Restaurant seduction

I was bored. I hate the nights I have to spend alone in an hotel waiting for the next flight out. The only advantage is the expense account and so it was that this evening I was finishing a meal on my hotel restaurant’s terrace, enjoying the warm evening sunshine and wishing my sometime lover Vicky was nearby. I grinned at the suggestive text she’d just sent me, probably while her husband was sitting next to her. Vicky is married to a guy who spends a lot of time away on business trips and I ‘entertain’ her occasionally so she can satisfy those hormones that like some ‘softer’ sex and I... well I just like fucking rich sexy woman who are looking for a little girl-girl action with no strings.

I pushed my plate away and sipped my Chablis, looking around the restaurant at the boring clientele, mostly couples and a few single men who either glanced shyly or leered in my direction. Oh god, I was bored, why had I bothered to dress up..... and then I saw her come in. She was with a guy and another couple and they were laughing at some joke or another. They walked across and sat down to the side and slightly behind me but I could study her over the rim of my glass in a mirror on the side wall. She was in her early 30’s I guess and so attractive and sexy. Honey coloured hair flowed around her bare shoulders, which she played with constantly, curling it around her fingers and flicking it off her face. Her full mouth pouted readily at her companions as she leaned forward in conversation with the couple opposite. I could see the guy looking at the intriguing place where her buttons were undone at the top of her white silk blouse and felt a sudden rush of jealously. I wanted her; I wanted those full lips on mine; I started to imagine her kneeling between my legs, her hair on my legs and her mouth kissing the inside of my thighs, moving ever closer. I started to feel a familiar itch.

I continued to watch her, they were quieter now and she had glanced around the room, our eyes catching for a fraction once or twice as she scanned the room. Perhaps they were talking business and she was bored too I thought, sipping my wine and then the coffee that the waiter brought. I lit a Turkish cigarette and inhaled deeply looking out across the city as the dusk fell. And then I felt I was being watched and turned my head to look in the mirror, catching this sexy woman looking at me. So.... she had noticed me! I breathed the smoke out, lifting my head and, brushing my hair from the side of my head, revealing my throat to her, feeling with a lingering touch of my fingers the tiny black leather choker I always wore with its tiny ancient silver cross hanging down to my cleavage, before returning her gaze. I smiled directly at her and crossing my legs, now let my fingers slide slowly up my leg from below my knee onto my thigh. The hem of my black jersey dress caught on them and rode up a little as my shoe dangled slightly on the thin straps. She quickly looked away, but soon I felt her eyes on me again. Knowing she was looking, I dipped my index finger into the cream jug and slowly slipped it into my mouth allowing a little to escape over my lips. With my finger still in my mouth I swivelled slightly in my chair so as to turn my head to her. Sliding my finger out I allowed my tongue to slowly lick the cream from my lips. She regarded me with a look that I couldn’t interpret across the room, but I swear there was some redness in her cheeks that wasn’t there before. I was enjoying this now and having got a bite, started to hope that I was going to be able to reel her in.

We held each other’s gaze for a while; she looked a little wide eyed. I thought she was gorgeous. The woman was now not concentrating at all on her companions and they had to work hard to bring her into their conversation. I could see that she simply answered with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to their comments. Her mind was on me. I fingered the cross as we looked at eachother, letting my fingers brush down across the start of my cleavage and smiled seductively as I stubbed out my cigarette. Grabbing my clutch bag I stood up and walked slowly across to the ladies room, passing close to the woman’s table as I did so. She looked down at the table as I walked by. I paused by the entrance to the ladies and looked back at her table. She was watching. I smiled, turned and pushed open the door.

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2 years ago
Gorgeous and well timed.... I was gasping by the last sentence but ending it there was really sexy, conveying the anticipation you must have felt waiting in the bathroom for her....
2 years ago
very sensual...
2 years ago
Highly erotic. You write so well.
3 years ago
part 1 and 2...very sensual
3 years ago
Very seductive, and arousing.
3 years ago
such a sensual tease cant wait for the next part
3 years ago
a good start, waiting for the action!
3 years ago
just love a nice seduction story and I think I am going to like this one and what ever follows. xoxo from Canada
3 years ago
Such a sweet seduction by acting for the mirror
of the eyes of the blonde beauty-cutie, Honeybabe.
3 years ago
very good sensual start
3 years ago
Very seductive beginning.