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Ashley was a good little whore, fucked and sucked wherever and whenever. It was when we first started hooking up and discussing our sexual experiences, and that's when I found out she never tried anal.

Well it didn't take long, after only a couple hook ups, we are sitting on the dock behind her house. We started making out, touching each other my hands exploring her body, playing with her small but perfect breasts, and pinching her perfect pink nipples. As my hands continued to explore they found their way between her thick pale thighs, up her skirt, which she was wearing without any underwear, and find her perfectly shaven pussy. I start flicking my finger along her clit warming up her pussy. Once she starts getting damp I slide 2 fingers inside her twat and find her g-spot and start rubbing it till her pussy is soaking wet.

Once her twat is nice and wet, I bend her over lift her skirt up and slid my cock deep inside her cunt. I start plowing her hole hard, her ass shakes as I plow into her twat each time. She cums after 20 minutes of my cock plowing into her wet twat. After she finish's cumming I lean over and whisper into her ear, "Want to try anal?"

She eagerly agrees. I slide out of her pussy and press the head of my cock against the outside of her ass. With only her cum as lube I ease the head of my cock into her ass, she moans as I enter from the new sexual thrill. I continue sliding the rest of my cock into her tight virgin ass. She moans loving my member going deep inside. I start to fuck her ass harder and faster, her moans getting louder as the pleasure build. I continue going harder and faster still till I am plowing her ass hard, she is moaning continuously, till she climax. As she cums and orgasms I explode deep into her ass. I pull my cock out of her ass as my cum drips out. She drops to her knees and sucks the rest of the cum out, tasting my cum and her virgin ass on my cock.

*This is based on true events.
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3 years ago
this brought good memories
3 years ago
good but short
3 years ago
Nothing like a virgin asshole. Fill her bowels with so much cum she can't walk without it leaking out of her ass.
3 years ago
Well done usually it takes a lot of lube for me to work it in a girls asshole good stuff!