"Now its my turn, you had your fun with that woman from The Ladies Guild the other day. I have said nothing, but I will if I don't get what I want."

"What the fuck are you on about?"

"You know exactly what I am on about, when you and your lesbian friend made out the other day, during your Guild lunch. I know all about it. Like I said, now its my turn, otherwise I will ruin your precious reputation."

The look on her face said it all. She hadn't known that I knew about her little romp. She also knew that our relationship was coming to an end and that I would happily tell her stuck up mates all about her little secret...and she didn't want that!

"So what is the price for your silence?" She suddenly looked nervous, out of her self-assured confort zone. Excellent.

"That's better. Its good to know that we understand each other. You will be pleased to know that I don't want you. I also don't want you to do anything that you will not enjoy. I know about your romp because I was there." She looked stunned. "I was under the bed. Sadly, I saw very little, so this time I want to be able to watch."

"What? You bl**dy pervert. Anyway, I have no intention of going through that experience again."

"Pervert! You never bothered about me watching you get undressed. You never minded me watching you play with yourself, and please don't tell me that you didn't enjoy your little romp. That is not the impression that I got and let's face it, I was quite close to the action!"

"You have already acknowledged that I value my position in this community. What happened the other day was a one-off. Never before and never again. I was feeling low. It will not happen again. The lady concerned already knows that."

"With all due respect, I beg to differ, because if it doesn't happen again, and soon, you will regret that "one-off" for the rest of your days in this village! Oh, and I don't care who you do it with, I just want to be able to watch. I think I might enjoy it...given my fetish for watching you!"

"How am I going to find someone to join in?" She genuinely looked worried. I didn't know quite how jealously she guarded that reputation.

"Your problem, not mine. Don't leave it too long though. I don't want to have to bump into those rich tart friends of yours! Let me know when everything is arranged. In fact, make sure that it is set up for this weekend. I am not doing anything and this seems like a good way to spend an hour or two. Text me with the details. Have a good week." With that I left her with her thoughts.

Monday came and went without that text. So did Tuesday and Wednesday. I was beginning to think that I had misread the situation and that she was calling my bluff when, on Thursday evening, I received a text message! I was instantly excited.

"Be at mine for 7.00pm on Sat. I don't know if this will work. I will try. No promises."

My reply was sent a little too quickly..."It had better work, for your sake, so make it work. I'll be there."

Saturday could not come soon enough. Time dragged. Needless-to-say, I arrived on time, just before 7.00pm.

"You are unfashionably early." She didn't smile.

"I would hate to miss this. Right, what is happening, where and when? Oh, and can I please have a drink?"

"You know where the drink is. She will be here in a few minutes. I have got no bl**dy idea how this will work, so you will just have to keep out of the way upstairs. I don't know whether she will go along with this. She is very young."

"She had better go for it...for your sake. Thanks for the drink. I'll be upstairs. Don't mind me, just do what comes naturally. I will make sure that I get a good view this time. Enjoy yourself...I intend to."

The farmhouse was large, but open plan, so I could hear what went on downstairs from my vantage point on the landing. When she arrived, I couldn't believe it. It was the young girl who helped out on the farm. She was 17 at the most. God knows why she chose her, she will be frightened to death the second anything starts to happen! I couldn't help being slightly turned on though. There was a stirring in my jeans. I adjusted myself to make sure that I was comfortable.

They chatted for what seemed like ages, mostly about horses, which was a love that they shared. Her young friend was invited to have a drink, which initially she declined and then reluctantly accepted, largely due to the insistence of her (our) hostess. The voices grew a little louder, the laughter more frequent, no doubt fuelled by the wine. I had not seen the young girl drink before, but it would probably help with what was about to transpire!

"How is your shoulder after that fall? You took an awful bump."

"Its still sore, but I'll survive." I almost began to feel sorry for the young girl. She had no idea what was about to unfold and she was carrying an injury. Bless her.

"Hey, I invited you over here because I have got some riding gear for you. I don't use it anymore and you have been wonderful helping me around the farm. Come with me. Let's go and try it on."

"You don't need to do that. I love helping you out and you let me keep my horse here. I don't need anything in return."

"Nonsense. Come with me."

They were heading my way, so I slipped into the bedroom next to hers. She held her hand and led her down the corridor. I am sure that she tried to establish where I was. She was looking around, but I kept out of her eyeline...for now!

They entered her bedroom, but she didn't quite shut the door. Nice one.

"You look lovely in that dress. If you don't mind taking it off, you can try this stuff on. I have got three or four riding tops and a couple of pairs of jodhpurs you can have if they fit. They should do!"

Her friend hesitated. Perhaps she hadn't had enough to drink.

"Don't be shy. I have known you for years. Anyway, I won't look."

I would! I had quietly moved down the corridor and I had got a good view of the unfolding drama through the ajar door. Whilst my "accomplice" was looking for the riding gear, her young friend delicately removed her dress. The two girls were of the same height, but she had a rounder figure. My host had large breasts, the young girl's were smaller, but firm and full. My host had a small arse, the young girl's was round and again no doubt firm to the touch. Stood in her lace bra and panties, her youth took my breath away. My cock was on the rise.

