His voice completely changed by the bizarre latex hood he'd now donned. It had clear plastic eye pieces, was pumped up like a football surrounding his whole head, with a long breathing tube at the mouth.
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3 years ago
This is leading yo something very special thanks
3 years ago
Don't you feel so sleazy being the wank material of rubber clad and hooded guys?