I was a senior in High School, so there were few things that I hadn’t done, few thresholds that I hadn’t crossed, but on this day--the shrinking of this list would be glorified by memories that I will carry forever.

The bell ending sixth period had rung, the halls quickly filled with people scurrying to their lockers and friends like a colony of ants to chunks of food left on a sidewalk. As I was walking, thoughts of overwhelming normality infested my mind as I was finishing my daily routine (never been happier to assume too quick), until a pretty little face followed by a perky C-cup and body that brilliantly curved into thick thighs and a roundness that seemed to hypnotize came up to me. Her topic of choice; me and how fun I was earlier this morning(my prey, promptly placing its self into my mouth; jackpot). From the starting whistle our conversation was beleaguered by sexual tension as I told her, “At times, one my greatest priorities can be fun, the only thing that it falls second to is the ambition for making fun with new people”, “well, you must not be ambitious enough; I’ve never had the pleasure of your fun” she said. This girl was biting hard, sex was written all over her mulatto colored face, the most illiterate of men could’ve read it; all I had to do was reel her in. “I like to have fun with qualified candidates; those who are willing to go to the edge of sanity and truly test their limits. Everybody can’t satisfy this, nor do I expect them to, and at the moment, I’m not sure what to expect of you.” was my comment and, “ well, how about you drive me home, and we’ll see just how fun I can be” was hers, but this act was--too small and safe. This girl was in the palm of my hands, waiting for my caressive touch, I was in total control and had to use that to my sexual advantage.

The school consisted of two levels, at the bottom of every stairwell sat a pair of morbidly bleak double doors that marked the beginning of her test, our sexual conquest, a memory vivid enough to give the sensation of having her moist lips pressing against my head , and an exit that followed another set of double doors. Ten minutes into seventh period was when we decided to meet there; a simple pass to the nurses office was enough to hurl us into our school’s vast loophole and inevitably into each others arm (figuratively speaking ;). I knew this plan wouldn’t fail, I worked out every detail, went over it countless times, but it didn’t matter how many times I went over it, nothing could steal my antsy anticipation or the anxious penis that I could barely keep dormant in those final seconds before I’d put my plan into motion. Sure enough, the time came, after a sick a face and falsely accusing the school’s food, I was on my way. Leaving the classroom, I could no longer control my self. My penis was visible and ready to erupt all over her face, at that moment, no amount of focus could’ve ceased the impression my penis was making through my pants; anyone could’ve walked by and seen it--and I wanted them to; oddly. At the door and ready to open it, every negative scenario hits me at once, the subtle f***e I applied to open it felt like an eternity while I was wishing away all bad luck, but to no avail. By the arm, a stranger grabbed me, and as I turned with a stiffening cock, I knew it was all over, then felt a hand stroking and heard a hormone filled, “ooooowwaaa” as we entered and sank to the floor, out of range of all eyes…….

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