"You look gorgeous. Here, try this on."

The young girl blushed, but pulled on a tight fitting riding top and then a pair of very tight trousers. Gorgeous, bl**dy gorgeous.

"I told you they would fit. Take them off and try these on."

As she was removing the jodhpurs, she inadvertently pulled her panties down too. Not all the way, but enough to reveal a lovely bush of dark pubic hair. She had obviously not got into shaving her pussy yet!


"What's the matter?"

"Its my shoulder. I can't get the top off."

"Here, let me help you." With some difficulty, they removed the tight fitting top. "Your shoulder is obviously still sore. Let me put some deep heat on it for you. Lie face down on the bed."

"Don't worry. Its no problem. I'll be fine, honestly."

"Don't you trust me. I used to be a nurse before I ran this place. Just do as you are told and lie down."

With a degree of apprehension, she did as she was told. Our host came flying out of the bedroom, straight passed me. Good job she was lying face down!

She hissed quietly. "I don't like this. I don't fucking like this at all."

"Shhh. I do and I think you do too. Just go and enjoy yourself." She did not like my smile one bit.

She returned to the bedroom, not with the deep heat, but with a massage oil.

"I couldn't find the deep heat, but this will work just as well. Now relax."

"Yes nurse."

"That's better", she almost laughed.

She poured oil on her back, she twitched with the touch of the cold liquid, but relaxed upon feeling her host's warm hands on her skin. Gently she stroked her back, shoulders and arms. Long, gentle strokes. I could feel myself getting hard.

"Don't worry, but I am just going to undo your bra. Its a bit in the way."

She continued to glide up and down her back and down the sides of her young body. Every now and again, there was a slight shiver.

"You have a lovely body. You look gorgeous." No reply from her young friend.

She poured more oil on her lower back and just on to her panties. The gentle strokes continued, up and down. Her hands ran under the lace top of her panties and I thought I heard a slight groan.

"Turn over and I will rub the oil into the top of your shoulder."

Her young friend struggled to turn over and keep her breasts covered by her undone bra. Eventually she lay back and placed her arms by her side. The strokes remained long and slow. More oil, which drifted down the side of her body and made her quiver. It was caught by the warm hands of our host, but in so doing she also caught her young friend's bra. It slipped to reveal a beautifully firm breast. Her dark nipple was slightly hard. It wasn't the only thing going hard.

"To help you relax I am going to place this towel over your eyes". There was no word of dissent. There was then a stiffening of the arms as she removed her young friend's bra completely. Her breasts were fantastic and even more so when the oil was rubbed in. Slow round strokes, over the nipples, the hardening, dark nipples, down the stomach and back up again. Her breathing was now audible. She was definitely aroused by the hands on her breasts. They were so firm. They rose as her nipples rose.

More oil. This time on the stomach and over her thighs. Long strokes over her upper legs, across the stomach and over her panties. Another and her. Down the legs and round her calves. The bottom of the feet and then back up her body again. She stoked her inner thighs and gently parted them from each other. Her panties glistened. She went back to stroking her gorgeous breasts and again her arms stiffened by her side. Oil and back down and over the stomach. Her warm hands further parted her thighs. The oil dripped between her legs and onto the bedspread.

"Just relax". And with that she gently pulled down her panties. I think her young friend was either too frightened or too engrossed (I didn't know which) to protest. What did I care? What a gorgeous young pussy. So obviously wet. Our host oiled her hands and fingers and played at the top of her legs. First with the outside of her lips and then, ever so gently, inside. She rubbed on the surface before a gentle probe with one finger. An audible groan as the finger played with her clit. Her hips rose, her arms pressed against the bed. Now two fingers played with her lips, parting them, revealing her bright red insides. She was so wet, her juices drifted down the inside of her legs.

With that she stopped. Her young friend relaxed. Silently, our host removed her top and then her bra, to reveal her full, heavy breasts. Her nipples too were hard. She was enjoying herself! She returned her attention to her job in hand, over the breasts, back to the pussy, inside...and then a taste. She was licking her friend's young juices. She stopped and took off her own trousers and panties. I couldn't tell whether or not she was wet. She must be if her hardened nipples were anything to go by. Her hands returned to work, but this time she bent down over her friend and blew on her pussy. Her friend shook and groaned with delight. That was her invitation...her tongue began to play, on the surface of her pussy at first, before it darted inside. Her tongue toyed with her playmate's clit, before she sucked out the juices that were flowing freely from deep within. Tongue and fingers worked together and the young body wriggled this way and that. Her hips arched upwards and then back down to the bed. Lips were on pussy lips and they refused to let go. The young body writhed up and down, maybe for the first time, maybe not. It was so young it moved in one beautifully firm movement before reaching its long, slow climax. The breathing was heavy, oil and perspiration mixed, the smell of young sex hung in the air...and all as my hand played with my own erection on the landing.

Where would this lead?

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