Multi Packs

Sometimes my org’asms come in Multi called Packs. They appear all in line, in queue, one after the other as if there was no tomorrow.

Once my clitoris pleasingly aroused, my pu’ssy lips along with the cl’it begins to quiver and starts to boost up energy.

When I start looking at my partner straight in his eyes either while he or I am stimulating my upper va’gina by way of variant movement pace, my body starts fuelling untill it can’t hold then boom......erupts orgasm #1. I surely take pleasure in how profound the sensation is felt from my neck down to my spine.

By the time I’ve rolled my eyes back to make deeper the sensation and let my partner know how good it feels...Orgasm #2 was already on its way. By then, my body’s sensitivity strongly absorbs any touch, any kiss or strokes.

Once the second orgasm reaches peak, the third had already emerged and my body powerfully reacts to these explosive org’asms appearing in queue. Under the effects of the 5th or 6th, my mind can’t tell if they occur in singles or multi packs.

That is the moment where outburst happens and nothing seems to exist beside the present pleasure your mind, body and soul feels. You controlling my body become your duty as it will shake, shiver and move all sides and will likely fall away. The eruptions can reach approximately 15-20 orgasms

The 69 with benefits position or fucking on my favorite Doggie style position is sweet.

88% (8/1)
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