My horny neighbor's daughter (part one)

I had a very uneven f****y two guys, me and my dad vs four girls, my mom and three younger s****rs. I had no safe place expect my bedroom which was the attic, I moved up there to be free from my s****rs. Our ages varied from me being s*******n years old; Sarah, the youngest being ten; Ana, the middle one of the s****rs was twelve; and Emily, the oldest s****r was sixteen.

Not too long age we got a new neighbor. I wasn't too concerned being that I liked being in my room 24/7 but my parents wanted to introduce us all to them.

My mom rung the doorbell and while we waited for some one to answer I could hear people shouting inside, "Sweetie, can you get that?"

I heard a female voice shouted back, "Yeah dad. One second!"

I peered down at my s****rs and they seemed that they all got 'prettied up' to meet the new neighbors, Emily was probably dress up hoping for a boy to come her way. Me, on the other hand, I wore my average look. A pair of jeans and a hooded sweatshirt with the sleeves rolled up, I wasn't going to try to impress anyone. My dad had the same idea, he had on a tee shirt with a black oil stain from his job on the front and a baseball cap to hide his balding spot. My mom had a simple summer dress on, not as impressive as my s****rs' but still pretty good looking.

The door finally opened and I stopped looking at my f****y and looked towards the person standing in front of us. A girl, who looked my age, held the door open. She had long brunette hair that come down to her back, beautiful green eyes, and had a good looking tan. Summer was only a third of the way in so being tanned was to be expected.

I seen her mouth the word 'whoa'. Probably because she wasn't thinking of opening the door to six people all huddled up on her porch. She gave us a cute, welcoming smile then spoke, "Hello."

My three s****rs, in near perfect harmony, replied. "Hi." I couldn't help but think they planned to do that.

My mother put her hand on my shoulder to lean in and spoke up, "Hello, we seen that you moved in a few days ago and we wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood."

The girl's father walked up behind her and opened the door more. "Why thank you. Come on in... I think we have enough seats for you all." He had a gruff voice, it kinda scared me a bit when he suddenly came out if no where and talked.

Our f****y went one-by-one to go inside. I was the last one to enter, I stopped in the foyer while every one else followed the girl's father into the f****y room. I looked at the girl who closed the door behind me, "Um... hi, I'm Jackson."

She spun around and smiled, "I'm Julie." She watched my f****y leave the foyer and turned back at me, she cocked her eyebrow and looked confused.

"Yeah, I know. I have to live with all of them."

"Wow, and you lived this long?" She said, trying not to laugh.

"I'm just as surprised as you are sometimes." I finally cracked a smile and eased up.

"Come on, we should hurry." I followed her to her f****y room and almost laughed when I saw all my s****rs try to make room on the couch for us. I signaled for Sarah to get up and I took her spot on the couch, she waited for me to sit then sat on my lap. That left a whole seat left for Julie to sit down in. Emily and Ana were sitting on the same seat, luckily they were skinny enough for it to look comfy at least.

Julie's father was standing next to mine and talked for a bit. I heard another person echo through the house. "Hello." A sweet female voice came from a hall and entered a beautiful looking woman. I guessed Julie's mother by the way she put her hand on Julie's shoulder and leaned against her.

"These are our neighbors." Julie's father pointed out to his wife.

My mom approach her, "We just wanted to welcome you and say it's nice to meet you three. My name is Denise and this is Bruce.." She gestured to dad and he tipped his hat. "These are our k**s. We're the Phillips f****y." She gestured towards us and waited for us to say our names.

"I'm Emily." Emily clearly stated "I'm Ana." Ana also stated clearly "I'm Sarah." Sarah was shy and quietly said her name, no one heard her expect me. I made her bounce on my knee and she quickly turned to me, I gave her my signal to speak up. She cleared her throat and said her name again, "I'm Sarah." She's really shy, it's so cute.

I leaned to the side to look over Sarah's shoulder for every one to even see me. "Jackson." I said with a wave of the hand.

Julie's mother stood next to her husband and introduced herself, "Well I'm Charlotte West and my husband is Chris West." She smiled at us and Chris nodded.

Julie leaned forward, "My name is Julie, their daughter." She said, mostly speaking to my parents.

"You know what, I think we might be crowding this room." Mr. West said with his gruff voice, that made me jump again. "Why don't we go out to the backyard? Give the k**s time to get to know each other while the adults talk."

"k**s?" Mom said looking at us on the couch. From my s****rs she got two okays and one nod from Sarah, no one could see me with Sarah in the way so I gave a thumbs up from behind her.

We got up and headed towards their backyard. Again me being the last one out, this time Julie was next to me and she poked me. "So... Just to break the ice, play any video games?" I instantly had a crush on her, I knew nothing about her but I had a crush on her.

"Yeah, tons."

My dad heard us and couldn't resist, "Oh good, Jackson finally has a friend." He joked of course, I had friends, it's just all of them were male though.

When we got into their backyard I seen why we went out there. I never know the house next to ours had a pool! Mostly because I don't want to be the creep looking through the cracks in the fence to see the neighbors. My s****rs walked around looking at Mrs. West's flower garden while the adults went to the edge of the back porch talking and laughing. Me and Julie just stood off to the side.

