A Year Ago - My First Time

My first time was with a Korean girl about 20. She was a second year student in my university. She and I met at a club near my apartment. I was dancing with a group of friends when I noticed her. Wearing a short black dress, her straight black hair held back by pins. I was a bit d***k, so I got the courage to ask her to dance. Surprisingly, she agreed.

We danced with the great music on. It was Dj Tiesto I think. Like a virgin single shy guy, I tried not touch her but she kept coming closer until our bodies touched. I could feel her breast touching me and rubbing my chest. Then she turned around and grinded me. I felt like I was in heaven, my cock felt her soft curvy ass touching it and became hard. When she felt that, she grinded harder as I grinded back at her. She grabbed my hands and pulled my arms around her. She turned her head and looked me in the eyes with her slightly brown eyes and then kissed me. My hands hugged her tighter as we had our tongue battle.

The alcohol in my veins made me brave enough to hold her breast in one hand. She moaned and broke our kiss. She pouted and told me to save it for later. We broke off our grind when the trance music came on. It was good because I was about to cum. We danced like crazy then, her hair flying all over the place. Every time her hair passed me, I could smell the shampoo she used.

Half an hour later, when both of us were tired and sweaty, I suggested we left the place. We walked off the dance floor and went to find for her friends but they already went back and so did most of my friends. The only ones left was my friend and his gf. When he told me he wasn't going back early to the apartment, I knew he was going to fuck his girlfriend's pussy at her single room apartment or in his car. So I asked the girl I danced with where did she live but she suggested we go back to my place. I was shocked, i thought she was only playing earlier. So after saying goodbye to my friend, we went back to my place in my car, chatting about our lives.

Once the door of my apartment closed, she started stripping. She took of her dress first. She pulled the straps down from her shoulder and loosened her belt, letting the dress slowly slip of her as she walked towards my bed. She unhooked her bra then laid on my bed, telling me to pull her panties off. I had already taken off my socks at this point, when she told me to strip her, I pulled my pants and underwear off. As I used one hand to unbutton my shirt and used my other hand to pull her panties off but she told me to use my mouth to pull her panties so I can unbutton my shirt. As i clamped down on her striped panties, I could smell her sweat and this new aroma. It was her pussy juice which soaked her panties. I pulled her panties off and threw my shirt to the ground. I climbed into the bed and using my mouth, pulled her bra off. For the first time in my teen life, I was in bed with a fully naked girl. She kissed me and rubbed my dick. She pushed me down and then turned over to suck my dick. I was feeling great as her mouth went up and down my shaft. She licked the throbbing head, tasting my precum and then sucking on my balls.

Seeing her pussy next to me, I tried exploring it. I poked my fingers everywhere and licked her all over until she asked if I was a virgin. Laughing she told me to sit back and relax. I stopped my exploration as she continued blowing me until I was slippery and throbbing hard. She then mounted me. The feeling of my dick being wrapped by a pussy for the first time was great as she rode me. I told her I was about to cum so she stopped and got off. She went to her back and took out rubber bands. She tied my balls and the base of my shaft with it to stop me from cumming fast. I must say it worked because I lasted an hour, letting her pound herself on my dick before she pulled the rubber band off and then blowing me again. This time I cummed in her mouth and held her head there. She showed me my hot white cum before swallowing it, she told me not to hold a girl's head too hard as she may not like it.
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