Part 1 - Body,Mind,Soul

She steps out of the shower, everything freshly shaved and clean. She dries herself off and starts to prepare; tonight is the night he comes. First she puts on the outfit that he told her he wanted, complete with no panties, just the way he likes it. She rubs some honeysuckle flavoring on her moist pussy; he will be pleased with this surprise. She then starts to prepare her face. No makeup that would make him unhappy, just the lightest sugary gloss on her lips so they glisten, not too much, as he likes her lips to glisten from her own tongue running over them. If she is really good she will get to worship his member and place it in her mouth; she so hopes it will be allowed. She goes in the bedroom and lights the candles. She then make sure the room is just how he likes it, his favorite drink by his chair and made just to his specifications. She looks at the clock and realizes he will be there soon. She gets in her position, kneeling next to his chair, eyes towards the ground. She knows her place and until he lifts her head up she is not to look at him. She waits there moisture dripping down her leg, wondering will she be allowed to kiss him or look at him tonight.

She can smell her own arousal as she waits for him. She is prepared to give herself completely to him tonight, body, soul, and mind. She hears the door open and senses his presence in the room; she knows he is looking her and the room over. If it is not to his standards he will leave and she will not get to be in his presence tonight. She waits for what seems like hours but is in fact only minutes. He walks over towards her. She can smell his sensual scent now, and the moisture dripping down her leg increases. He steps in front of her: the moment of truth has come, will he accept her as his own? He gently lays his hand on her face and strokes it lightly. She wants to press into it and kiss him and taste him, but she knows not to move until she is told. He removes his hand and sits down in the chair. He takes a sip of his drink and pauses for a moment to reflect on the sight before him, this beautiful creature before him prepared to surrender to his will. He feels a stirring inside of him. He sets his drink down and tells her she may kneel in front of him. She gracefully glides in front of him, head still down, and he tells her to remove his shoes and socks. She is excited and willing, as this means he is staying, she was able to please him. She slowly removes his shoes and then one sock at a time. She then awaits her next instruction; he watches her and decides to find out if she is really prepared for him. He slides his hand up her inner thigh and can feel the heat and moisture cumming from her pussy. She shivers in excitement. He quickly removes his hand. She knew better than to react to him; she is not to react to him until allowed, he will have to punish her for that. He stands and steps away from her; she knows this is not good. He tells her to come to him and to disrobe him. She stands and walks to him still looking down, knowing not to make eye contact. She slowly unbuttons his shirt one at a time, hesitating close to him, wanting him, needing him. She walks around him and slowly pulls his shirt off his shoulders, letting her hands softly touch his back. He stops her and tells her to kneel in front of him; he reminds her that she is not to touch him. He tells her that the boundaries are there for a reason and she has not learned to obey them, so he will have to teach her. He tells her to turn towards the bed, and he walks up behind her and grabs her by the hair and firmly but gently pulls her head back. She has her eyes closed knowing that she is not to look at him. He drags his fingers over her lips; she does not react. He is pleased but feels there is more for her to know, so using her hair he guides her to standing again, firmly and with purpose he stands behind her and whispers in her ear that he is the one that will be in charge and she is to submit herself to him. He moves in so she can feel his breath on her neck. She does not react, and this pleases him. He decides to let her continue, he whispers to her that she may turn around and start to remove his pants. He releases her hair as she turns around and she starts to undo the button on his pants and then slowly unzips them. She slides her hands inside and maneuvers his pants down, releasing his member, she kneels down slides them down and off each leg, and she awaits his next command.

As she is kneeling in front of him she can feel the warmth of his body on her face. He places his hand on her face and gently lifts it upward, and he tells her to that she may look at him. Their eyes meet, and the connection between them fills the room. They have been waiting for this moment, and it is here. He strokes her face softly and tells her that this is what he wants. He asks what she wants. She softly licks her lips and whimpers ever so softly; he knows that she wants to feel his mouth on hers, and she will in time. He moves his thumb to her lips and lets her tongue glide over it slowly, their eyes still connected to each other. He can tell she has let go completely and is there, in that moment, his. He removes his hand and slowly strokes his rock hard cock. He lets it touch her lips ever so slightly; she does not react not until he nods at her letting her know that she may kiss on it. She slowly opens her mouth and lets her tongue run along the tip of it and then takes it into her mouth.

As it enters her mouth she can feel it pulsing. He lets it slide in and out and then removes it from her mouth; she will have to earn the privilege of having it in her mouth again. He has her stand and go to the bed, facing the bed with her legs spread. He runs his hand in between her legs and feels her wetness on his fingers. She does not move; she knows not to. He slides his fingers in her and then removes them just as quickly. He takes his fingers and places them in front of her mouth; she loves to taste herself, and he knows she is having to bite her tongue not to taste. He glides his finger over her lips leaving a trail of her own moisture there. He then takes both nipples in between his fingers and thumbs and pinches then with enough f***e that it sends shocking waves through her. She lets out a whimper; he pinches again and again till she stops whimpering. He tells her to lie down with her head off the edge of the bed, and she does as she is told. As she walks she can feel herself start to orgasm—her clit is so aroused it does not take much. She holds it back, and when she lies down she spreads her legs so there is no contact, leaving her open and ready. He stands at the end of the bed and places his glistening cock above her face.
He knows she want to lick her lips and taste the flavor of her excitement. He also knows she wants to taste him. He strokes her face and looks at her, giving her unspoken permission to open her mouth. He helps her move her head so he can slide straight in and stroke her neck as she takes him in her mouth. He strokes her as she takes it in and out, the excitement stirring in him. He cannot stay at this angle long, as he will have to release the pressure soon. He pulls out but lets it linger on her lips for a moment. He directs her to slide up on the bed and then tells her that she is allowed to lick her lips. She slides up and lies there tasting the mixture of juice on her lips and tongue. He lays beside her as the scent of their arousal fills the air. He tells her that she has done well and that he is ready to give her some pleasure. He turns her head to face his, and as their eyes connect he brings her to him, finally allowing both of them the chance to taste each other’s mouths. They share a passionate kiss, taking a moment to give in to the desires and needs of their bodies.

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3 years ago
that is really hot story so lookin forward to readin more
3 years ago
Thank you for the feedback :)
3 years ago
Very well written. A most enjoable read. I am looking forward to more.

I hope you enjoy XHamster as most of us do