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The text messages had been getting hotter throughout the afternoon. It had started innocently enough, texts exchanged by two people who occasionally came into contact with one another through work. Then one day, as he was sat in his car with his daughters in the back, a text came through that was different in tone, the references to liking what she saw, to feeling hot, to meeting up, were out of character with all that had gone before. He responded in kind and waited for the reaction. It was quick in coming.

Maybe it was the girls in the back of the car that made him delay in responding to the invitation to meet...or perhaps he wanted to prolong the excitement. Either way, he tried to remain calm. As he entered the house, he busied the girls and went upstairs to his bedroom. He wanted to meet but his parenting would not allow it that evening. He was sorry (more sorry than she knew, for she was a good looking woman).

Again, a quick response. Where did he live? She wanted to come over after the girls had gone to bed. bl**dy hell! Without thought or care, he told her where she would find him that evening, but she had to wait until after 10.00pm. Not a problem came the reply. She would look forward to seeing him. Where had the motivation for this come from?

The evening dragged, but it was punctuated by text messages which left him in no doubt why she was coming over! How hot was this woman and why him? She was a fitness fanatic, slightly younger than he was, attractive and with a body to die for...and she wanted to be taken, she had made that clear!

The girls went to bed as usual at 9.30pm. They always fell asl**p quickly and never woke during the night. Just as well, he thought! He heard a knock at the door at 9.50pm, although he was looking out for what he thought was her car in any event. He had been drinking for courage, for he was not used to women being forward...not with him anyway! He was not a big drinker, but it always made him feel brave when he did.

As she entered, she smiled, but that did not last long. She dropped her handbag in the hallway and turned and kissed him warmly on the lips. Her tongue darted for his before a word was spoken. He was ready and could feel his cock hardening. He didn't wait for conversation, he didn't want any. He was prepared.

He eased her backwards into the living room where he had left a scarf. He took it and before she could say a word, covered her eyes and tied it around the back of her head. Now he had the initiative. She said nothing. She stood in the middle of the floor and he opened the blinds to the large lounge windows. He knew that there would be an audience from the house at the back. There always was. Tonight he wanted them to see, wanted them to see him fuck her!

He gently walked up behind her and whispered in her ear that they were being watched. Still she did not make a sound. She reddened around the neck, but he guessed not because she was shy. She was excited!

She was wearing an attractive white blouse under which he could make out beautiful white bra. Her jeans clung to a gorgeous arse. She was not a big girl, but she curved in all the right places! Lovely pert breasts, flat stomach and fit, long legs. He circled around her and kissed her hard on the lips before pulling away and looking at her. Without a word, he unbuttoned her blouse. No resistence. God, she was good looking, one of those rare women who looked fantastic either in or out of clothes (or at least he guessed so on the basis of what now stood before him). He slowly unzipped her jeans and removed them from her legs. She let them out of her feet without a struggle. As he stood he noticed the wet patch in her knickers. He was now as hard as a rock! Quietly, he removed his own jeans and t-shirt.

He took another drink and poured some inside her bra. Her hard nipples instantly got harder. Cold or excited? Perhaps both. Her poured some more onto his hands and felt inside her knickers. No need for any help, for she was already dripping wet. He looked up and noticed the neighbours. He could feel, as well as see, their excitement. It matched his own.

He removed her bra. Her firm breasts were absolutely delightful. He kissed her nipples, which tasted of the drink. You could cut glass with her nipples they were that hard. He turned her around to face the window. The neighbours lept at the vision before them (her, not him). Slowly, her removed her knickers. They struggled to release themselves from her wet pussy. Her trimmed pubic hair was wet from the drink on his fingers, her pussy was soaking for a different reason. Naked, she was heavenly. Tight, firm, athletic. The most fuckable sight he had ever seen. His cock demanded attention. One day he wanted to fuck that arse, but not now, that was for another time.

She had made no move for his body. She was transfixed at having been blindfolded. He took her hands and led them to his shaft. She knew what to do as she worked up and down in a slow, effortless rhythm. He responded by pinching and sucking her nipples ever harder, then his hands played with her beautiful cunt. His fingers toyed and dripped with her juices, which ran down her thighs. He knelt down and allowed his tongue to taste her sex. His fingers and tongue played with her pussy lips and clit and she fell to her knees and then just lay back and spread her legs. She was in full view and she cared not one jot! Neither did he, as he drank her out. Her hips rose and bucked as she began her orgasm. He drank it all in.

The redness around her neck had spread to her breasts. He held onto them, those perfect nipples still hard and dark, as he slid his cock effortlessly insider her pussy. The noise of her juices brought a smile to his face, whilst the neighbours watched on. Her glided deep inside, whilst her lips refused to release a tight grip on his shaft. She breifly caught a hold of his heavy balls as he released his load inside her. He pulsated as he exploded, filling her with his cum. Beathless they lay, a tribute to their audience.

She removed the blindfold, dressed and left without a word. The following morning the text told him of the two most exciting elements of the previous evening...the loss of control through being blindfolded and the knowledge of being watched.

She wanted more!

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Fantastic story. Thanks for posting.
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WOW :) xxx