Curved Pussy Strokes - Part 2 - Brain Buzz

I Love Being Naughty

Sugar Luv, I wanted to share with you that last night with all the pussy and clit stimulation done in my car, I blew up. No, I mean I literally exploded while undertaking my final touch in bed. I teased my puss and stopped. I fingered her then stopped, I rubbed her and my clit altogether then stopped. I repeated that all evening last night while chatting with you.

Before going to bed, I made sure to have handy all I would need for my stimulation. (I keep forgetting to buy my dildo) I covered my whole self under the cover and placed my body on favorite position that is doggie and put my side head on pillow. I used an item (prefer to tell you privately what it is) and started rubbing altogether my clit, my fuzzy lips, my cunt and part of my anus.

The object was medium long, medium thick and perfectly curved. The curved aspect made the experience juicy, thrilling, powerful and exquisite. While on knees doggie, I placed the arched facade in-between the entry line of my cunt, just a bit for both lips to feel surrounded. I used soft pressure as if I’m teasing my pussy entry. When I taunt that middle part of my vag, I feel a deep delightful tickle sensation as my pussy lips are pumping bl**d. That's signal for preparation to several blast-off mega orgasms. The length of object fitted starting on my upper clit all the way to my middle anus.

I started softly stroking with the object to let my slit adapt perfectly to it. Once adjusted, fuck...I started feeling my wet lips caressing the thing. I loved the feeling and immediately started moving my hips back and front rubbing the whole curved surface from my clit to anus. The more my lips would embrace the object, the more my entry pussy would pump intense in and out waves. The out wave couldn’t totally puff-out because the object was blocking both my holes and so I would feel the energy waving back up inside my body. It went as far as to feel it in my throat. Fuck, I was on fire. Moments I would be so excited, I would loose control of toy object and started talking to you saying “Honey, hold it that side and press hard towards that way You can also put pressure on my anus hole” As I did what I wanted, I moaned hard on my pillow as climax was building-up.

At that exact time, you were probably fucking hard, stroking yourself thinking I’m taking care of you and writing stories at the same time. My hony-ness responses to your thoughts, your writings, your touch, your stokes, your licks and specially the way you fuck-bang my cunt from behind.....Gosh

You fucked me last night. You fucked me hard babe. You fucked my clit; you drove my pussy entry and ass simultaneously by rubbing your penis on them. I loved it. I know you did it because I felt something really hard teasing my cunt. I tried to plant the object in my pussy that was craving you deep inside me. Sorry we couldn’t totally put it all within...

I forgot to tell you, I have a dessert flavour and tight pussy. My honey hole is skin-tight; she’s firm and profound. She’s hot and on fire. She’s also stubborn now and then. Her main desire is to entirely body-hug with your beautiful cock. She’s full of bliss and for her to adapt to your solid hard dick, you’ll have to exert yourself on her somehow sweetheart.

I rubbed, massaged, stopped, stroked and rubbed again and again. I did it in different ways, used different paths on my clit and cunt. I even used different speed. I moved my hips back and front, slow and fast to deeply feel the stroke polishing both my lips and inside entry pussy. Sweetheart I saw you in my mind’s eye and you’re cock perfectly adapted to the under space of my pussy stroking my clit with the top of your penis. You blew my mind away. You took over moving your hips and started rubbing again and again for me to fully feel the blast. The sensation was intense and amazing. (Fuck my pussy is shivering while writing this).

You stroked and teased kitty so hard that you initiated multi-orgasms that all appeard at the same time, traveling my whole body simultaneously, I felt them numerously inside my cunt, my tummy, my tits, my butts shaking while others where pumping my anus. Then my clit would grow several other orgasms all felt together.
I was unable to count them. I wanted to concentrate on the feeling instead. That way, the blasts lasted so long that at the final end I got out of breath, laid down on bed and still felt my pussy pumping in and out as you were still fucking me. Your intention was to fuck me untill I felt numb. I did and still you kept on driving me.

A 3rd thing you made me experience for the 1st time that is under the multi-blasting orgasms, I felt some of them coming from my breast. I’ve tried having orgasms thru breast stimulation but never succeeded. Thanks for giving me this powerful sensation.

You puffed my clit; you stimulated my anus and knocked out my cunt till she blasted multi-orgasms. You fucked me like an expert baby xxx

I want you to copy and paste the link on Google and watch the lesbian's tribbing their pussies. It makes my pussy so horny I’m off baby again self caring with you on my mind rubbing my cunt.
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