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Two sides of a lesbian encounter

The Predator’s Tale
I was browsing through the women’s clothes section in the John Lewis store on Oxford Street; one eye on the clothes and another on my fellow shoppers. I’m always alert for the chance you see. It was fairly quiet, with just a few women like me, idly looking. A mother and daughter were looking at some ballgowns together; both were sexy in their own way and I lingered close for a while. I found a couple of really pretty dresses and a silk blouse but couldn’t make my mind up if I really wanted them and getting bored moved over to the lingerie department, letting my fingers play with the satin and lace. Should I indulge in yet more Janet Reager? And then I saw her; across the floor looking at clothes in the Jigsaw section. She was a young middle age, perhaps early 40’s, dark hair, cut in a full, loose bob, well dressed wearing a tailored coat over a blouse and skirt with nice legs and heels. Something about her caught my imagination. “I wonder?” I thought to myself as I watched her select a dress and take it across to the counter where I guessed she was going to enquire whether they had her size. I grabbed the nearest jacket off the rack next to me and walked over to the same place.

We looked at each other and smiled. I was hooked. The assistant had gone off to find her size. “Nice necklace” I said. The woman blushed, her hand rising instinctively to touch the string of pearls around her neck. “Thank you” she replied. “I love pearls”, I said. The woman looked at me a little more thoughtfully and I held her gaze. The assistant returned with the dress the woman wanted and she then walked over to the changing cubicles. I held out the blouse I was holding and asked if they had it in a size 10. She looked at it and said that it was a size 10. I laughed saying, “silly me, I’ll go and try it on”. I entered the changing cubicles, which were empty except for one. I dropped the jacket onto a chair and pushed the curtain aside. The woman was standing in front of the mirror dressed in her skirt and bra in the process of discarding her blouse and turned immediately to look at me in surprise but said nothing. I stepped behind and held her shoulders looking at her reflection in the mirror. She turned back and watched me, now more in anticipation than surprise as I nuzzled her ear through her silky hair and then kissed her bare shoulder, watching her expression all the time in the mirror. My hands moved quickly to her breasts, full beneath her black lacy bra, pressing on her nipples as my lips gently sucked and caressed. The woman’s breath was coming more quickly and her eyes were half closed. I could feel her nipples erect beneath the fabric as she turned to face me. We looked into each other’s eyes for just a second before we kissed, her mouth open, lips soft and willing under mine.

I knew there was not much time and so crouched down before her sliding my hands up under her skirt. My fingers quickly found the top of her panties and I pulled them down letting her step out of them as my hungry mouth sought what I had been wanting. Her thighs were soft and she parted her legs willingly as I moved higher, tongue caressing, lips trailing my saliva until her pussy was there and I slipped my tongue along her moistness and explored her smooth velvet secrets. My fingers sank into her buttocks as I found her clitoris and lashed it with a combination of tongue and lips. She was leaning back against the mirror as I indulged myself, kissing her fiercely now, her hands on my head, gripping my hair and then I felt the familiar shudder as she gasped above me. I gave her one last kiss savouring the taste of her and stood up kissing her deeply on the mouth. “Thanks” I said, “I enjoyed that”. She said nothing as I left the cubicle picking up the discarded jacket and returning it to the assistant. “Not my style” I said as I headed for the exit.

The Woman’s Tale
I had the day off work as my company was moving offices. My husband John was working and the c***dren were at school and so I thought I’d go shopping. Indulge myself for once; some ‘me time’. So I dressed up a little and took the train into London where I spent the morning in shops on Bond Street and Oxford Street. I had had a nice light lunch in John Lewis and after a glass of wine was feeling relaxed. I headed to their women’s clothes department and was happily browsing through their wonderful range of franchises. I could have bought lots, but I’d already spent quite a bit in the morning. However, a cocktail dress was irresistible but they didn’t have my size on display and so I took it over to the counter to ask if they could find me one. As I was waiting, an attractive young woman with long chestnut hair, in her late 20s early 30s came up. She complemented me on the pearl necklace I was wearing. It had been a Christmas present from John. She smiled at me in a way that made me feel a little flustered. I couldn’t explain why, but I was very conscious of her beside me and as I walked over to the cubicle with the dress to try on found myself thinking about her. It was all I could do to not look back at her.

In the cubicle I took off my coat and unbuttoned my blouse, admiring my breasts in the mirror as I did so. Just as I was taking it off the curtains opened behind me and the same young woman entered. I turned open mouthed but she swiftly came and stood close behind me and we stared at each other in the mirror before she started kissing my hair and then my bare shoulders. I couldn’t speak. The combination of her fingers on my breasts, caressing my nipples and her lips on my shoulder were doing things to me. I was getting so turned on. I so wanted this; my pussy was tingling. “Oh God” I thought turning to face her and looking from her eyes so full of lust to her lips, so full, so delicious. I kissed her and she responded with vigour, her tongue meeting mine and slipping into my mouth. But the kiss didn’t last long. She bent down in front of me, her hands slipping down my sides and then quickly up under my skirt. I felt my panties being pulled down and helped her by stepping out of them. My skirt was pushed up round my hips and the woman was kissing my thighs. I spread my legs. Not even my husband had kissed me down there; we’d had a very conventional, indeed dull, sex life. He was a good man but I hadn’t been excited like this for years. The woman was now kissing my pussy. Oh how I wanted this; her tongue deep inside me. I threw my head back, suddenly aware of the gasping noises I was making, but I was powerless to resist. The feelings of electric charges flicking through me as she fastened on my clit; her fingers on my ass, slipping ever closer to my asshole. Suddenly I came, the orgasm flooding over me. I felt my legs buckle and then she was in front of me again, kissing me deeply, letting me taste myself for the first time. I was panting, my heart still beating fast as I leaned back against the mirror. And then she was gone, leaving me with a brief ‘thanks’ as she disappeared through the curtain. I shook my head. Pulled up my panties over my sticky pussy and redressed.

‘Did this happen?’ I asked myself again and again as I sat on the train home, head still reeling and pussy still tingling. Back to cook tea for my c***dren and my husband. Back to a normal life? I felt in my coat pocket for a tissue. I found a card there that wasn’t there before; on it a phone number and scribbled note. “Want more? Ring me”.

Posted by Honeybabe 2 years ago
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7 months ago
excellent little piece of prose, thank You
1 year ago
Great story and the note in the pocket is a excellent twwist at the end.
1 year ago
Absolutely brilliant -- the perspective flip works so well -- and hot as can be. Delicious!
1 year ago
wow, sexy story
2 years ago
Two and half lines of the text, in the end of that story, turns ordinary plot in magic fairy-tale.
2 years ago
Great blog!
2 years ago
Wow great story, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the same story from both views
2 years ago
damn that is a sexy story!
2 years ago
Wow great story, which are you the predator or the woman, both very sexy!!!