Just one of my Fantasies

While on here checking out one of my friends pics, a fantasy entered my head so I typed it out.

I get a call from a buddy telling me that a friend of his (you) is having trouble with there computer and would like to know if I could go over and take a look at it for her. Although I don't really do house calls anymore, because he is my buddy I agree. I get the address and head on over. I arrive, knock on the door and you answer it. I notice that you are wearing some very sexy clothing...I smile and introduce myself. You begin to tell me about some of the problems with your computer and then take me to it. As you continue telling me about it you bend over to remove a dvd from it and I can't help notice how AMAZING your ass looks. I shake it off and tell you that I think I might know what the problem is, and begin to work on the problem. You tell me that you have friends coming over later and ask if I mind if you do a bit of cleaning while I work. "No, go right ahead" As I continue working I keep noticing you as you bend and stretch to pick things up and wipe things down. At one point while I am down looking at your computer, you bend over to pick something up bringing your ass just inches from my face. Wow, I feel my cock beginning to move. You spin around to pick something up beside me and one of your fantastic breasts slips out. "Oops, sorry" you say. I tell you that you have nothing to be sorry about and you smile. Your phone rings so you go to answer it and I try to continue working. My mind is racing and the bulge in my pants was getting bigger and bigger, I can overhear you talking on the phone and you seem to be pissed off. I finish my work, tell you that I am done and let you know that it will be $50.00. You hang your head and explain to me that it was your roommate that called to tell you that she had borrowed the fifty dollar bill you had in your wallet. "I really don't know what to do as that was my last bit of money, all I got is about eighty cents." I begin to get a little bit upset as two other people this past week stiffed me for pay. I don't know what you want to do but I must get paid I say. You walk over to where I am standing and tell me that you noticed me checking out your ass earlier and seen the bulge in my pants. You place your hand over my cock area and say " Please....maybe we could work something out" My mind begins racing again, (Is this for real, should I do this, Damn she does look really really good but should I do this" You grab my hand and place it on your right breast and say, "you must have a fantasy or two that you would like fulfilled. WOW, Ummmm, ya...I have a few I say. You kiss me and softly whisper, "whatever you want baby, let's see how much fun we can have for the next few hours." I kiss you back and say "Ok then, Time for you to rock my world!" For starters, you have been a very bad girl and I think you need to be punished. You look at me and say...."and exactly how do you think I should be punished"? I tell you that bad girls usually get a good spanking and demand that you get over my knee! You looked shocked...you have not been spanked in years but after thinking about it for a short minute, begin to grin. I grab a chair and say" Time for your punishment....come here now! You slowly walk towards me...head down looking slightly scared. You begin to bend over my knee and I stop you saying..."No.....this deserves a bare ass spanking....take your shorts and panties off. You stand back up looking even more shocked but you begin to unbutton your shorts....you unzip them and let them fall to the floor. Now the panties I say. You slide your fingers under the waist band and slide them to the floor. You pause for a moment looking deep into my eyes then bend over my lap. You barely get on when you feel my big hand come down slapping your ass....WACK. You slightly jump and let out a little yelp. Before you can say anything my hand comes down again....WACK. You Yell.....OUCH.....My Hand hits again.....WACK....and again.....WACK.....you yell again....OUCH......! I pause for a minute lightly rubbing your beautiful and now slightly pink ass. As my hand slides down your ass between your cheeks I notice that your pussy is beginning to get wet. Suddenly without warning My hand comes up and then....WACK.....WACK.....WACK....three times. You yell and put your arms and hands back trying to cover your ass. I move them telling you not to do it....I again rub your ass and feel that you are getting soaked. As I pull my hand back I can smell your pussy and it begins to get me hard. WACK......WACK....two more times....you scream. I tell you that I will stop now but your punishment is a long way from over. You slide off my lap onto the floor in front of me. Now I want you to suck my cock....I stand and drop my pants. You come to your knees, lightly place your hand on my balls and slide my cock into your mouth. Your hand feels so good on my balls and your mouth so warm I get rock hard immediately. You are really good and take every inch of