I was curious and looked to the left of the house to see if I could look up into my room. My room in the attic had a perfect view of their pool, I gave myself a mental note. 'Don't be the pervert that watches girls from his window!'

Julie followed my eyes and wasn't sure what I was looking at. She leaned in a whispered, "What are you doing looking at window?"

I tensed up a bit and turned to her, "Thought I saw a bug or something."

She squinted her eyes on the window, "Is that a bedroom? I can see a poster above a dresser. Wait, thats your room isn't it?"

I sighed and knowing I was busted I gave the honest answer, "Yeah, I never noticed I had a view of your house." I blushed slightly, she knows that I can get a perfect view of her f****y's pool.

"You know, I live in the top floor of our house too. And I think my window is parallel to yours." She said surprisingly calm.

I sighed and looked at her, "So no privacy for either of us?"

"I wouldn't say that, I can pull down the blinds on mine." She squinted again looking at the window, "You don't have any window blinds?"

"Never needed them."

Just then Emily was standing next to us, "What are you two talking about?"

I bit my lower lip slightly, but thankfully Julie replied for the both of us. "Video games."

Emily sighed, well more like groaned. "Really? Another nerd? I had enough with nerds thanks to you Jack."

I rolled my eyes and spoke up, "Oh shut up Emily, can't I have a friend too?"

"You? Friend? Her?" Emily had to f***e herself not to laugh at me. She walked away to join Ana and Sarah again.

"You live with that?" Julie whispered making sure Emily didn't hear her.

"Yeah, don't worry, I make her life a living hell too." I said with a smug look. With Julie keeping an eye on Emily I studied her a bit more. Skinny body that had a pair of nicely shaped breasts that were smaller than most her age but they were perky. Her low cut white tee shirt gave any one in front of her a good view of her. A cute, tight ass in a pair of designer jeans.

For the next hour me and Julie talked about random topics, mostly we talked about actual video games. She seemed to be into the whole nerd thing as much as I was. By first glimpse I never would have thought of her being a nerd like me.

Soon enough our f****y decided it was time to leave.

As we headed towards the front of the house Julie pointed at my window, "Open that and we might be able to continue this conversation later." I nodded with a smile to reply back. She went inside her house and disappeared with her parents.

As we made to our own house Emily had to comment on my new friendship with Julie, "So I guess Jackson has a girlfriend now."

I rolled my eyes, "Mock me all you want. At least I can make friends."

I got a well deserved punch in the arm before she yelled at me, "Shut up."

"Alright, alright. Sorry." I said as I back away from her and bumped into my dad who was laughing at us.

He put his hand on my shoulder and shook me lightly, "You know k**do, I met your mother the same way you just met Julie."

I felt my face get hot and tried to hide it as looked at him, "Really?"

He nodded but my mother leaned in, "It wasn't as romantic as I wished it was but yeah, that's how we first met. But remember, do not listen to any advise your dad gives you."

"Oh please, he listens to my advise and look at him. Strong young man, with a big brain, and a lot of smarts. Sure a bit pasty and a bit geeky." He nudged me in the rib with his elbow.

I hit him back, "Sure dad, I'm like this because of you."

. . .

I closed my bedroom door, I had taken a shower and was now in a pair of shorts and a white tee shirt, I walked over to my window and peered through. Julie was sitting in front of her windowsill with her window opened all the way. She noticed me and smiled.

I opened my window and pulled my desk chair up to sit down. "Told ya this would work." She said and waved at me. She got changed too, now she had an old rock band tee shirt and a pair of sweatpants that hugged her lower half.

"So, what do you want to talk about?" I kicked my feet up and rested them on the windowsill. We had to speak louder than normal for our voices to carry across the distance between our houses but not to loud that our families could hear us.

"I kinda need to ask you something."

"What?" I blushed a bit but not enough for her to see.

"Got any plans tomorrow?" She leaned forward in her chair and waited for me reply.

"No..." I wasn't sure where this was going, I'm a bit clueless like that.

"I was wondering if you wanted to hang out." She spun her finger in her hair, in order to look cute.

"Like a date?" I rushed the words out and became stack-stiff.

Her face turned red and with a small smile she said, "Maybe." She turned away slightly but kept her eyes on me, still playing with her hair. "You seem cool, and why not? At worst, we just return to being next door neighbors."

"Sure, what's the plan for tomorrow?" I tried not to seem eager, but I was fighting an un-winnable war there.

"The park? I seen it before and it looks beautiful." She smiled and stopped playing with her hair as she placed her hands in her lap.

"Sounds great." I managed to pull a smile out, I was nervous of course but I tried to hide that.

"Julie, who are you talking to?" Mrs. West walked up behind her and placed her hands on Julie's arms, making her nearly jump out of her skin. Mrs. West looked up and saw me, "Oh! Hello... Jackson, sorry, is that right?"

"Yeah, thats right Mrs. West."

