Nursing My Cunt

My Styles

Faucet's great. I lie on my back on my bed, spread my legs and use one finger on my clit and wiggle it from side to side until I cum. It's really great.

2-Inner lips
I start by slowly stroking my clit....enough to get myself just a bit wet...then slowly stroke my inner lips, letting my fingers slide down the sides of my lips....then back over my clit and back down the's amazing.

With my index and middle finger of my left hand, I pull up my labia to expose the hood of my clit to make it pop out. I dip a finger from my right hand in my juice for lubrication. Very gently flick my lubed finger back and forth across the head of my clit. I use horizontal, vertical and circular strokes.

4-Spread Wide
When I'm horny, I lie on my bed, slide my panties down and spread my legs as far as I can. I take my right hand middle finger slide it on and rub my clit. Sometimes I move it up and down fast like someone is lic’king my clit, sometimes I just massage it fast. I arch my back a little and the org’asm is amazing!

5-Press here
I take my index and middle finger and press it against one of the lips of my pussy.

I press against that one lip waiting to feel a nice pressure on clit and then start slowly rubbing my clit with palm of fingers together with squeezing lips slowly in circular movements. I slow down to exhale and touch my body.

I then rub my clit in a really fast left and right movement and I get orgasm’s in seconds! This is the exact Clit stimulation that switches-on my multi-org’asmic eruptions (See Multi Pack story)

Sometimes I imagine a guy licking me while I’m having my orgasms and it makes easier for me to reach the highest peak of climax

I don't know what it is that makes that wonderful sensation, but I definitely like that instead of only rubbing my cl’it with my fingers. It’s an intense tease.

6-Simply the best

I usually get myself wet just by fantasizing about having Sex in lots of different scenarios and positions and then when I can feel my wetness through my panties, I take them off. I like to rest my fingers in my wetness for a moment and then drag them up my clit. It's so warm and slick. Then I play with my clit and finger myself at the same time.

I rub my clit in circular motions or sometimes barely touch it over and over until I orgasm. Playing with my clit is the best way to orgasm.
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9 months ago
I like using my index and ring finger to gently pull up and spread your labia, making your clit exposed. That leaves my middle finger free to flick and tease your clit. And I still have another hand free for... whatever! :)
3 years ago
that. was. hot.
3 years ago
Great descriptions ! Give me a lot of ideas...
3 years ago
hope you dont mind if i copy and stick this info
3 years ago
God I love this. You are a fucking artiste, so to speak.
3 years ago
Hmm...I would nurse on your cunt like a hungry baby nursing on a nipple...yummm
3 years ago
Just love the thought of you using these techniques .. had very erotic thought of you doing each .. xx