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Last friday i was finally allowed to meet one of my wife's lovers with her. We first met at a pub, with me partially cross dressed (female jeans, cb6000s, light make up, panties that showed when i was sitting, and carrying "our" purse) He was already there and we sat at the table, her beside him and me across. We had a few drinks then headed to pay, them arms around each other and me following with the (my) purse. I am sure the waitresses were wondering as her and i walked in together but they walked out like that and he payed his share of the tab but i had to dig through my purse to find my card to pay for ours. We got to his room and had another drink, i got up to go to the washroom and when i came back she was on her knees sucking his fat cock! What a sight! After watching for a bit she stopped and told me to strip to my panties and pull my cage over the top so he could see it. She got up and put nipple clamps on me then said "on your knees, it's your turn." She got down beside me and guided his cock into my mouth with one hand on it and one on the back of my head. For the first time ever i was giving a blow job! We took turns sucking and licking for about 10 minutes then he told me to lay on the bed. My wife got on me 69 and he started fucking her inches from my face. I just lay there watching, straining in my chastity cage (thank god she didn't make me use the spikes in it) After a few minutes he said "don't just lie there, lick!" So there i was, licking my wife's pussy and his shaft and balls. They eventually switched to him sitting on the edge of the bed and her riding him reverse cowgirl and me kneeling on the floor licking them both again. I don't know how many times she came through all this but it was a lot! When he said he was going to cum she got off and he stood up. Once again she guided his cock deep in my mouth I sucked him for a minute or two and finally he started grunting and started shooting his load down my throat. I didn't think it was possible to cum that much, I had to swallow three or four times to get it all down! I didn't spill any even though it was my first time swallowing another mans cum. (I am fed mine anytime i am permitted to cum)After that they cuddled and had a smoke while i made more drinks. We finished that cleaned up and left with me hoping i would be un-locked when we got home but instead we just went to sl**p. We talked about all day the next day, her teasing me and asking what i did/didn't like. Finally about three in the afternoon i was finally un-locked and allowed to cum! All i can say is i can't wait until the next time!
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1 year ago
I like the premise of this. You are a cuck and your wife has no problem involving you. Tell me, when she told you to suck his cock the first time, did you resist at all? If this was your first time with a man ever, why would you accept a cock so readily? I love that you did, I love to do this...I just would think there would be some resistence at first followed by the threat of some punishment and then acceptance that you must be humiliated. I suppose the hope of getting unlocked exists too.