my cock, you suck me so damn hard...wow! You slide your wet mouth back and forth stopping ever so often to suck on my balls and play with the tip of my cock with your tongue. This drives me crazy and in not to long of a time I explode into your mouth. I scream...Oh God....and you begin to suck harder then ever....getting ever last drop of my cum. You stand to your feet thinking that since I blew my load....things were pretty much over. I tell you....Oh no no....you see I usually always blow fairly quick at first but recover in about 30 to 45 min and then am ready to go for a much longer time. I kiss you, lift your arms and slide your shirt over your head exposing your amazing breasts. I slide my lips down and begin to play with your nipples with my tongue. They start to go hard....I suck a little bit....slide my lips back up to yours and tell you that for the next 30 to 45 min I want to eat your pussy. You grab my hand and lead me to a bedroom. You climb onto the bed and spread. I stand there for a minute admiring every inch of your naked body.....you look sooooooo good! I bend down and start at your feet...I rub them...relaxing you I rub...slowly leaving your feet and working my way up the inside of your leg...now rubbing so soft, just like a feather lightly tickling the inside of your leg...you are so BEAUTIFUL.....every inch of you excites me....I lower my head and lightly begin licking....inside of your leg... softly kissing my hands slowly move under you....making there way under your AMAZING ass, you feel a slight stinging from the spanking but it only serves to excite you more. You spread your legs farther apart showing me heaven....I want to taste you so bad....I continue slowly licking and kissing the inside of your legs, getting ever so closer to tasting you. You smell soooo good, my tongue reaches your now hot and very wet pussy. You feel my hot breath on you as my tongue slowly begins to spread your pussy lips and make it's way inside. You taste amazing....I lick and suck every drop of your juices. You moan and my tongue slides in a little deeper. My hands still under your ass I bull you in closer and slide my tongue towards the top of your pussy finding your magic spot. You jump and I know that I have found it, my tongue begins playing....tickling and sucking on it....you begin jerking around more and more....my tongue playing, licking and sucking I slowly slide a finger deep inside of you. You moan louder, I continue playing with you magic spot while sliding my fingers back and forth...starting so slow...then slowly going faster and faster. You are moaning and even screaming a bit now....my tongue playing more and more....my fingers going faster and deeper you yell...OH GOD, I know you are about to explode and pull you in closer then ever...burying my face into your pussy I suck up every drop of you....Mmmmmmmm you taste sooooo good. Still quivering I sit you up and tell you that my cock is rock hard again and now I want to fuck you! You look at me with surprise and say....Ok....Take me!!!! I ask you to turn over.....face down...ass up. Bent like that your ass cheeks pulled tight and pussy shimmering in the light I slide my cock into you. Your pussy is so fucking HOT. You feel so good....My cock getting harder and harder I go deeper and deeper, my hands on your sweet pink ass I again give it a slap the another.....You yell "Oh Hell Yea...Fuck Me!" I grab your ass hard and begin fucking harder and harder. I flip you over, put your legs straight up in the air along my chest, pull you in tight and begin fucking you that way. Your beautiful tits bouncing everywhere and I go deeper and deeper.....still fucking I pull you upwards, you wrap your legs around me tightly and still standing and cock deep inside, I pull you up onto me, walk you over to a wall and fuck you against it. You kiss me hard shoving your tongue deep inside me. I kiss back hard showing my tongue into your mouth and you begin to suck on it. You still against the wall I put both my hands on your tits and and begin going faster and faster.....you yell....YES, YES! I tell you to hang on to me as I carry you to a chair and sit down....still deep inside of you we continue to fuck....you lean back slightly putting my cock deeper in you then ever before....we both moan at the same time....I can feel me getting close....you begin to bounce hard and moan a lot.....I scream.... I am going to blow.....you reply....cum in me baby....come deep in me. Oh God....YES.....YES....I grab you and pull you tight to me. Your breasts tight against my chest...you feel me explode and begin to explode yourself. YES, we hold each other so tight as be both sigh deeply. We kiss and I tell you that if you ever need a computer repair done again...don't hesitate to call :)
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9 days ago
These are usually terrible... this not terrible, I like it. Lots of sound effects, lol! And realistic spanking, most guys here are either vanilla or off the deep end. Smooch!
2 years ago
that was hot ;)