By the way she was leaning forward her lose night gown was letting her luscious 34 C breasts stay in my view. By the way her breasts moved so freely I knew she wasn't wearing a bra under the gown. I started to feel a disturbance in my shorts as I watched Julie's mother started to give me a coy smile. I hoped she didn't do that because I put my hands over my growing erection in order to keep things PG between the three of us.

"I like that, I rarely hear some one call me Mrs. West." She stood up straight and walked behind Julie's chair, obscuring my view of her lovely body. "What are you two doing so late in the night."

Julie looking up at her own mother, "It's only nine, mom. And we were making plans for tomorrow." She bit her tongue at the end, she didn't want her mother to find out like that. Mrs. West went right back to standing beside her with a wide smile on her face.

"Aw, my little girl is going out on her first date tomorrow!" She spun Julie's chair to make her daughter face her. "So cute!" Her mother hugged her tightly, I watched as Mrs. West's large breasts pressed against Julie's perky tits. With them no longer paying attention to me I moved my hands for a second, my fully erected cock sprung up making a rather noticeable tent in my shorts. I watched Mrs. West hug and squeeze Julie for what felt like hours before she finally let go of her daughter.

"Thanks, now I can breath again." Julie laughed as she looked up into her mother's gorgeous emerald eyes. Julie had her face just a few inches from her own mother's round full tits.

Mrs. West finally turned to me again, I quickly hid my hard on again. "You be good to her, Jackson." I looked at her face and I seen how flushed her cheeks were.

"Yes, ma'am."

"Ma'am? Oh... I like that too." She waved goodbye to me and started to walk towards the door. Julie was also watching her so I didn't need to cover my fully erected hard on. Mrs. West's ass looked perfect, if not better, in the lose gown she wore. She had a hourglass figure and I wanted to see it completely nude. I could've ripped off my shorts and masturbated fiercely as I watched Mrs. West walk, her hips swaying side to side as she went on her way. When she got to the door she turned around to Julie, "Goodnight, sweetie. I love you." Her voice was like honey, I knew she was talking to her daughter but I wished she was speaking to me. She turned a bit more and saw me, her eyes focused on the mound protruding from my waist. "Jackson..."

With that she walked out and closed the door behind her. Julie spun her chair around to face me again, she was too quick and she nearly seen my hard on. "Sorry Jackson. My mom... sometimes gets d***k on wine, she's a lightweight."

My face was red from watching all that go down, "She seems nice though." My voice cracked a bit so I cleared my throat and spoke again, "So far you're f****y is lovely."

"Thanks." She wasn't even noticing my embarrassing moment, thank God! She looked at her clock and sighed, "But she does have a point, I really should be getting to bed. Want to look good for our date tomorrow." I smiled when she said date, I also remembered what her mother said. This was going to be her first date, I wanted it to be her best.

She pulled down her window blinds and that gave me the feeling of relief. I kicked off the wall and spun back to my desk. My erection pointing up towards the ceiling, I couldn't take it any more! I stood up and pulled my shorts and boxers down to my ankles, sitting back down my erection was now free and I had locked my door a long time ago, I put my hand around my cock and closed my eyes. Two images instantly appeared. Julie and Mrs. West.

As I slowly rubbed my seven inch long cock I couldn't think of anything else besides the two. I increased my speed and moaned to myself, "Oh... Julie, Mrs. West..."

I never seen then naked so in my mind Mrs. West was just in her gown as she expertly sucked my cock head. Julie wore her old rock band tee shirt and tight sweatpants and was focusing on her own mother's tits, rubbing them and pinching her mother's nipples. I moaned as I imaged Julie swap places with Mrs. West, now Julie was sucking my cock and her mother was playing with sexy daughter's perky breasts.

Since I imagined Julie not being skilled in giving a blow job she started to gag on my cock. She sat on her mother's lap with Mrs. West reaching under her daughter's arms and was softly squeezed her nipples.

I couldn't open my eyes, I didn't want this to end. In my dream I pulled out of Julie's throat so she stopped gagging on my cock. Mrs. West, with Julie sitting in her lap, reached out and started jerking me off.

Eventually I was going cum, my cock started to swell. I kept my eyes sealed as I imagined both Julie and Mrs. West slaving over my cock. Julie was using her tongue, licking the length of the left side of my dick while she locked eyes with her own mom who was running her wondrous full lips on the right side of it.

I gritted my teeth as I moaned, I was going to cum any second. I felt my cock throb in my hand, I moaned one more time before I finally came. My cum came out if several streams, I opened my eyes and looked at my wall in front of me. I unloaded my semen on the wall. I was breathing heavily as I continued rubbing my slowly softening cock.

I stood up, pulled my boxers and shorts up, and walked over to my dresser. Thankfully my mom bought me tissues for my summer allergies. I cleaned my hand off first and used about two more cleaning off my wall before any one saw what I do in my room.

I fell into my bed and stared at the ceiling for a few minutes. I thought about what I just did, was I really sexual attracted to Julie's mother as well as Julie herself? But the way Mrs. West smiled at me... I know she was d***k but still with that kind of grin it must have meant something!

