Arranging to meet Sarah in the new pub was a waste of time she text as I arrived to say she was delayed somewhat I thought I'm here now no harm in a small glass of White was there I went inside for an afternoon it wasnt empty but not heaving I got my drink and headed for a table by the window I was thirsty and the first glass went down too quick so I headed to the bar for another I just sat back down when he walked in I blushed as his eyes clocked mine looking at him my god he was fit i looked away feeling flushed I couldn't resist another glance as he stood at the bar he was tall fit and a body to die for he turned saw me staring I blushed and turned away I could kick myself getting caught out again I took off my jacket I was hot horny too as I could feel the wetness from there I was turned on very turned on what the fuck was I gonna do I decided as there were no other women in the pub to go and take care of it myself I had to walk past him first I stood up Knees trembling made my way to the loo as I passed him he looked up and smiled fuck me I thought he was amazing then my foot caught on something and he grabbed me to stop me from falling I thanked him and he winked and smiled I ran into the loo first cubicle I slammed the door shut and breathed heavy oh my I needed release there and then one leg on the seat I hitched my skirt up and pulled my knickers to one side god I was moist very moist I pushed 2 fingers inside myself god it felt good i was moaning just quiet but I heard the outer door spring open fuck what am I gonna do I thought I assumed it was a woman so I carried on but I was so wet u could hear my juices as I continued to pleasure myself then I heard a man cough i bolted upright shit who was it do they know what I was doing a tap on the door a mans voice said hello it was him the man at the bar I remember that voice I opened the door slightly he stood there I could see his cock bulging out of his trousers all he said was need a hand and i pulled him in he gently sucked on my fingers where they had been inside me and said I tasted good he slipped his Tongue in my mouth my god he was a great kisser one hand feeling down my stockings till he finally ran his finger over my swollen clit he thrust 3 fingers inside going at an almighty pace till I cum all down his fingers he sat me on the toilet seat and pulled of my knickers got onto his knees and slapped his Tongue inside me this was good pushing at his head I rammed him in deeper as he lapped up my juices his Tongue reaching every part of me till I again let go and cum in his mouth I could see his cock was dying to be let out so I tugged at his trousers and pants and revealed a thick circumcised cock I greedily put it in my mouth and started to suck tugging at his balls he let out a moan his hands on my head thrusting his cock deeper in my mouth till I started to gag I wanted him so bad I continued and took him all in now I wanted to fuck him I pushed him onto the toilet seat and straggled him pushing up and down on him feeling his entire length inside me he felt good he started to suck and bite on my nipples which made chills down my spine I was close and he was too he then fucked me from behind fast and furiously fucking till we both let out a cry of satisfaction we came together we looked at each other and starting laughing we got ourselves together and headed out I straightened up my hair and he fastened his belt we looked at each other and both said same time next week with a spring in my step I headed for home wishing it was next week ......
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2 years ago
another great story sexy lady xxx
2 years ago
Love this story. Made me very hard! Pity it's not true.. but maybe it could be?