Jessica's Adventure Part 1

Jessica is driving home from the library and her car starts to make a funny sound, she decides since it is late to keep driving, she takes a short cut up a back street.... she knows not to go to this part of town, but she has to admit it kind of excites her, she is driving pass a biker bar when her car makes a loud sound and shuts off.... she looks around and realizes she has no choice the bike bar is the only place open... she steps out of the car in her knee high white stocking and plaid skirt, her white button up shirt clings nicely to her chest.... she tightens her pigtails and heads towards the front door

She walks up to the door and takes a deep breath and walks in … there is a stale odor in the air and the lights are dim she has to take a second to adjust her eyes…. She looks around and sees a payphone in the corner… She makes her way over to it she gets to the phone just as this biker cuts her off, he is towering over her and looks down and laughs…. "Looks like you are lost little lady “… She turns to head back out and another one walks up and blocks her path, she is frightened but at the same time she feels her clean white cotton panties getting wet…. She is not sure what to do…. The two bikers are talking to each other about what they could do with a pretty little thing like that… Just then the door opens and in walks what she can only describe as a massive man with deep penetrating eyes, he walks over and the other two guys s**tter,

He walks up to her almost touching her he is so close, he tells her to go use the phone no one will bother her... she inhales his musky sent.... and steps back.... she stumbles a little and he reaches out and catches her... he pulls her back to him and holds her a little to close.... her breathing is labored and she can feel his hard on in his jeans... he picks her up and carries her to the phone and sets her down.... she reaches with a trembling hand and dials her roommates number... it rings and rings, oh no she remember her roommate went home for the weekend.... she hangs the receiver up slowly and her mind races for who she can call...... she looks up at him and say "there was was no no annnswer" with a trembling voice.... he tells her that he will take her back to campus she can get her car tomorrow.... he does not give her a chance to answer and he picks her up and carries her out to his bike..... Her heart is racing and moisture is flowing...

She gets on the bike and it is so wide there is no way for he to not flash her wet panties.... he steps on and starts the bike, the vibrations send her whirling.... she wants to let go.... but is scared... he takes off down the road and when they come to the stop light to turn to the campus and he revs the engine and takes off in the opposite direction... she is so nervous and excited at the same time... she grabs on to him tight trying not to fall...

She holds on and they ride what seems like forever, then he pulls on to a dirt road... he stops the bike and gets off... she says "where are we" he laughs and pulls her up off the bike.... he says " didn't you mom ever tell you to never except a ride from a stranger” she sticks her chest out and says I am a women I do not need to listen to my mother... he tells her to prove it... she squirms a little and whispers how.... he says we will start with you showing me you womanly parts.... bend over the bike ......

She hesitantly turns towards the bike, she is so turned on all common sense has gone out the door... as she starts to bend over he walks up behind her and takes his hand up between her legs and moves her panties to the side and slides a finger in..... he is playing with her when he hits it.... she is still a virgin... he chuckles and thinks to himself this will have to be done the right way... he reaches around and one by one rips the buttons off her already tight shirt the material slowly spreads revealing beautiful flawless size D breasts.... he pops the buttons all the way down and runs his hands up her tight stomach.... he figures she is may be a size 8 nice and tight and tan.... oh yeah he is going to have to stick in town for a while....

He presses her down on the seat of the bike… Her chest being pressed almost painfully for her… He rips her panties leaving them around her waist but crotch less… he take out his cock and gets it wet with her juices…. He starts his bike and presses her hips to it the vibrating seat rubbing her clit… She starts to scream out…. He revs the engine…. He is using her juices to jack himself off behind her…. He lifts the skirt and is pressing her into the seat he knows from her moans she is going to orgasm, he stroke it harder and faster and as she is cumming he sprays his cum all over her ass…. She collapses over the seat of the bike…
He puts himself together and gives her a shirt to wear back to the dorm. He tells her that she is to meet him tomorrow night and that he is going to turn her into a woman.
She awakes in her bed and it takes a second to remember... what was she thinking last night... she decides to get up shower and go get her car.... she needs to stay far away from that bar... she walks down the hall to the group showers.... she walks in and starts undressing.... her best friend Cindy walks over and says good morning Jessica.... Jessica says good morning and steps her sultry body into the shower.... Cindy walks up and down and sees all showers are full, she asked Jessica if they can share as she is running late for class, Jessica agrees, so Cindy strips down and steps into the shower, Jessica decides to tell her about the night before.... as she is getting to the good parts she starts caressing her self.... Cindy being a virgin also is very interested in knowing more about how it felt.... Jessica tries to explain it but to no avail so she decides to show her how to get herself to cum that hard.... she tells her to run her hand down to her young pussy and use her fingers to find her clit... Cindy is not sure she is doing this right and gets a little frustrated....