I decided not to dwell on it and went to bed. Where I started dreaming about both of them.

. . .

When I woke up I immediately went to the window to see if Julie was there. She wasn't so I decided to go take a showered and get dressed for our date. Getting out of the shower I got my pants on and needed to go back into my room to get a shirt.

Emily stopped me, "Going somewhere?"

Being that I was shirtless I felt kinda awkward talking to my younger s****r in the middle of the hallway. "Yeah, me and Julie-"

"Julie? What about her?"

"If you let me finish, we're going on a date." I didn't mean to tell her that, but she was making me frustrated. I froze in place when I ended my sentence.

A wicked grin stretched across her face, "So Jackson does have a girlfriend." She poked my chest and pushed me put the way, "So where you two going?"

"The park, now shut up, I need to finish getting dressed." Emily always found entertainment in torturing me, but not this time. I walked back upstairs and went into my closet. I pulled a shirt over my head and closed the closet. I looked at the window and what I saw shocked me.

Julie was just putting on clothes as well. She was just pulling up her shorts, bent over she didn't know I was looking at her panties from behind her. I complete forgot the mental note I gave myself yesterday, right now I was enjoying the view of her tight ass with just the thin material separating her naked body from my eyes.

I realized what I was doing and pushed my body up against the wall so I couldn't be seen. I continued to watch her get dressed as she pulled his shorts up. Next was her shirt, a low cute design white tee that hugged her body. She straightened her back and her perky tits were in full view, her bra shifted as she stretched her arms up.

She pulled her shirt down and straightened it. She walked out of her room and I could breathe easier now. I left my room and headed towards our living room. Upon entering I saw my f****y all turn and stare at me. I froze in place waiting for them to react first.

My dad broke the silence, "So my boy's growing up ah?" I couldn't move, I stood still as a rock realizing what they found out through Emily's big mouth.

My mother stood up and started walking towards me, "Jackson, we hear you're going on a date today."

I glared at Emily who was smiling at me. Sarah was sitting on her lap and she was starting to braid the little one's hair. Sarah and Ana were looking at me too but they didn't know what was really going on.

"Yeah, Julie and I are going to the park." I said adverting my eyes away from them. I started to take a few steps back, trying to avoid the awkward moment with my entire f****y.

"So it's true then." My dad whispered to himself as he turned to Emily and winked as if to say, 'thanks'.

I already had the 'talk' with my dad so I didn't need to worry about that but it was my mother that worried me. She still treats me like a k**, almost as if I was Sarah's age. "Honey, I want you to be safe. Don't do anything you wouldn't, make sure you and her came back home on time, and do not by any means try to impress her by trying to act cool." She said as she fixed my hair and straightened my shirt.

"Mom, I know! I'm not like others in my age, I'm not a idiot fumbling over my own hormones." I forgot my little s****rs were watching me and Sarah turned to me with a confused look. I saw Emily roll her eyes and whispered into Sarah's ear, 'Don't ask.' I saw her lips say.

"I know, but I want to make sure." My mother caressed my face and looked me in the eyes. "Don't be stupid!"

"I got it!" I freed myself from her hold and looked at the clock, 1:00 pm. I said goodbye and walked over to Julie's house.

I rang the doorbell and waited. The door suddenly swung open I looked up at Mr. West. His eyes were hidden by shadows, I thought I was scared by his voice but now... I'm terrified by him. Period.

"Jackson..." He put his large hand on my shoulder and he 'invited' me in by pulling me through the doorway. "I hear you want to date my daughter."

I gathered every bit of bravery and answered, "Yes, sir."

He walked away and headed towards the f****y room, his hands behind his back like a super villain. "I want some things to be clear." He took a seat and had his elbows on his knees and his hands held up to his chin. "Do not take advantage of her. Do not 'have your way' with her. Do not be the person that the father needs to kill for being stupid."

I was standing in front of him and could feel sweat beads rolling down my forehead. "Yes, sir. Understood completely." I could feel my knees get weak as I saw how serious he was.

"Good, now take a seat she isn't ready yet." I obeyed the order and sat down on the far side of the couch away from him.

Mrs. West came in and looked at how worried and scared I was. She took a seat next to me and gently put her hand on my arm that was resting on my leg. "How are you Jackson?"

"Good, thank you ma'am." I replied quickly.

She looked at Mr. West and back to me, "Jesus, honey, you scared the poor boy to death." Mr. West just shrugged as he looked at me and his wife. "It's ok Jackson, we called your parents earlier and we know how responsible you are." I managed to smile through my terrified state and turn to her. She was wearing a wonderfully tight black top with no sleeves expect a single string over each shoulder and a short black skirt that covered her thighs but relieved anything lower than that. Julie had appearance traits from both of them, her hair color came from her father because Mrs. West had dark shade of blonde hair that came down to her shoulders. But Julie and her mother shared everything else from body shape to facial features.

I decided to change the subject, "What time shoulder I have her home?"

Mr. West immediately answered, "By 3:00 and no later. If you are late there will be punishment for both you and her."

"Yes, sir." Right after I said that Julie appeared behind me.

