When a woman needs a woman - Part 3

Angie stepped out of the quiet of the lift into the busy hotel lobby; pausing a moment to get her bearings she followed the signs to the bar. Her heels rang out on the tiles in the lobby as she walked across and she was sure that people were looking; they could tell what she was up to. Was she so obvious? She felt like she was the prostitute, not the woman who she was going to meet. Her cheeks burned and she nearly turned back, but soon she felt the thick pile of carpet beneath her feet and the soft seductive lighting of the bar ahead beckoned her on. She entered the bar area and stopped, glancing around. She was early and so she selected a corner cubicle from which she could survey most of the room. A waiter came and took her order; she needed a drink. She ordered a bl**dy mary. I’m going to do this in style’ she thought, crossing her legs and avoiding the gaze of two or three lone men who were seated at the bar. ‘Oh God’ she suddenly thought, her Sapphic lust temporarily giving way to the realisation that men might fancy her and think she was on the pick up. She hoped Clara would arrive soon.

The cocktail arrived about the same time as Clara. Angie was distracted by the waiter and having thanked him, looked up to see the girl standing there, all sexy brown eyes and full red mouth. She was dressed in a tailored black trouser suit with white silk blouse and was wearing her hair up emphasising an ethic silver chain around her tanned neck. Smiling, she offered her hand saying, “Angie I presume?” Angie took it, feeling the warmth and confidence in the girl’s touch and asked her to sit. “You’re beautiful”, she said unable to keep her eyes off the girl’s full lips, her deep red lipstick immaculately applied, “…much more so than your picture on the web-site”. “Why, thank you” Clara replied looking at her full in the face, “I think you’re stunning too”. Angie felt her face burning again and looked away to summon the waiter. “What will you have to drink?” she asked, cursing her shyness in front of this girl who was 10 years her junior, yet it was she who was acting like a s*******n year old on a first date. “Just water, honey. I want to have all my wits about me to savour you” Clara replied in a way that sent an electric shock right through Angie, making her tummy flutter. She could feel herself blushing again and took a gulp from her glass. The girl reached out and touched her bare arm. “Take it easy baby” she said, exuding confidence, “it’s your first time isn’t it?” Angie nodded, looking down at this girl’s slender fingers and immaculately manicured nails caressing her wrist. The girl leaned towards her. Angie could feel her closeness; smell her perfume. Her lips grazed her ear and she whispered “I’ll make it special for you. We’ll be good together”. Clara moved her hand onto Angie’s knee, her fingers slipping just under the silk of her dress hem. Angie felt an overwhelming urge to let the girl take her right there.

They sipped their drinks in silence for a while before Angie blurted out, “so what happens now”. “Whatever you want baby” came the soft response. “You have a room?” “Oh yes... of course” stammered Angie, producing the keycard. “…and I asked for some champagne to be brought up”. “You’ve thought of everything then”, Clara teased. “Then why don’t we finish up here and go upstairs… but only if you’re ready?” Angie reached out and touched Clara for the first time, letting her hand rest on the girl’s arm. “I’ve been wanting this for so long”, she confessed. Clara stood up and offered her hand. “Then let’s go and have fun honey” she smiled. Angie took the proffered hand and stood up. The women walked hand in hand out of the cocktail bar, presenting a picture of desirability to all the wondering male eyes that followed them across the room and down the corridor to the lobby. Male eyes that openly lusted after Clara’s sexy legs and ass as it swayed beneath the taut silk of her dress but maybe also secretly dreamed of being dominated by the authoritative girl who walked confidently beside her, her tight ass provocative under the crisp trouser suit, moving perfectly to her high heeled walk. The women stopped at the lift door and pressed the button, Clara standing close to Angie, her knee touching Angie’s leg; her hand on her arm. She was enveloped in the girl’s perfume, which just added to the euphoria she was feeling. The lift arrived and they silently ascended to the 13th floor. Angie observed Clara from all angles in the multi-mirrored panelling. The girl smiled, “will I do?” she asked as they reached the floor and the door slid open. Angie looked down, hiding her blushes and walked ahead out into the silent corridor, all deep pile and secret doors. Clara’s hand slid onto Angie’s ass as the older woman walked slightly ahead, key-card in hand. “Mmmmmmmm” she murmured, “such a sexy ass”. Although she loved the touch, Angie almost ran in her haste to get inside her room. Fumbling with the key-card, she dropped it and Clara knelt to pick it up, using the opportunity to run her fingers down Angie’s leg. She picked it up and opened the door. “Welcome to the rest of your life honey” she said as she walked in and turned to Angie. Angie almost fell into the girl’s open arms, melting beneath the eyes that spoke of lust and love. Her passion, pent up for so long, was about to be released as her mouth sought urgently for the other woman’s.......

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1 year ago
Very nicely related story, stage by stage. Will you please give us more like this? Kisses!!
1 year ago
waiting for so much more!!
1 year ago
Continues to be amazing....
1 year ago
beautiful story, and......?
2 years ago
Great story. I can't wait for part 4.
2 years ago
Looking forward to part 4...
2 years ago
Just beautiful. Thank you for this x