The Life and Times of Bambu

This is not a story for everyone. It is a little weird, it is Freudian, it is a perverse sexual satire of a young woman's life. This story is darker than I had originally conceived it to be, and strays far from the source material it was inspired by. I got the idea from a video I saw on the xHamster homepage earlier this evening. Because I believe in giving credit where credit is due, here is the link to the video:
I posted a quickly written draft version of this story in the comments section, before I realized it was an idea worth expanding, revising. As such, I think of it as an inferior, less erotic, and shorter copy of the version you are now (figuratively) holding in your hands.
As always, comments, questions and suggestions are welcome.


Bambi grew up motherless and alone, with only an imaginary friend to keep her company throughout her lonely c***dhood. She never really had any close friends, never really sought the attention of her classmates and co-workers. The few friends she had never knew her very well, rarely saw her outside of a school or work setting. Only one or two ever knew of her imaginary companion, who Bambi claimed, once she had them promise never to tell, took the form of a blue-grey bunny with a pink nose and suffered from painful leg spasms.

At some point in her teen years, no longer a sweet and innocent fawn, she came to understand that she had named her imaginary bunny "Thumper" as a result of her long-suppressed and repressed sexual appetite, the product of a strictly conservative upbringing. Her father, a prominent stag in the community and the chairman of the forest council, meant well. Although he was rarely at home to spend time with his daughter (a forest doesn't manage itself, after all), he did his best to provide his only offspring with only the best. Bambi went to the most exclusive schools, wore the most fashionable spring pelts and winter furs, was given anything she asked for.

But such a life was not what Bambi desired. Tired of her sheltered and privileged life, she dropped out of school, moved out of her father's house. With only a primary education, she worked multiple jobs during the day and slept in the homes of friends, co-workers, or whatever buck she was "dating" at the time. Living on her own, Bambi had no need for her imaginary companion Thumper any more. No longer under her father's watchful conservative eye, Bambi let her sexual urges take over, let them run free and unrestricted whenever she had the opportunity.

By the time she left her teenage years, she had been with more bucks than she could keep count of, bucks of all sizes and sexual proclivities. Bucks with laughably small antlers, some of whom did more than make up for their antler size with their passion and enthusiasm, others whose small antlers were matched by premature ejaculation and inability to maintain hardness. She'd been with bucks so big she felt as if she would be split in two, bucks with huge antlers but so satisfied with their size that they did nothing but lay there and made her do all the work.

She had been with a buck who had a fetish for licking her dirty hooves. One buck who, when she refused to urinate on him, pissed all over himself, tasting it on his fur as his hot seed added to the mess. A buck who loved being a slave to her, who would moan in twisted pleasure as she strapped on a small log and mounted him. Another buck who, after a week of sl**ping together, asked if she would gain weight for him, admitting he had a thing for large females. Bambi had been with a number of bucks with wanted to take her in her "virgin" ass (she had lost her anal virginity early on in her sexual exploration phase, but never had the heart to tell those "virgin ass-lovers"). She was always a little disappointed that the number of times she had enjoyed being mounted in the ass was less than the number of bucks who'd done it to her.

Her longest relationship had lasted only months, and she eventually broke it off when her buckfriend, named Faline, increasingly enjoyed watching her get fucked by another "stud." He would sit patiently, never taking his eyes off the bull-sized cock ravaging her pussy, and when the stud finished inside her, he would clean up the messy liquid aftermath from out of her bitter-sweet and salty hole. Bambi was fine with occasionally getting fucked by a darker buck in front of her buckfriend, but after a few cuckolding sessions Faline wanted it more and more often, to the point where Bambi saw no point in remaining with him. She was a doe who wanted variety.

By and large, most bucks Bambi had been with had been truly satisfying sexual partners. Of course, she'd even experimented with a doe before, on several occasions and once with two at the same time while a buck she had been dating watched.

But there came a point when Bambi grew tired of her vagabond lifestyle. Although it suited her sexual proclivities well, she wanted a place to call her own, a home to come back to night after night. So, broke and desperate, she got in touch with her estranged father after years of ignoring his attempts to contact her, asking if she could live with him until she had enough money to afford a place of her own. He agreed without hesitation, so eager was he to see his precious daughter again. Their reunion was tearful, although the tears were mostly his.

Living under her father's roof didn't interfere with Bambi's sex life much, to her relief. Her father was away during the day and often spent his nights working at the council offices until he fell asl**p. But she was having a hard time finding a job, any job. In the years since she'd left the forest of her youth, many small herds of immigrant families had moved into the area, taking most of the low-paying jobs Bambi had been counting on for work.

But Bambi was a resourceful and intelligent doe. It was a small wonder that given the number of bucks she had been with, she had gotten the attention of some big talent scouts in porn. "Why porn?" the inner voice that had once been named Thumper asked her. "Why not something else, something more respectable? What would Father think if he found out?" Bambi hadn't heard from that little voice of reason in a long time. She had no use for it, and shoved it and its stupid little protests back into the corner of her mind where she had it locked away for so long. And altough that little voice called Thumper could have suggested a better name for her, Bambi entered the porn industry with the stage name "Bambu." She thought that no one she knew would recognize her that way.

She was wrong.

It wasn't long after videos of "Bambu" showed up on porn sites all over the world that her father found out about his daughter's newly found source of income. After all, it was a small forest community in which they lived, a mere corner of a vast state park. Everyone knew everything about everyone, and secret sins of thy neighbors never stayed secret for long.

Although Bambi was now making a decent income, she still lived under her father's roof, as the forest clearing she wanted to make her own remained our of her price range at the moment. She had no idea that her father knew anything about her new career until she came home one day after a shoot with a buck that really knew how to get her juices flowing. There, taped to the door to her room, she found a note from her father addressed to "Bambu."

That night, the police came to the house and, eyes fixed to the floor, told Bambi the news. Bambi's father had assaulted a local hunter and taken his shotgun.

Holding the weapon awkwardly in his hooves, Bambi's father had pulled the trigger. A loud shot rang out. Nearby birds---witnesses---fled the treetops and took to the skies, screeching and cawing in alarm. The brains of a once proud stag lay spilled over the mossy ground.


by ATC
Sept. 5th, 2012
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good length and detail