Up against the wall

Your cats around us creating a giggle in our kiss, but only for a passing moment, as our eyes lock together in a wanting stare. Your hands pushing through my hair feel almost frantic as the kiss becomes quickened, matching the clear desire, pent up inside of the two of us, begging for release. My body pulls back a little, allowing my hands to slide under your blouse, loosening the fabric, and beginning to slide it up and through our uncontrolled kiss. Our lips separate just long enough to allow the fabric to pass up and over your head, and they immediately return to a dance of crazed lips and tongue, sliding together both wet and heated. My hand slides up and down your body, wanting to feel skin. A quick flick and snap of your bra, and your breasts are exposed to the cool air, waiting and wanting my warm lips to find them. I separate our kiss, moving down, softly biting and nipping your neck, shoulders, finding your breasts warm, and your nipples quickly hardened. Hand cupping one, as my lips and tongue play in gentle biting circles around the other. Your breathing is shallow and fast, the scent giving off a wanderlust which ignites my insides. After a flick and twist of your nipple, my hand leaves your breast, quickly making short work of your skirt and panties. They are off and on the floor before you realize it has happened, and your now bare legs are lifting up around me, wanting more.

I gently nudge your legs, sending them to the floor, and a quick step back gives me the freedom to quickly remove the rest of my clothes. I admire the look in your eyes, as you watch, knowing it will soon be something for you to truly enjoy. As my jeans come off, my FeelDoe stands at full attention, wanting to be enjoyed and pleasured in ways your eyes tell me will soon be achieved. My body now naked, I push you back against the wall, pulling your legs back up, fitting snugly around me. The position of our bodies allows me to slowly slide the length of your folds, the top of its shaft being covered by the slick warmth of your wanting core. My lips return to yours, converting our kiss into something with a much deeper intent, and containing a depth of passion only felt by the most intimate of moments. Separating our kiss for a moment, looking into the light brown depths of your eyes, finding inside what to me is all things beautiful, the words come softly in a whisper "You are amazing" As the last syllable is heard, my lips return to the comfort of yours, hips sliding my body ever so slowly, deeper, and deeper, in cadence with our kiss, and ever so into the depths of your core. The heat of our kiss, now matching the passion of our bodies becoming one, creating the most incredible feeling of shared connection. Your hips slide forward, sending me deeper, as our kiss feels connected to the actions of our bodies. All involved in a single and fluid motion of passion.

Our bodies meeting each other, forcing me deeper and deeper into you with each completed motion. A moan filled gasp of breath releases in sync with the depth of each thrust, creating an air filled with intense lust. The scent of our bodies fills the room, igniting an additional excitement from the sensations breathed into my lungs. Your hips slide back and forth, taking my length into your heated and wanting walls. The sensations of your body surrounding me, almost overpowers what little control I still possess. I muster my senses, still lost in the exquisite pleasures of the sexy beauty before me, but able to hold and not lose control of my release. My hands roam and explore you, gripping and holding onto your hips, feeling your body as you guide me to the places inside you which bring out the madness of ecstasy. The fluid motion of your body is a dance, and I am the dance floor, letting you express every desire and want. Your dance is eroticism on display, and the once fluid motion now becomes a bit more erratic and uncontrolled. Your breathing is shallow and quick, and in perfect time with the crazed thrusts your hips f***e onto my wanting body. It shakes loose my control, and I feel my body begin to tense.
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1 year ago
wow, so erotic