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I’ve been talking to a male friend from another social network and 1 day we conversed more then usual. We live in the same country opposite coasts. I find him virtually sexy. Mid 30’s, Caucasian and English speaking = 2 requisites for me because 1- the opposite skin color is a killer stimulation when skin to skin contact is done while fucking, let alone peeking at little drops of sweat running on our skins when hardly fucking. 2- I make love in English.

I’m wondering if a man’s stamina in his mid 30’s is close or far away from the burning testosterone symptoms from men in their 40’s. Those in 40’s have a hormonal act-up that I find hyper sexy btw that makes them fuck almost nonstop like rabbits. When they’re under those symptoms that is when I think they are the most delicious.

So, I’m explaining to the sexy k**do that I never ever came when being orally taken care of and he seemed surprised. As we went on in our discussion, he mentioned my stories being intense, wanting to experience intimacy with an ebony woman and also found his little sweet name for me. I’m his Canadian Chocolat.

Not being certain if his sexy-ly dirty as I am, I started reading his stories and got excited. As usual at one point thru the provoked stimulation, I started feeling those automatic and resilient in and out waves inside my cunt and the surrounding of my pussy lips. He surely has his trademark for words that makes my mind, my thoughts, everything including my neurons run like food in a mixer for a purée.

I left my pc for a few hours for diner and came back. I found such arousing messages from him that my mind again switched on horny mode. Following another conversation, I let him know I’ll be absent for appx. 30 minutes that turned out to be 1hr. The sexy gringo had me 1st time in my life masturbate in my car. I felt so horny while driving and thinking of him, I sensed my snatch burning on fire with a clit quivering as if I was tangibly rubbing my palm fingers on it.

My Vag insisted on being rubbed, stroked, gently massaged then rubbed again, rubbed and continuously rubbed. See, missy my clit has the habit to think on her own without consultation or negotiation. I can be extra super duper, on the highest pole of wanting to fuck and when masturbating she won’t burst.

The masturbation in the car was bizarre, fun, exciting, a rush, scary although in the dark, I thought I was sick, crazy, needed counseling, everything was running in my mind. I even started thinking about those who are voyeurs. Gosh people, not sure it’s healthy but who gives a fuck, it was fun. Being seated with pants, my hand wouldn’t reach my total surface clit for a fast speed rub relief. I had a hard time opening my pussy lips to have full access so I decided to open up my legs a little more. I tried to keep 2 fingers standing up on car chair gives under my pussy, sit on them and run my hips. I finally entered them inside my cunt and at same time was able to massage the whole surface of my clit with my upper hand palm. I held my clit tight while moving my fingers inside to feel vibes on both cunt and clit.

The nervousness of the experience, the nasty side of doing it, the sitting position, the rubbing while fingering, being my 1st experience, the feeling felt on my tummy, in my slit all mixed together created such an intense adrenaline rush felt inside my whole body but it was not an orgasm.

Fucking nasty, crazy, sick or joyful? Not fucking sure anymore but the feeling on my clit and panocha felt simultaneously was amazing. I did not let any orgasm erupt and still felt my pussy pumped with energy excitement waiting to be released hours later. That was on a second day I went out and forgot to buy my vibrator.

Oh I’ve not mention that when I was writing this story for my friend, temporary halts were needed for self care.

I went back out for another 30 minutes. The story mentioned that If I found myself masturbating again, I would be back to dial 911 for a bootie call treatment.

It was late at night, so up I left to finish what I have started in my car. My masturbation experience is detailed in my Curved Pussy Strokes story.
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