"So, are you ready Jack." She said with a smile, I nodded in response. I stood up, but when I did Mrs. West's hand brushed against my thigh. I played it off like I didn't notice.

The father also stood up and walked in front of me, "Remember what I said Jackson."

With one more yes sir, We left and walked down the side walk heading towards the park.

"Sorry about my dad, he can be mean." She said and looked away like she was ashamed of him.

"He is... interesting. How is your mom be so kind and your father be so... that?" I still was in shock, I didn't even look at her to say in I stared at the ground stunned.

"I don't know, she speaks of him like he's a wonderful man." She sighed and looked me in the eyes. I stared back into her gorgeous green eyes. "Any way, have anything planned for us?"

I seen her blush as she asked me the question, "No, I'm kinda winging it from this point and on."

When we got to the park I looked around, a few people here and there but since I wasn't the most social person ever I found a spot near no-one. The spot looked over the lake and was in the shade of the trees. Taking a seat we both watched some birds hop around the edge of the water.

I looked over to her and she was playing with her hair. She turned to me and blushed again, "Do you often go to the park?"

"Sometimes, mostly with a few friends though." I could see how nervous she was and I loved the way she was trying to hide it. Playing with her hair, shifting around, and talking trying to make me not notice her blushing.

"How is it living with three s****rs?" I knew that was going to be asked since she already seen them and how Emily acts around me.

"Strange, the two younger one are nice but you seen their older s****r, Emily. Now she's the devil in our f****y." I looked over at her and smiled at the sight of her pulling back her hair into a ponytail. Her attention wasn't on me so I inched closer without her knowing.

After putting her hair in a tight ponytail she turned to me and leaned in, "Can I ask you something? It might be a bit personal."

I took a deep breath, "Ok, go ahead."

"Last night, I seen you got an erection." Feeling like I was smacked in the face I waited for her to ask the question. "Was it from my mom? Because I know she was being a bit naughty then, wine gets her horny and she wasn't being all that modest with you."

I looked at the ground and with a shaky voice I answered her honestly, "It was from both of you... Her acting like that and you letting her. I... I thought I was better than that, but it was just too much for me to handle."

She leaned in more, her forehead gently pressed against mine, I could even see a smile on her lovely face. "You're a guy, isn't normal for some one to be turned on by a sexy woman?"

"I got it from two sexy women, you were just as exciting to me as your mom was." I couldn't help it, I kissed her. Her sweet lips made contact with mine and locked in place. She jumped a bit but then she relaxed. When I put my hand on her leg I started rubbing her thigh. Sometimes I even tested my luck by putting my fingers under her shorts leg, touching her skin and seeing how close I was to her sweet virgin pussy.

She pulled away and whispered into my ear, "Yesterday, I opened my window blind again. What were you doing about when you thought I wasn't looking?"

Feeling a bit ashamed, I needed to tell her the truth. "I was thinking about you... while I masturbated." I didn't mean to whisper but I was because I didn't want her to really know.

"If it makes you feel better... I was thinking about you too." She put her hand in my crotch, my prick was only partly hard when she touched it. The small mound on my lap grew when she started rubbing her palm against it. "So I made you have this last night, did I?"

"Well... you and mother. The way she looked at it, I couldn't help it." I don't know why I was telling her this it sounded as if it was her mother that I got a hard on for.

"She was the reason I noticed your erection. I followed her eyes and I seen your big cock." My dick was fully erect now by her rubbing it and what we were talking about. "And don't think this is the first time I saw a guy drool over my mom. I am fully aware she is sexy."

I git curious and need to know, "Did she only look at me because she was d***k?" I wasn't sure if I wanted the answer but it would help me understand my position with her and her mom.

We continued whispering into each others ears though I don't know why, no one was watching us.

"I doubt it. One time I overheard my parents talking, she likes young men. But the wine probably helped, but she was definitely looking at your package." She stopped rubbing my dick and looked at it, "You do have a big one."

She bit her lower lip as she stared at my cock that was still hid behind my pants. I smiled when I knew what she was looking at, "So you watched me masturbate, it's only fair that I get to watch you now."

She averted her eyes from me, she was blushing a deep red, "But it's embarrassing." Her hands now lied in her lap and covered the front of her waist. "I don't think I could do it with some one watching."

I moved her hands away from herself, "What if I helped you?" My mind was talking without me knowing.

She looked back at me, "Help me?" I decided to not tell her, instead I showed her what I meant. I put my hand against her crotch and started moving in up and down, because she was fully dressed I could only tell by her reaction that I hit my target. She jumped and gasped as I started playing with her.

"See what I mean Julie?" I whispered as she quivered.

"Jack... I- warn me next time." She said as she leaned into me more. "Ok. I got it, just stop before you make me cum."

I pulled away my hand from her, I letting her collect herself before I said anything. "You made me hard and I made you wet. You let me finish you off and I'll let you finish me off."

She looked at me shock by what I said, "You want me to..." She looked at the mound on my waist before she continued, "Are you sure? I don't know what to do to your cock." She reached out and touched my cock again.

