Wind Swept

I love Dover. From high up on the White Cliffs I used to watch the ferries sailing into the docks late at night. You couldn't hear a sound, but the lights on the ferries created an air of romance. It was a fabulous place to take your girlfriend.

The wedding though was awful. One of those occasions when the husband and wife's families had nothing in common and didn't mix at all. My girlfriend and I were only at the evening reception and even then only by virtue of the fact that I had worked with the newly wed husband for a couple of weeks during the summer.

I hadn't been going out with my girlfriend for that long and our sex life had been somewhat unadventurous to date, which was disappointing as she was a stunning looking woman. She was much younger than me, very pretty, tall and whilst not a natural blonde she always managed to look as though she was. She also had a fabulous figure, long legs, the sort of arse that you always wanted to have in your hands,a slim waist and breasts to die for. Full, but not too large, firm, but without being obvious. I don't know why things had been sexually dull, but I just couldn't get my girlfriend to open up, to let go, to relax.

One thing was for certain, she certainly wasn't relaxed at the wedding reception. I didn't know many people there, but she knew no-one. I felt sorry for her and suggested that we slip out of the reception and go for a walk along the White Cliffs. It was blowing a gale and she looked dubious, but no doubt recalled the couple of evenings that we had spent on top of the Cliffs chatting in to the small hours of the morning. Without telling anyone, we left through a side door and made our way to the top of the Cliffs. It was only a short walk from the reception venue, but by the time we reached the summit my girlfriend's hair was all over the place. Unusually, she didn't seem to mind. Odd.

As we walked, we watched a ferry drift out of the docks on the way to Calais. My girlfriend caught my hand and turned to face me. She had an unusual look in her eye and whispered something in my ear. I didn't quite catch what she said, but instead of repeating it, she led me no more than five yard of the cliff-top path. As it was cold and windy, I had given her my suit jacket, which she now took off and laid down on the slightly damp grass. Still she said nothing...I just watched. She was wearing a dark blue dress, blue stockings and blue high-heeled shoes. She reached behind her and began to unzip her dress. I couldn't believe my eyes. Still not a word was said as it dropped to the ground. Already I could make out that her nipples were hard (no doubt as a consequence of the cold) beneath her dark blue bra. She dropped her slip to the ground revealing a tiny pair of matching blue knickers.

I could feel myself growing in my boxer shorts as I watched in speechless ecstacy. Still no words were spoken, but her eyes said it all, so I began to undress. It was dark, but anyone walking along the coastal path would have been able to see everything, and what a sight it was. I am no oil painting, but my girlfriend was (is). Again she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, releasing her gorgeous pale breasts. Her nipples were now dark and rock hard. She touched them gently and let out a moan. I had never seen her touch herself before. She took her breasts in both hands, they were firm to the touch and I saw my girlfriend shudder. I thought she was going to fall to the ground, but she just about managed to remain standing. I continued to undress, but without taking my eyes off the beautiful sight evolving before me. She let go of her breasts and slowly removed her knickers. They held onto her pussy slightly because of the wetness developing at the top of her legs. Her pussy was swollen, full and all but dripping. With one hand back on her breasts, the other began to explore her own sex. Her fingers stroked her pubic hair and then entered her pussy. Again she shuddered as her fingers played. She stroked her lips and then entered herself, increasingly deeply. She walked towards me and placed her fingers in my mouth. She tasted fantastic. It was the first time that she had let me taste her juices and I thought my cock was going to explode. One of her hands drifted to my erection and began to play. She stoked the pre-cum off the tip of my cock and stroked it into her clitoris. The other hand continued to stroke up and down my shaft. She fell to her kness and took me in her mouth. Her lips and tongue were so hot. They were on fire as they played with my manhood. I didn't want to choke her, but I felt myself pushing against the back of her throat.

My girlfriend pulled me to the ground. I lay on top of her, but then she suddenly turned over, just as my cock was looking for home. She wanted me to take her from behind. I raised myself on to my knees. I couldn't wait any longer because I knew that I was about to cum and I wanted her to have my juice inside her. I grabbed her hips and entered her soaking wet pussy. Deeper and deeper I thrust into her and all I could hear was the wind and her whispers of "don't stop, harder, harder". I obliged for as long as I could and I held on to her breats for support. She moaned, not in pain, but in pleasure. My cum exploded into her grateful pussy, as we both shuddered into a mutual orgasm. Her pussy lips gripped my cock and refused to let it go limp until she had ridden out the climax in her body.

Our juices leaked out onto my jacket as we parted our aching, tingling, still sensitive bodies. My erection refused to die down, her nipples stayed hard and all I could hear her say was "that's better".

Wind swept, aching and smiling studpidly, we returned to the dullest wedding of the year.
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very good & naughty