This story is fiction:-

One of the most satisfying times I had with my Sensei, was on the eve of my fi******h birthday. There was a karate tournament set for the weekend before, so he had organised for us to stay at a house in Glasgow for a couple of nights. When we got to the city, at about 9 pm, the training hall was already empty, the other competitors having trained earlier in the day. I unlocked the door and we headed straight in to change and train for an hour. Just after 10, he pulled out a crash mat and ordered me to take my clothes off and lay down, I did what he said, as I always did what Sensei ordered. He vigerously blindfolded me and said he was going to get me my present.
I was lying naked on the matt for about 10 minutes before I heard muffled noises. A voice, that I didn’t recognise, said take off your mask so I did. Standing there, completely naked, were my master, four other burley men, a quite cute boy just about the same age as myself and a lovely looking girl of s*****n.
I asked, coyly, what this was and he said my present, but only if I wanted it. It didn’t matter if I wanted it, this was what my Sensei had organised for me, so I wanted to make him happy. Yes, I said in a clear voice, do what you want. One of the men walked round to the top of the mat and pulled my hands above my head, so that they were grasping around his lovely, long cock, pulling his foreskin back and forth, till his deep purple head was exposed.
While I was doing this two of the other men took hold of an ankle each, pulling them upwards above my head, as far apart as they could stretch me. The last of these strangers came round and kneeled down at my ass, he spat on my hole, to lube it up, and then f***ed the massive cock, between his legs, all the way to the hilt, in one f***eful push. He then started to hammer that hot, thick piece of meat in and out like a rabbit on steroids. I screamed to my Sensei, who laughed back at me, to stop complaining and just enjoy the thrill-ride, I may learn some new tricks.
He stood there behind the girl grinning, he had one hand mauling her sweet round breasts, twisting hard on her solid dark nipples, whilst the other was shoving, two stiff fingers up her smooth silky pussy. A voice said, now! and with that the young boy came over and knelt beside me and took my cock between his lips and started sucking on it as if his life depended on it. This went on for about fifteen minutes, until the boy got up and straddled my cock. He slid his pert pink asshole all the way down it, moaning loudly as he did.
All the time, as this was happening, these strangers were taking immense pleasure finger fucking my tight ass for all it was worth. After what seemed like absolutely ages, the boy go off and the girl was made to kneel down in front of me and I was told to fuck her sweet juicy cunt, doggy style, as hard as I could. This was my first time ever with a girl, so I just did what felt was right and it seemed to please her. As I did this she was told to lean forward and sucked on the young boy’s dick. While she did this, the men, once again took turns fucking both our sweet little boy holes till they were throbbing in agony, but beautiful agony. Then they all took turns fucking every one of the girls holes, at the same time as I sucked the horny young boy till he came, all over my face.
Finally, I was ordered to lay on my back, so that they could all spray their cum in my hungry mouth. It felt like I had swallowed pints of creamy, salty cum that night. Just before we finished, they all stood around me and pissed all over my face and body. A lovely end to a glorious, Happy Birthday !! (or was it?)

When we got back to the house we were staying in, my Sensei asked me if I had liked my present, I said oh yes, of course and gave him a long hard kiss, pushing my tongue deep into his mouth. He then said he had another surprise for me and switched on the telly, there on the screen was the filthy action from the training hall earlier that night. I didn’t realise that he had been recording the whole, depraved, scene. We lay there watching those perverse events, all the while rubbing each other’s cocks and kissing gently. At the end of the film he asked me how I was, and I said that I felt superb, but my ass was really sore, he said well it’s about to get a lot worse.
As he just lay there next to me, I wondered what he meant, but then, just minutes later, I found out what it was. Into the room strode this naked beautiful, toned black man with a cock at least 11" long and as thick as my wrist. My Sensei told him, this is yours, do whatever you want to him, he is your slave for tonight.
At this point my Sensei got up, and went and sat in the chair in the corner of the room, ready to tape what came next. Toby, as I learned he was called, grabbed me roughly and threw me over the end of the bed, no mucking about from this hunk of a man. That huge dick was f***ed up me so hard I screamed in agonising pain, he just slapped my arse as hard as he could and pumped even harder.
Tears were running down my face by this time, but he just rolled me over, f***ed my legs over my head and tore my ass apart that way. He then took me side-saddle, cowboy, reverse cowboy and any other position he could think of. At one point he stood up and pulled me effortlessly straight onto that flagpole of a cock and fucked me mercilessly against the wall, sliding me up and down on his enormous manhood, with no thought of the pain this was causing me.
My Sensei then joined us on the bed and they proceeded to spit roast me, taking turns fucking my ass and my mouth. I could just barely get the tip of that giant black knob in my mouth, so I gripped it hard with both hands and stuck the tip of my tongue into the juicy little hole. I started licking up the fluid that was leaking from it, and this must have felt so good, as it made him moan loudly.
He jerked suddenly, then he came so violently, It was like someone had turned on a fire-hose. His sperm sprayed down my throat, over my face and all over my body. Just as he finished, my Sensei shot his hot cream up my waiting ass. He pulled out of me and they both went down and licked my body clean, off all that lovely cum. We lay there in a sweaty pile, watching the movie of what had just happened and then it stared all over again.
I was fucked, sucked & gang-banged over the course of the weekend by at least 10 different friends of my master, all of them treating me as there slave. I could hardly use my ass for a week, as at one point I even had a beer bottle shoved up my ass thick end first. Best birthday I’ve ever had. I have been gang-banged a few times over the years since then, but none have seemed so enjoyable, it goes to show trying new things just spices your life up a little bit each time. X

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