"Don't worry, I'll tell you what to do. Until then let me have some fun with you first." I inched closer to her and kissed her cheek.

She looked around to see if anyone was around, just to make sure no could watch us I told her about a clearing in the trees me and a few friends found. I held her hand as we walked to the clearing, our hands were a bit sweaty we were both nervous but for different reasons. I feared her father would rip my head off if I even said the word sex, and I'm guessing she was nervous because of what we were was going to do.

At the clearing she turned around to me, "What are you going to do?"

Leaning into her and replied, "Just relax and let me take my time with you." I walked behind her and wrapped my arm around her stomach. Lowering my hands I unbuttoned her shorts and undid the zipper. Feeling the lace panties as my finger rubbed the outside of them. Her panties were wet, I smiled knowing she was soaking because of my work. She moaned softly and was quivering.

"Oh God, Jackson." She moaned softly as I continued to rub her pussy through her panties. I kissed her on the neck and listened to her mew. My greedy hands moved to fill my lust, one hand went under her shirt and pulled it up until my hand was under her bra and was on her tit and the other slipped into her panties. Leaving nothing between my fingers and her pussy.

She put her hand on mine that was holding her breast in it, she made me grip it harder. Her nipple pressed against my palm and pinched it. My other hand, now touching her small fine pubic hairs, moved downward. So enough I could feel my fingers touch her tight pussy's lips, she gasped when I used two fingers to run down her pussy lips.

I stopped kissing her neck and looked at her, she had her eyes closed and biting her lower lip. I held her tight against me, my cock was pressed against her ass, her back on my chest, and her head tilted back resting on my shoulder.

Moving my fingers I ran down the length of her pussy. She shivered when I did and I used my fingers to separate the lips. Feeling two of my fingers enter her she gasped.

"How does it feel Julie?" I smiled as I listened to her sweet moaning and played with her wet pussy lips.

"It feels great, Jackson. Don't stop."

"I wasn't planning on stopping." I increased my speed, I pinched her nipple once more upon feeling how hard they were I went on masturbating her. After a few short moments I started rubbing her clitoris she went crazy for it. Her body tensed up and she moaned loudly.

"Fuck. Jackson, I don't think I can take any more." With her head tilted back on my shoulder she turned to me and looked at me, letting her see my lust hungry eyes.

"I know." I leaned in and kissed her. I could tell by her squirming body, her muscles tightening, and how much she was moaning that she was nearing orgasm. I played with her clitoris until she suddenly jolted, tightening her hold on my wrists she made me speed up. She would've been screaming if she hadn't f***ed herself not to.

"Jackson... I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" I looked at her and smiled, kissing her once more she tensed up and let go of me. Her body went limb and leaned on me, I slowed down still leaving my fingers rub her cunt. "Oh..." She mewed softly as I slowly continued to use my fingers to pleasure her.

I put my head against her's, "So, did that feel good Julie?" I was teasing her by pinching her nipple and I pulled my fingers out of her panties. I looked at her pussy juices on my fingers, she came on me and I smiled at the fact.

"It felt great. So, I take care of this now do I?" Reaching behind herself she placed a hand on my erected cock that was sticking straight out poking her in the ass. "This is for me, right?"

"You bet." She spun around, her breasts pressed against my chest as she looked me in the eyes. She lowered herself to her knees and even with my pants on my erection was pointing forward at her. She moved her hands up and unbutton my front, pulling down my pants to my knees she was surprised that my boxers could barely contain my fully erected cock.

She slipped her finger under the waistband of my shorts and pulled them down a bit. When my dick nearly smacked her in the chin she looked at it then looked up at me. "This is my first time dealing with a guy's... you know."

Brushing a strand of hair out of her face, "Julie, you watched me masturbate right? Just stroke it like you watched me do, put your hand around it and it should be easy to figure out what to do next." She nodded and wrapped her fingers around the shaft and slowly moved her hand around my cock.

She still had her shirt pulled over her breasts and her perky tits were a beautiful sight to behold as she jerked me off. "Is this what you mean?" I nodded to answer. She looked up at me and I stared back into her green eyes. She changed her attention at my cock head, "Can I do anything else?"

I smiled at her, "What you're doing now is perfect, just do that for a while."

"Can you not look at me like that, it's embarrassing." She blushed as she inched closer, she was talking about my lust fueled eyes.

I placed my hand on the back of her head and caressed her, "Oh, don't be like that. I'm only enjoying this moment as much as I can." She went on slowly rubbing my cock in front of herself. I wasn't a virgin but sex wasn't the main thing on my mind 24/7 but I naturally lasted a generally longer time compared to others my age.

She looked up at me, "Are you sure I can't do anything else for you?" Her hands were enough to make me cum but the thought of her wanting to pleasure me more was more erotic than anything I could imagine. But then Mrs. West's sexy body entered my dirty mind, but I snapped back to reality where it was Mrs. West's daughter that was wanting to please me.

"If I lie down and you lie down on top of me that way could we can cum together." I was talking about the sixty-nine position.

