HeteroFlexibleCouples's Fantasies - Big Black

HeteroFlexiblecouple’s Fantasies

Chapter 1 - Big Black Cock Suck And Fuck

Have you ever been with a couple?

Well how about a couple where the wife wants to sit and play with her pussy in front of you and her husband?

How about one that wanted to play with her pussy while watching you and her husband sitting on the couch next to each other?

I bet you have never been with one that sat playing with her pussy while she watched her husband reach over and start stroking your nice thick cock for you.

I would LOVE to masturbating while I watch and film my husband stroking and sucking your cock until you dump your cum down his throat... <weg>

The hotel next door has 2 room suites for dirt cheap.

I’d love to get one of the suites and have you meet us there.

The room we got last time was set up perfect.

You walked in the room and on your left hand side is a couch with two end tables and a coffee table in front of it.

Next to the end table is the door to the master suite and bathroom, which we have closed.

To your right is the big TV cabinet.

Then straight ahead of you is a king size bed with two night stands.

That’s where I would be laying naked telling you two what I want to see.

I imagine you two on the couch watching porn on a high def monitor.

You go through my husband’s huge porn collection till you find something you like.

You turn the movie on and sit back.

I can see both your cocks are getting hard.

I tell you both to take your shorts off and stroke for me.

You are both sitting there with nothing on slowly stroking your cocks for me.

I can see you are not getting completely hard.

I tell my husband to get on his knees in front of you and stroke your cock for you while I watch.

I watch him stroking your huge cock and playing with your completely shaved and smooth cock and balls.

I start recording video of him stroking your cock.

I can feel my kitty getting wet as I watch.

I tell my husband I want to see what a BBC looks like in his mouth.

He starts to lick your balls and then slowly up the base of your shaft.

He gets to the head of your cock and runs his tongue around it.

I watch as he opens his mouth and he wraps his lips around the swollen head of your cock.

He slowly takes your cock in his mouth inch by inch your cock glides deep into his warm mouth.

He plays with your balls with one hand and holds your long thick shaft with the other as he swallows every inch of your BBC.

He strokes up and down your cock as he sucks.

I can hear his mouth is full of saliva and it’s making your cock slippery and shiny.

I hear him start to slurp your cock deep and deeper in his mouth.

I am furiously fingering my sloppy wet cunt.

I come harder than I ever have before as I’m watching him sucking your huge cock.

My pussy gushed all over my fingers as I see it swell up and then in just seconds I cum again.

I watch as your thick cock throbs between his lips.

I love watching that hot, thick, shiny, engorged, BBC throbbing deep in his mouth.

Your balls start swelling up as you’re about to cum.

Then they tightening up as your cum shoots from your balls, along the base of your thick shaft and finally to the thick purple head of your cock.

I plunge my fingers deep into my cunt as I watch his mouth wrapped around your cock.

I cum hard from knowing the head of your cock is swelling up huge filling his mouth.

I fuck my tight wet slit hard and fast, sinking my fingers as deep as I can into my pussy.

I feel my entire body shaking and trembling I’m cumming so hard.

I watch your cock as it keeps throbbing again and again, knowing every time it throbs, you are pumping another thick load of cum deep in his mouth.

You pump at least 10 loads of cum against the back of his throat.

I watch your huge cock getting buried in his mouth, as he slurped around your thick shaft.

He was swallowing and gulping each time your cock swells and cum pumps into his mouth.

Your limp cock slides out of my husband’s mouth.

I ask if you can cum more than once, and you say you can.

I have my husband come lay on his back with his head at the foot of the bed.

I crawl on top of him in a 69 position.

I sit my soaking wet pussy on his mouth and tell him to suck it for me.

I can hear him slurping my wet pussy and drinking the juices.

I am soaking wet from making my pussy cum so many times watching my husband sucking cock.

I can see your cock is getting hard watching us.

I tell you to come and get behind me.

I want you to fuck my husband’s mouth while he is under me.

I want my husband to get your cock nice and hard so you can slide it deep in my wet cunt.

I want you to take turns fucking his mouth and then my pussy.

I want you to go back and forth fucking his mouth and my pussy so he can taste my juices on your cock.

You come up behind me and slide your cock down into my husband’s mouth to get you rock hard.

Then you pull your cock out of his mouth and he grabs it and rubs the head of your cock back and forth between my soaking pussy lips.

Then he slides the head of your cock into my pussy.

He licks my clit and down the shaft of your cock to your warm shaved smooth balls.

He softly licks your balls, then sucks along your shaft and then he licks my pussy and teases my clit

You slowly slide your cock deep inside me, inch by inch.

You stuff your entire thick cock deep in my wet cunt and slowly fuck it.

You pull your cock slowly out of my tight cunt and then slide if back into my husband’s mouth.

He slowly wraps his lips firmly around the head of your cock and slurps your cock inch by inch into his mouth.

You keep going back and forth fucking my wet pussy and then my husband warm mouth.

You slip your cock in and out of my pussy for a couple minutes, and then back in his mouth for a couple minutes.

You make sure your cock spends the same amount of time in my pussy and his mouth.

You fuck his mouth and then my pussy back and forth for about 30 minutes.

You start to moan softly and I know you’re going to cum soon.

I start sinking my pussy further and further down your cock.

I feel the tingle and know I am about to cum again.

I tell you to fuck my pussy deeper.

You fuck it nice and deep and I tell you I am cumming all over your cock.

You feel my juices squirt all over your cock and you tell me your going to cum.

I tell him not to cum inside my pussy.

I want you to shove your cock in my husband’s mouth and fill it full of cum again.

I feel you pull your cock out and then hear my husband start slurping it into his mouth.

I hear you grunt and know you are about to cum.

I turn around and watch as your cock swells up thick in his mouth.

I watch your balls tighten as cum shoots up your shaft and out the swollen head of your cock.

I watch as you dump load after load of cum into my husband’s slurping mouth.

I watch you cum for a good two minutes and watch as my husband milks out every last drop of cum from your cock.

He sucks every drop out and your cock falls out of his mouth limp and drained.

I tell you that I hope you can get it up again.

I have my husband put on another movie for you.

This time I want to watch him give you a hand job as I finger my pussy…

I wonder what we will do next….

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1 year ago
Nice and horny, my cock became very stiff by reading this :) so horny ;)
1 year ago
Sexy story
1 year ago
hot hot story! in my favorites now.
2 years ago
great story, love to suck off a bull in front of my mrs
2 years ago
Hot! Great story and definitely got me hard
2 years ago