My Sin

Chapter 1

I wonder how many other women spend as much time as I do fantasizing about sex during their work day. Although this is frequent and I often fear my boss will come to my desk and realize my chest is red hot and I am out of breath from the mere thought of a throbbing hard cock being thrust into me -this does not occur as much as I would like. Sometimes the mundane facts of life and a busy day take up too much of my time and thoughts. So much time taken away from my passion, from the man I love, is a sin. I was raised with the idea that “impure thoughts” were a sin. But I assure you, if there is such a thing as sin, the act of repressing these natural desires is the ultimate sin. One should never restrain or deny oneself from sexual pleasures. In fact, if my lover were to be aware that my sexual desires had become repressed or unattended to, he should punish me. And I have been punished.


Chapter 2


It must have seemed like an eternity since we shared an erotic text messaging session or a discussion about our fantasies. Hell, since the last time we had sex. In reality it had been about 2 weeks. Still, far too long in my book. I am ashamed to admit that I had committed the ultimate sin. I had repressed my sex drive and let work, c***d, f****y, etc fill my mind. Only short occasional thoughts had crossed my mind and when they did, I failed to take two minutes out of my day at the office to send a message reminding him how much I desired him. After 2 weeks of near abstinence, he made sure I was clearly reminded of my desire, and his.  

It was Wednesday evening and I was looking forward to getting home and relaxing on the couch for a while. This was the one week day where my daughter was gone and I could actually take a bit to decompress. Feeling exhausted and drained from the day, I stopped and picked up take out for dinner. No sense in cooking tonight, I needed a break. It felt wonderful slipping my heels off the second I walked in the door. Dropping my purse and packaged dinner on the kitchen counter gave the confirmed feeling that the day was finally through. Little did I expect what was to happen next.

He must have waited until he heard my purse and keys hit the counter. Then he came up behind me so suddenly that he gave me a start. Suddenly the little buttons on my blouse are bouncing everywhere, my shirt ripped clean off. I see the buttons fall to the floor around my feet and feel his strong arms grab me by the waist. I cannot see him as he picks me up and flings me over his shoulder. I am thrown down face first on the bed as he rips at my stockings. I feel my head lifted backwards and my nylons then being wrapped around my face, going into my mouth and then over my eyes. My skirt is then pulled off with one quick motion. It is dark. I am now coming to my senses and feeling so completely vulnerable. In a matter of seconds, I am bent over the edge of the bed, topless, my ass in the air and unable to see or speak.

He turns me over, takes my hands and places them on his body. He moves my hands where he wants them. He glides them over his arms, his chest, his firm stomach and down to his cock. Oh, how all the repressed desires came rushing back to me! I wanted more, to feel all of him, to taste him. I felt like I had never wanted something so desperately in my life. Every fiber of my being was reaching out to him.

But he grabbed my arms, folded them behind my back and tied them tight. Oh, what misery this is! I began to squirm, writhing and trying to find a way out. I was able to stand up but only for a second. He pushed me back down again. I was now lying on my stomach, face to the floor. He pulled the remaining length of rope that was tied to my wrists and tied it around my ankles. I am completely helpless. At this point, I felt that I had been taught a lesson. Ok, I thought. Let me up now. Let me love you, let me feel you all over me and feel your body penetrate mine. I laid there unable to move, unable to speak or even see. The minutes passed and nothing happened. I soon realized that I was being punished for my sin. I was being taught a lesson… and it had only just begun.


Chapter 3


It must have been 15, 20 maybe even half an hour before I felt his presence in the room again. Just knowing he was there elated me. My body tensed in anticipation of what may happen next. After lying naked on the floor for so long, I had become quite chilled. He came close, the heat from his body radiating like a fire. I craved to feel the warmth of his hands on my flesh. But he did not even grant me this humble wish. Instead I felt a slick, slim, hard object slowly being pushed into my ass. My body shuddered as I felt heaven and agony all at once. He pushed it into place and it stayed there. Snug in my ass. I then felt the tip of a falic object gently begin to touch the outer lips of my pussy. Without a thought, I felt my body pushing towards it as much as I could. My movement was small due to my constraints, but noticeable. Then a sudden smack across my ass cheek! Ok, I thought. I am not allowed to move. My vulnerability had reached a level I had never experienced before. The mix of fear, desire, pain and pleasure was nearly unbearable. My senses seemed to be working on overdrive. I could feel the very air caressing my skin. The smell of the carpet against my face, the lube he had used to slide this device into my ass. Finally, after a minute or so he resumed slowly touching my pussy the tip of the dildo. I dared not flinch. I was at ease now, expecting a slow, gentle entry. He shoved the dildo into my pussy so quickly my body lurched forward. But he grabbed my restraints and pulled me back towards him. Then thrusting this false cock in and out of me at such speed and f***e I began to whimper. The dildo was pulled out quickly and pounded back in again and again. After this was repeated several times, he pulled it out and left me there. Again I was left on the floor, not a word was spoken and I felt his presence leave the room.


To my relief, this time he came back after only a minute or two. My stockings were removed from my mouth, yet kept over my eyes. I took a deep, grateful breath. As I opened my mouth for another gasp of air, he pulled my mouth open and placed the dildo he just fucked me with into my mouth. The taste of my pussy covered my tongue. Saliva slowly began to drip to the back of my throat as I struggled to swallow. I want his cock in my mouth. I want it to be his cock that was fucking me. He knows what I want. He has made sure that I will never forget how much I desire him. I have only felt his skin once this entire time, as he smacked me across the ass. Ok, let me love you now. Let me feel your flesh against mine. Instead I feel my own stocking being wrapped around my head again, the dildo covered in my juices being f***ed to stay in my mouth. I begin to drool as the ability to swallow becomes even more difficult, the tip of this false cock tickling the back of my throat. I remember the last time I savored his cock in my mouth, how I pushed it all the way down my throat until I couldn’t breathe. What bliss! Oh, how I craved him so much more! Please touch me. Please.

He left me there. I am really unsure now how long it was. It could have been 5 minutes or 20 minutes. My mouth filled with the taste of my own pussy, unable to swallow, drooling into a puddle under my cheek, my ass filled and my pussy aching. Finally I felt his hands on my flesh, reaching under my stomach and lifting me so that my stomach was no longer touching the floor. His hands slowly made their way to my breasts as he began to rub my nipples, giving them slight pinches and flicks. He began moving his hands all over my body, warming and soothing me. The butt plug he had first inserted was gently removed. He un-wrapped my stockings from around my eyes and my mouth, letting the dildo drop to the floor. My restraints were untied and I was laid on my back, letting my body rest and stretch. Only at this point did I realize how much pain I was in from having been in such a position for so long. My eyes fell on his naked body, the pain seemed to vanish and my desire for him came rushing back again. He was standing above me, looking down approvingly. I slowly sat up, reached my hands out and felt every inch of his body. Relishing in what I had missed for so long. I slid his cock into my mouth and began to slide it in and out with increasing speed. He moaned with pleasure and it was clear he had missed this just as much as I had. We switched positions and he laid down so I could hover over him, sliding his cock into my wet pussy. I was throbbing and the feel of him inside of me was pure ecstasy. I began to ride him, faster and faster, rubbing my swollen clit until I came with a scream. My body shaking so intensely I felt I could hardly move. He pulled me to him, held me tight and began fucking me hard and fast until he could take no more and came, pulling his cock out and shooting his hot cum all over my ass as he groaned.

My sin was resolved.
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