My First Time

Its Heather,
From New York, NY. I "was" a 18 year old virgin till last week. The Fault here was of my parents who sent me to a Boarding School coz my mom and dad are divorced and my dad is d***k addict so the lawyer asked my mom to keep me away from dad and send me to boarding school. I Graduated and it came to my senses that i cant masturbate 24x7 to keep myself happy i need to get laid and thus started to see porn. Lots and Lots of porn i was introduced to this site by this way but my story begins from now.

On my 18th Birthday My Mom Gifted me a Studio Apartment in Manhattan. I was very happy that finally i would be able to live freely on my own but a bit sad i had to leave MOM's house. So i was nervous the first week so in second week I thought ill get acquainted with my neighbours. I knocked on the door and saw that a beautiful girl answering the door she was 21 yrs old her name was Angela. We shared a cup of coffee and then when i was chatting with her in the apartment her b*****r came in he was not so handsome kinda a geek but had a very good height about 6'1". So Days Passed by me and angela became like best buddies and i got acquainted with his b*****r "Bob". So last Saturday i was kinda d***k coz my life was going no where i dint get admission in NYU and my current job as a Assistant in fashion firm only allowed me to get coffee for my boss and her boss. I usually shared this with angela but she was out for camping with her old time friends.
When i knocked on their door Bob answered it and he knew that i was d***k called me inside. We had 2 glasses of wine and suddenly he started to kiss me. I dint object it so he moved his hands accross my thighs i hesitated a bit but he f***ed me. Suddenly he was like a greek god forcing me to have sexy i obeyed his Order and removed the pants and he bit my panties and tore them and then he started to eat my pussy i was shouting loud his name so loud even the next floor guys could hear it. I had blacked out for 10 secs and then realized it was a big orgasm he consumed most of it but some of it was left on his sofa. The he grabbed my hair and put my face in front of his dick and asked me to lick it
i denied and gave it a good kiss the scent was so strong that i started to lick it and was giving him a blow job he blew up on my face within 30 secs and i started laughing he said he was done i denied i said i will finish what i started to i was kissing him and trying to put his loose dick in my pussy after some time of constantly trying it finally got hard and we started fckin each other he was fcking my brains out i was shouting BOB BOB stop it BOB BOB and suddenly we heared a door bell. he saw through the Door Hole and it was Angela. So he asked me to open the door with just towel around my body and cum on my face i opened the door she said "What the fuck!!!!".

More in Part 2
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