The lady delivered

I felt it very clearly. For days something is wrong with my
no more. I had to once again angry with something
Again and again I left the last session before my
Eye pass in review, but I found nothing with which I am anger
could have triggered.
Why did they not report to me?
Oh, this punishment is harsh. Normally, they ordered me every
Tuesday and Friday to himself. I did not dare to her
call and after zufragen. I had to be f***ed into
Take patience.
Almost a week since the last treatment by my
Mistress already passed. A whole week, she came before me for ever.
"I'll go for a walk, and quite accidentally at their home
pass, "I made up my mind at the moment, it a ls
my doorbell rang.
I opened in the hope that it would be a message from her. Before
I was a young girl. I did not know it. To know
I am writing on the envelope, which the girl gave me all the more
better. It was the writing of my mistress, Gertrude.
After seeing the girls in my living room and brought her a
had offered, I withdrew to read the message.
"You'll be dressed and then to you Charlotenstraße 12
issued. You will arrive punctually at 20.30 clock there and the
second ring from the top use.
When asked about your desire you will reply: My lady
Gertrude sends me. I expect that you follow all instructions
'll make!
Since I had finally news of Lady Gertrude, but they
I am not appointed to him. I do not even know where the
Address was. I looked at the map and found
if I wanted to be on time, I had to hurry a bit.
I went back into the living room and found the girl in the middle of
Standing before. She did not speak to me, but I was able to
Eyes show that she knew what was in the letter.
She came up to me and motioned me to undress. I
I turn away, but she would not allow it. So I started
She opened the bag he had brought with them, which I
but so far no attention had been paid. Although they need things from the
Pocket pulled, they left me for a moment from his eyes.
She had been given clear instructions.
Now I was standing almost naked in front of her. Only I had my panties
Without further ado she grabbed the cuffs and I had no choice but to
take off the panties.
Now I actually stood naked before her. A little embarrassed
before it.
A mocking smile played around her mouth.
She turned around and got a black corset from the chair
she had laid out the things. Undecided, I looked at it
A corset? I had never worn a corset, but
not? She pulled me over and began to put together.
Farther and tighter, so I soon got the feeling
to be able to breathe. Only now she was alone. She took a black
and helped me to put on and fasten them to the corset.
Stockings felt great, but they gave me no time, this
To enjoy feeling. A black turtleneck and my
Pants completed my outfit. My black slippers
still in the room, and she brought forth. Al, I s the shoes
had dressed, she looked at me again, took the bag
She had not spoken a word to me.
A glance at the clock showed me that now really big hurry
Finally I had to go well for a quarter. The feeling
Stockings under my pants made me almost crazy. My
rubbed lightly on the seam of the pants and my dick reacted to
him the gift of freedom with a medium stiffness. It
me, and yet I could not feel properly
I still struggled too much with the air. Damn, why she had
have also put together so tightly. I tried the corset a little too
But I did not succeed.
In time, I stood in front of the house with the number thirteen. I
curious as to who should live there. But the bell was no
I rang the bell. A short time later came a dark woman's voice
the loudspeaker: "Please?" Weis ungsgemäß I replied: "My
send me! "Instead of an answer, only the door opener has been pressed
and I went up to the second floor. The house was
quiet, no noise came from the individual homes in
Once in the second floor, I paused for only once and
to put my hand on my belly, as if I
air would get better. Was really a lack of air tightness? Only
Lack of air?
If I was honest with me elbst s, so I had to admit,
that it was not only the shortness of breath, which I will be out of breath
allowed. What can I do here? What awaited my mistress from me?
had never done before, or something from me. Me
never been sent off somewhere or even to someone who sent me.
A door was ajar and I concluded that I
should. I pushed open the door and closed it behind me.
I could also understand why it was so quiet in the hall
The door was thick padding on the inside.

My thought process was interrupted, because now opened
against a door and a woman dressed in black leather
before me. "Take off shoes, pants and sweaters," she prevails me
come with me "and then! A BISSC hen suddenly, if you please!"
I stay no time to say something and it seemed to me
advisable. The woman looked as if not to be trifled with her.
I slipped out of the given clothes and followed
not without a proper security sabstand respected. They
me into a room, stood in the middle of a chair. I knew
Chair from magazines or television programs. There was a chair as he
Practices was used by women doctors.