"What?!" Her grasp suddenly tightened on my dick, "I'm a virgin! I don't want to lose it yet!" She thought I was taking about her on top of me riding my cock in some 'cow-girl' position.

I jumped when my cock was suddenly crushed by her. "Let go!" When she let go of my cock I took my time to explain, "Not like that, you can keep your virginity. I want you to lie on top of me with your thighs around my head. This way I can make you orgasm again and you can finally make me cum."

She let out a deep breathe, "Ok, I see. But what will you use to make me cum?"

I leaned in, "I'll lick ya till I get what I want." My stuck out my tongue and licked my lips thinking about how sweet she's going to be. She looked at me with the look of surprise and curiosity.

Next thing I knew I was lying on the ground and was looking up at her. She had taken off her shorts, shirt, and even her underwear. Since I was on the ground I had my pants on but my cock was out and waited for her, I took my shirt off too so when she did have her orgasm it wouldn't leave anything on it that looked suspicious.

She looked down at me, "Ok... so, we're really going to do this?" She got lower to me and she leaned closer to my cock.

Putting me head in between her thighs I smiled, "I know I'm going to enjoy this, and so are you." I wrapped my arms around her legs, seemingly locking her in place. After a silent moment she lied down on my body, her stomach on my chest and vice versa. She was the first one to do anything by wrapping her fingers around my cock and started to jerk me off again.

I teased her by using my fingers first and touched her swollen pussy lips. She shivered, "No fair, you already did that-!" She gasped when I licked her pussy lips without warning. She began rubbing my shaft again and used her other hand's finger tips to massage my cock head. I licked her once more, this time I retracted my tongue so I could taste her previous orgasm. She was sweet, wonderfully sweet.

She stopped for some reason. I stopped too, wanting to know why she stopped rubbing my cock. "Jackson, what if I sucked your cock?"

"Then I died and gone to heaven." She giggled and turned back to my dick. She leaned in and stuck out her tongue, just a little bit, and licked the length of my shaft. I tensed up, I was silent for a minute then I immediately was filled to the brim with lust. "Now, let's stop teasing each other. Go ahead do what you want, I'll make sure I get what I want."

She placed her lips on my cock head, kissing it and licking the tip. I lifted my head and pressed my tongue to her cunt. I was enjoying having my cock cared for as I tasted her.

She put her hand on the base of my dick and got it closer to her mouth. She put her lips around the tip, feeling the warmth of her mouth I started to enjoy this position more and more. She used her tongue and licked the tip of my cock, licking off the precum that builded up when she was rubbing me off

Feeling the warmth of her mouth I moaned. She heard me and knew she was doing everything right. I knew at this pace I would cum before she did, I put my tongue into her pussy hearing her almost gasp loudly I moved my tongue up and down in her.

She started bobbing her head as she sucked on my cock's head, she started going deeper every time she bobbed her head. I closed my eyes and continued to lick her sweet pussy and I loved every second of it. She pulled off my cock and moaned, "Jackson, you need to slow down. I want to be awake when you cum at least."

I pulled my tongue out, "Sorry Julie, you just taste so good. I can barely control myself." I lifted my head again and this time I licked her clitoris, she quivered as I licked her in her sensitive organ. "And I love how you react when I do this." I licked her clitoris again and watched her shake.

"Please, stop doing that. You're going to make me cum before I get to see yours." She returned to sucking my cock again. When she did I noticed how tight she made her lips, she was trying to make me orgasm before she did. She was doing a great job though. I moaned when she used her tongue again, soon she was trying to deep throat me. Gagging on my cock she pulled off and coughed, "Jesus, you're big!" I took that as a compliment.

She tried to do it again but with the same results. "Julie, you're doing great. You don't need to choke yourself." I raised my head and began licking her pussy lips.

"Jack, if you keep this up... I might never see you cum." I didn't listen to her, I continued to torture her with my tongue. She squirmed and wiggled but I held onto her legs and kept her right where I wanted her to be. "Jackson... Don't stop, please don't stop!" She shouted at me. I licked her pussy lips, plunged my tongue into her cunt, and even played with her clitoris.

She couldn't stay still long enough to play attention to my pleasure needs. But what I was doing to her was enough to make any normal person my age to ejaculate, I don't know how, but I was still erect and still wanted to cum on her.

I could feel her tense up, she was near cumming but I was still going at her in full f***e. She stopped even trying to make me cum now, she straightened her back and was sitting on her knees letting my head rest in between her thighs. She was grabbing her own breasts and pinching her nipples. I closed my eyes thinking about how she was playing with herself as I pleasured her.

"I'm cumming! I think I'm having my climax already!" She placed her hands on my torso just to hold herself up. With one more plunge into her cunt with my tongue she quivered as she orgasmed and went limb on top of me. She got off of my head and she moved down my body until she sat on my stomach, she didn't weigh much so it didn't hurt when she sat on me.

I licked my lips and tasted her pussy juices. "Julie, I can't believe you taste so fucking good." I was savoring the sweet taste while looking at her glistening body from behind. Her ass was beautiful from my view and her body was perfectly shaped, much like her mothers.

