Exclusive Doggy Fwb’s

I sent him a message on a meeting site...

I did so cuz his profile said his Gemini and sex with same sign was on to do’s list. We first met not long after chatting to eat chicken then straight to his place. We began trying every position we could find for deep penetration. He took me doggy, we stayed on doggy, he fuked me on same position during 48hrs. We slept 6hrs in-between. He fucked me so hard, I loved it and seemed he would never let go. He never stopped fucking me only when his cock would accidently run out my pussy we would take 2-3 minute breaks then back on my 4’rs. My mind was sayin tell him to stop then switched to “you craved it, wished it then shut up and take it”. He loves my butt on this position; I go wild on his cock sliding in and out my pussy.

We had not slept for hours and it was early Sunday morning. I proposed we go for breakfast and he said as long as we cum back so he can continue to fuck me same way. We went for the best pancakes in town.

Back to his place, I voluntary put myself on my 4’rs, on bed for him to start fucking me again. I would use my vibrator let it still on my clit and let it rub while his was banging my pussy. My orgasms were so intense, my body would by itself leap forward while he would hold my hips to continue fucking under my orgasms. I say I’ve been fucked 42 straight hours mostly doggy on a first encounter.

Back home I slept 18 hours still under body shivering, make nipples hard aftershocks...Tibias letting me know they exist.

We met a second time and both agreed this time we are not doing 48 but a reasonable quicky would be satisfying for both. His quickies lasted 4 hours still we kept doggy. He fucks me hard, slow touching where I can cum when he plays with my erogenous zone that is my center back line from upper neck to my clitoris.

Our third encounter consisted of a full night of mutual masturbation, masturbating each other, kissing, touching, frottage of his penis on my pussy and clit while he lies down on my back, sucking. I 1st time experienced this


So sweet I define it as Doggy FWB’s
75% (5/1)
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1 year ago
Don't most some wan to get fucked just like this? I know I do!!!
2 years ago
very hot story