Jessica decides that Cindy needs help… She slides over and runs her hand down her arm to her hand… Cindy tenses a little but lets her continue Jessie slides her fingers in between Cindy's hand and wet body…. She finds her clit and starts to rub it in a circular motion…. Cindy relaxes and Jessie’s starts to increase the speed…. Cindy can't believe how good it feels she leans into Jessie their bodies now touching… Jessie uses one hand to continue the stimulation and the other she strokes Cindy's face. She tells her to relax and let go it will be worth it… She increases the intensity and slides a finger into her very slowly. This is all it takes to send Cindy into her first mild orgasm….
They finish the shower and decide that they will touch base after classes to figure out what to do about the car…. Jessie is sitting in class when she glances out the window and sees her mystery biker. Leaning against his bike…. She is instantly wet…. She asks to be excuse to the restroom and she goes in the hall. She looks on way towards the bathroom and decides to make a run for it … she heads to the front door being careful to not be seen by the head master…. She walks down the side walk and without speaking he gets on the bike she jumps on the back in her already soaked panties being hit by the wind as they ride down the road...

As they ride down the road he starts thinking of all he will be doing with her... he has already laid some plans out before going to pick her up today.... he did not want to give her time to change her mind... he pulls up to this old barn.... he gets off and tells her to follow him.... they walk in and she sees a whole display of items laid out in front of her, now she is getting nervous she start to tremble a little and he strokes her hair and tells her not to be nervous this is a night she will not soon forget..... With that he walks over and shuts the barn door... with a loud clank she hears the lock go down.... this is it no where to go now.... he instructs her to remove her shirt and skirt and leave her undergarments on...

She stands in the center and slowly one button at a time unbuttons her shirt exposing her lacy white bra that is filled in to the max, she then undoes the safety pins holding her skirt on... and if falls to the floor.... he tells her to come to him and kneel down in front of him. She hesitates for a moment but deep down she knows she will not say no to him...she does as she is told.... eager to know what is about to happen

As she kneels before him her nervous legs barley keeping her up, she ponders all of the things they may do... he reaches down gently stroking her face he tells her with her agreement he will take her to place she never imagined.... she nods before she can change her mind.... he takes that an acknowledgement and he begins... he has her undo his pants and remove them off of him.... she gasp at the size of his hard cock, she had not gotten to see it last night and it is a long and beautiful site, she starts dripping out the edge of her panties.. Half scared and half excited...

She licks her lips out of instinct more than then desire.... he tells her to open her mouth so she can get her first taste of cock.... he gently lets the tip glide into her mouth ... she licks hesitantly at first and more and more she relaxes and finds she is enjoying the taste of him in her mouth ... she starts bobbing her head taking more and more this is the sign to him to help her along and acknowledge she is doing well, he does this by grabbing a fistful of hair and guiding her up and down his cock long deep strokes

He gently but firmly increase the pressure for a few final strokes before lifts her head away and helps he stand up... he leads her to a mattress he has set up already for them he has her lay down... he kneels beside her and slides his finger gently under the waistline of her panties and slowly very slowly drags them off her letting his fingers linger on her

She is literally shaking with this feeling in her she can not explain, he gently goes back up and has his warm breath just above her now bare pussy, he sticks his tongue out slowly enjoying every minute of being the first tongue to lavish on this young pussy.... his tongue glides up and down her sweet nectar stimulating his senses.... she starts to squirm and push him away he does not give him but continues to burry his face in her.... with in seconds she lets out a loud scream while her body shakes in an intense orgasm.... now he feels she is ready..... He lies down and has her straddle him ... he lines the tip of his cock up to her dripping pussy

He helps her slide down just slightly the large tip being constricted by her tight virgin pussy.... he glides her up and down and it starts to stretch to allow him to enter...he gets into her and can feel her path to women hood on the tip of his cock... he takes his thumb and caresses her clit it take seconds and she is in another orgasm at the same time he pulls on her hips and fills her to the brim ripping through her last sign of c***dhood.... she lets out a moan that can be heard for miles... he stays there with her full to let her get use to the feeling....she slowly starts to rock back and forth squeezing his manhood with her convulsing pussy..

He lets his hands wander her up her body till he is cupping her beautiful breasts in his hand... grabbing on firmly yet not to rough he guides her rocking a little faster and deeper... he sees she is nearing another orgasm so he speeds up the thrust and grips into her breast bottoming out inside her he starts a very intense orgasm of his own.... cum flowing into to her filling her up and she starts to shudder not able to make any sound

He leans to the side and lets her slide to the bed.... he cuddles her next to him giving her time to recover from the intense experience she just had, stroking her hair.... she lays there her mind trying to grasp all that is happened.... she wants more... she knows this but she must admit it to him... unsure of how to do this ... she lets out a deep breath... hearing this he tells her to speak it is safe to say what she feels... she takes a deep breath and tells him she wants to learn more she wants to know everything, she all but begs him to teach her

He tells her he willing to teach her, but she must realize he will be pushing her limits.... she thinks this over and agrees... he takes her in his strong arms and holds to him... this will be a weekend to remember....

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2 years ago
WOW. So fuckin HOT. Thanks.
3 years ago
Love this one
3 years ago
Nice, Your stories are awesome , Can't wait for more !! :-P
3 years ago
thats a really hott one nicely done cant wait for more
3 years ago