Whoring in Japan

My host brought me to the redlight district. It's a long story but I discovered that my stereotype that Japanese people are super conservative is wrong. Anyways it started with my host and I at the hot springs. We paid for a private small pool but he went off after paying saying he'll come back in a half an hour to join me. Since I got the opportunity, I started wanking hard and long. He came back beforeI was done and utter embarrasment ensued. He thought I was such an innoncent guy that I don't get horny. I told him of my experiences and we shared stories.

Then he decided to bring me fucking. He gave me an address and told me to go myself since he has a girlfriend (though they are a bit of swingers) and didn't want to be seen there. The adrdess was a small apartment and I went up after dinner to the address number. I rang the bell and a cute jap girl answered it. She was wearing shorts and a singlet with her cleavage in full view and her nipples straining against the fabric. My cock hardened at the sight. She pulled me in and I followed her to a table. There we sat down and exchanged medical records(it's written in both jap and english) to confirm we are clean of diseases. I realized she was only 19 and her name was Yumi.

I took out my translator and started trying to converse. She surprised me with her English albeit it was broken. She charged roughly 70USD and I paid the little whore willingly. The only condition was no cumming in her pussy without a condom, the rest was no holes barred. She brought me into her fuckroom and opened her wardrobe telling me to choose a costume for her. I saw a school uniform and told her to use that, to fulfill my hidden fetish. She changed in the bathroom and came out looking like a real student. I had stripped naked in this room full of mirrors. It was for customers to watch themselves.

I told her to blow me and then cap me. She got onto her knees and blew my erect cock. Her tongue flickered around my cock as her head bobbed up and down. When I was sloppy and wet, she put the condom on my dick and blew me again. Then I grabbed her, pulled her panties aside and ate her out. I slipped my tongue into her cunthole and started slurping her while my finger teased her asshole. When I felt she was wet enough, I pushed my full length into her and started pounding her pussy mercilessly. She screamed in delight as my cock went in and out her surprisingly tight pussy.

I turned her around and grabbed her tits through her clothes while facing the mirror and started pounding her again. I slowly opened her clothes, taking it off piece by piece until she stood there in knee high socks and panties. Her remaining garments were drenched with her cum, leaking downwards to the floor. As I was really wanting to release, I pulled out and took of the rubber before putting it into her asshole. I grinded her for awhile to build up somewhore tension before I started thrusting my hips, forcing her to the floor. We fucked doggystyle until I cummed inside her ass, spraying her full of my hot white cum. When I finished cumming, we did a 69 where she cleaned my cock and I cleaned her dripping ass.

Eventhough people tell me that whores aren't worth it, a desperate man needs some desperate pussy.
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I have met women who loved to fuck. The best way to do that without getting to be known as a slut was to go work in a club as a prostitute. Nobody outside the club would know she loved to fuck. If she would meet an acquaintance inside the club he would want to keep it hidden as much as she would.

They would get to fuck as much as they wanted and get payed for doing so.