My first gay experience

I was in the changing rooms of my local gym. I'd just finished a pretty heavy workout, and was about to head for the showers when I saw a sign for a sauna. I figured what the hell, might as well try it out. When I entered I could barely see through all the steam, but made out a figure vaguely at the back. I sat down and just as I started to relax I heard the door open and close. The guy had left. After a few minutes I lied back and figured I'd jack off. The heat was getting me in the mood, and I'd broken up with my girlfriend a couple of weeks before and hadn't had sex since, so was feeling pretty horny. Realizing I was alone, I removed my towel to let my cock breathe a little, and went to town on my cock, using the sweat from the steam to massage my balls while I stroked my cock (I love having my balls felt, kind of my fetish).

Suddenly I felt someone sit beside me. There had been someone else in the sauna the whole time! Panicking, I went to cover myself up when I felt a hand grab mine. Turning, I saw the man staring at me with a smile. He was mid-to-late thirties, very well-toned with a tribal tattoo on his shoulder. He then knelt down in front of the bench, leant over and grabbed my cock! I was in complete shock, never having been intimate with a man in any way. I was about to tell him to get off me when I suddenly realized how good it felt. He was now using both hands, stroking them in rhythm up and down my shaft, using my sweat as lube. I knew it was wrong but it felt so right, and before I knew it I was lying back moaning in pleasure, telling him to cup my balls. He did as he was told and grabbed my balls with one hand, massaging and squeezing them whilst he jerked my cock with his other hand. It was amazing! It was the best handjob I'd ever had, far better than my girlfriend had ever given me.

After about 5 minutes of this, he stopped, only to then take my cock in his mouth! This felt like too much (as I see myself as straight) and wanted to tell him to stop, but all I could manage was a long moan, and I realized I didn't really want him to stop. He was too good. He took my 9 incher right to the back of his throat for almost a minute without gagging, taking breath only to suck and lick my balls. The spit from his mouth had dripped all down my hard cock and balls and into my arse crack. He started to rub my hole, using the lube to gently circle my virgin hole. After a while of this he then pushed his finger in. It felt so wrong, yet sooooooooo good. He pushed deeper and deeper as I moaned in ecstasy. He took my cock back in his mouth, and just in time. His finger pressing against my prostate was too much and I blew what felt like a gallon of cum right down the back of his throat. I grabbed his head as I thrusted my cock into the back of his throat, not even noticing or caring that I was screaming out loud as I had the best orgasm of my life! Waves upon waves of pleasure rippled through my whole body as I came down this man’s hot and willing throat. He swallowed every drop, pulled his finger out of my hole and sucked on it, going ‘Hmmmmm’. He then kissed my cock and left the sauna.

I quickly grabbed my towel to cover up, and just lay there, too exhausted to move a muscle. My cock was still twitching and oozing cum into a pool on my stomach. Eventually I got up and headed back to the locker room. There I ran into the guy that gave me my best orgasm (up until that point), who I later found out was called Jay. He just nodded towards the showers and with a wink went in. I followed him and did things I never thought I would, but that's another story.

95% (55/3)
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8 months ago
great hot sexy story..
11 months ago
any chance of a gym visit sometime ;-)
1 year ago
2 years ago
Hot story, has me dripping! will move on to part 2 to blow my load!
2 years ago
nice story..tell more
2 years ago
Wow a name sake what a deal great stoy
2 years ago
Great first gay experience ;)
2 years ago
look forward to part 2.
3 years ago
Very, very hot! Wonder what happens next.
3 years ago
i have togo t qw gym and have to do this to someone thanks
3 years ago
wicked hot story buddy...would love to meet you in the sauna
3 years ago
yes continue god that was hot
3 years ago
very hot
3 years ago
OMG! I love it...please continue