"Because up!" she said succinctly. I did not dare to
conflict and increased
awkwardly on the chair. She pulled something in my hips, and
with a jerk, I slid a little deeper. My
They stationed leg in two trays, adjustable to the
Rods were attached to the chair. I felt like a
Turtle on its back.
Now they began, as it seemed to me very carefully my legs
. festzuschnallen My wrists were with leather cuffs
and decorated with a chain attached to the chair so that my
Arms over my head backwards gezog s and fixed in position
A wide waist support ensured that my lower body
Millimeter no longer could lift from the chair. As far as I
was strapped, placed himself between my legs and the woman
began to experiment with the frames and to pull and it s blocked
ultimately, so that my legs were in the shells, where
have been spread that I am a strong pull in my bar
felt. It had not liked what she was doing with me, but
I have a choice?
As she had guessed my thoughts, she went to my head
shoved a gag in my mouth. I tried to contrast
to defend themselves, but without success.
She had made me perfect my freedom of movement. Now
they pushed a table into my field of vision so that I f***ed
had to watch what she placed everything on it.
Some of the tools I did not know, and I did not know whether
reassure me, or rather should be worried.
She pulled on long black rubber gloves and dipped their
Finger in a
Tin with Vaselincreme. With the raised middle finger, she went to
around me
and placed himself between my legs. A hand was laid
my cock and the other, ie d with gecremten finger
are purposefully my p*o hole.
It is not yet ....... went through my head. My Poloch
was my weak point, I did not like it when my lady
was busy.
But precisely this orifice, the lady had it apart.
pushed her fingers deep into me, extended the opening
more and more. It hurt, but she did not care. Again
she dipped her finger into the pot. This time, two suc hten
Finger its way into my dark depths. She massaged the
Muscular wall, penetrated, drew back, again and again. Soon
I felt three fingers moved inside me. Slowly, she moved
himself back from me, and I breathed again. Again they went to
the table and pulled out something that previously covered by a cloth
was hidden. It looked like a medical
She rattled it, opened and closed it. At one end was
is a shape like a duck bill. Slight panic seized me, I
did not recur. I tugged at my bonds, but reaped
for just a smile from her. She understood her craft, and the
she knew exactly. Now she was standing between my legs.
I had to feel helpless, as the instrument of my anus
sat there and slowly but certainly put into it. When it
had entered, she opened it so that the duck's beak
I auseinanderdrückte.
Oh how the taut, torments inflicted on me. My anus was never
previously been stretched so.
A feeling spread through me, which I have previously in this
Measurements had not yet experienced: helplessness. I felt
equal to several times delivered. Of my mistress, this woman and
the woman herself
In this position, I had no opportunity to add my
To resist acts. When I was whipped, I could
try to avoid the pain by stretching or relaxing on
diesel fuel taxes.
But here, in this situation, I was completely defenseless.
Now, the lady began to prepare an enema and several
to lay on the table. Did she want me around even enemas
Or mistreat with hot candle wax?
She went once around me, even something to me
This item is not pleased. Through the chair she had the
Way to reach me from everywhere. I began this
To hate chair. Wegzusehnen me from this place and this cruel
She removed the instrument from my p*o hole. I breathed
on, but it glanced anxiously toward the table. That
Klistiergerät saw it very threatening. But since you got
and again between my legs, and dealt with my
p*o hole. They extended it more time and then pushed into something. I
had not seen what you had in my hands and felt in
my butt really nothing special. There was something, but it seemed
I am not disturbing.
But that should change quickly. The lady looked at me and I
Noise. Before I could realize what it was, it was me
clearly conscious. It was a ball, a bubble ball. She had
started to inflate the thing in my butt. Slowly but
steadily. It took only a moment, and I already had the
Feeling of not being able to keep it. But I do not feel the ball or
what was it, but feel they need the toilet was
abound. It was not a little horny, no it was urgent. Way,
I wanted to get away from here and that things should be gone. Schweißperlemn
gathered on my forehead.
I started to head back wildly - throwing back and forth. Just burst
or I make everything on the floor. At that moment she read
the air again and removed from the intestinal tube with great care of me.
Then she began slowly to solve all leather strap. I could
hardly believe it.
But several minutes later I was able to get up, and she helped me
nor from the corset. The gag but left it in place.
She sent me out into the room in which I previously
had moved out.
I pulled the sweater, and when I lifted up his pants in order to
I saw the letter on the chair. I took and opened it and read:
I have laughed when I you about my fear of this
Chair said.
Now I can give you this f
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