"Jackson, that was great. But I never seen you cum." She looked over her shoulder at me, she was red faced and looked exhausted.

"Yeah, sorry. But I lost control, I wanted to pleasure you more than me." I supported myself on my elbows to look at her more clearly.

"And you did," she leaned back and recline on my chest. "but still... I couldn't make you finish." She actually sounded sad about it.

I whispered into her ear, "I'm closer to cumming than you think. I just wanted to tease you longer." I kissed her cheek and whispered again, "Just make sure I don't cum on you, of your dad sees anything that even looks like cum he will rip my head off with his teeth."

She bent down and started jerking me off, hearing my moaning she smiled. I was staring at her ass as she was bending over to touch my throbbing cock. She wiggled her ass, knowing I was watching it.

"Julie, I'm cumming. Make sure I cum away from you-" She lowered her head and locked her lips around my cock. She started blowing me and I moaned loudly as I started to empty my load in her mouth, hitting the back of her throat. She tightened her lips and began milking my cock of my semen, drinking my cum every time I pumped another load into her mouth. She continued to suck my cock until I stopped cumming, while my cock was in her mouth she spun around to be on her knees in between my legs.

Looking me in the eyes she swallowed what was left. She lifted her head off my cock and opened her mouth to prove it was empty. Using her finger she wiped a small spot of cum of her lip and sucked on her finger till she couldn't taste my cum any more.

"So... thats what your cum tastes like. Bittersweet." She looked me in the eyes, I was a bit surprised by her actions. "Let's get dressed, maybe my dad wont kill you." She pointed at my watch, it was 3:15, I was supposed to have her home at 3:00.

After getting dressed we hurried to her house. I rang the doorbell and waited for a shotgun blast to the chest. Hearing footsteps I sealed my eyes closed, I took a deep breathe and waited for death to open the door. Once the knob rattled I opened my eyes, I wanted to stare the devil in the face when I die. But no demon opened the door, nope.

Just a sexy woman in a lovely black short skirt. Mrs. West leaned against the doorway with the door opened, her face red and the really faint smell of good wine. One of her shoulder straps was off her shoulder and made the top show a bit more cleavage.

"Oh sweetie, daddy forgot he had to work today." He hiccuped and giggled, Mrs. West turned to me next. "Chris is a truck driver, he wont be home for the while week or more. Come on in you two." She turned around and lead us towards the f****y room, I tried to not stare at her perfectly round ass bounce as she walked. "Sorry that I'm a bit tipsy you two, just make yourself comfy."

Julie went into the bathroom to clean up leaving me the only one in the f****y room because Mrs. West went to get another glass of wine. I waited there with my hand on my lap waiting for either of them.

Mrs. West stumbled in the room, no wine in her hand but she looked like she had enough already. She took a seat next to me, "Have fun?"

I smiled, "Yes, ma'am." I thought of what happened today and by remembering that caused my cock to start rising again, right in front of Mrs. West.

I tried to cover it by she already seen it, she moved my hands and looked at the mound building on my crotch. She placed her hand on my growing cock and smiled, "Looks like you really enjoyed today."

I hide my face in the shadow of my hair, "Sorry ma'am, I'm really sorry. It will never happen again." I blushed a deep red.

"Jackson, don't be sorry. It's natural, besides.., the way Julie was smiling at you, she enjoyed it too." She leaned on my arm as she talked.

I tried to hide my face more, "No I didn't! We didn't do anything!"

She let go of my erection and caressed my face, making me look into her eyes. "Don't lie Jackson. I'm her mother, I know her more than anyone. If she's happy, I'm happy." I was sure it was the wine talking but I loved her paying this much attention she was giving me.

I stared into her emerald eyes and said the truth, "She still has her virginity, ma'am. You don't need to worry about that."

She leaned into my ear, "Let's hope it stays that way until you two are married."

"You want me to-" I went into shock.

She got up and stood in front of me, "If you do take her virginity before your married, just tell me. I might even help you two." She leaned in to me, letting my eyes look down her shirt and see her erect nipples. "I find you kinda hot k**, I seen that hard on yesterday. You were watching me weren't you."

I blushed a even deeper red, "Yes ma'am."

I am damn sure the wine took control of her. She leaned in more and hooked her finger over the top of her shirt, she pulled it down and her tits popped out. "You wanted these didn't you?"

I nodded in response, I couldn't think of the words to say to her. Both me and Mrs. West jumped when Julie walked in, "Mom! Jackson!"

... "Sweetie, I can explain..."
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1 month ago
oh that was so hot.....gave me a raging hard on as it so reminded my of my first time when I was 17 and my g/f was 16 and so totally CUTE and HOT.

Part 2 please....especially since it is obvious Jackson is going to get it on with mom and Julie, probably mom showing Julie how to fuck Jackson by watching mom and Jackson first.
1 month ago
awesome!!! sure hope there is part 2!!!!
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Part 2 and more please...!!!
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This was amazing..need part 2
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can't wait for the 2nd installment
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I love it, I can't wait for part 2!
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mmm...great story! more installments? please?
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Part 2 please