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First time fucking in public

It started off as a typical Saturday afternoon. I was going to meet a mate in town but he cancelled last minute. Having nothing better to do I figured I might as well just go alone and have a look around.

I walked down to the end of my street to get the bus into town. As I sat in my usual seat near the back I suddenly noticed a group of chavs sat near the front chatting. You know the type: slim built, bit dirty looking, all dressed in tracksuits and hoodies. All between 17-19 years old. One, however, stood out amongst the others. He was wearing a white hoody with green stripes, with a baseball cap of similar design. And he kept looking at me. I tried to ignore him as the bus trundled on, but it was hard not too. Every time he glanced I could feel his gaze burning into me, his eyes twinkling mischievously. I couldn’t understand his fascination with me. As the bus pulled up in town I was thrown back into reality. Getting up to leave, I saw him wink at me with a sexy smirk as he stepped off the bus. At this my cock stood at full attention and I awkwardly shuffled off the bus, holding my bag in front of me to try and conceal the tent I was pitching.

As I got to the shops my cock finally started to settle down. I went into my favourite CD/DVD shop hoping to find something to watch or listen to later on. I picked up a film and then out the corner of my eye I saw him again. He was with his mates in the action film section, laughing and joking with them. He caught sight of me and winked that sexy wink, and yet again I felt my cock stirring. I felt like running over, yanking down his tracksuit bottoms and taking his cock down my throat right then and there. But I didn’t. I didn’t even dare speak to him, in case he thought I was some weirdo queer and decided to jump me with his mates. So instead I left the shop, again holding my bag in front of me to hide my aching boner.

After 10 minutes of wandering around my cock was still as hard as ever and dripping precum. So I decided I had to do something about it, and fast. So I went down into the underground parking area and headed for the toilets. I figured they’d be a lot quieter than the ones by the shops, so I’d have at least a little privacy. As I got in it looked deserted. I checked each stall and found no one, so I went into the end cubicle and closed the door behind me.

As I sat down I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled my boxers down, letting my cock breathe. The cold air felt amazing on my hard hot cock and for a moment I just sat there and enjoyed how good it felt. I then spat in the palm of my hand, wrapped it round my 8 incher and began stroking, all the while thinking of that sexy eyed chav I kept running into. His sexy smirk, than wink he did that made my cock jolt to attention. Just the thought of him inside me made me moan out loud. Then I heard someone cough.

I opened my eyes to see him! Right in front of me! I stupidly forgot to lock the cubicle door. He just surveyed me for a moment, and I followed his eyes as they went from my glistening cock, up my chest and then lock on to my eyes. He then smiled, “Wanking over me are ye?” I opened my mouth to speak, but in the blink of an eye he’d pulled his tracksuit bottoms down, revealing the most beautiful cock I’d ever seen. Big and thick. Easily 9, maybe even 10 inches long. With thick veins running down it to its dripping head. Lust overwhelmed me and before I knew what was happening I’d pulled him towards me and took his monster cock down my throat.

“Awww yeah I’m glad I followed you now fag. Been too long since a pretty boy like you sucked my meat” He ran his fingers through my hair as he gently fucked my mouth. The longer I sucked the more of his beautiful cock I could take, till he was moaning with ecstasy “God you’re such a good cock sucker” He then took off his top revealing a rather defined torso. At that moment I heard the door go, and immediately shot up to close the door and cover myself. “Boy I didn’t say stop!” he said, grabbing and pushing back to the ground. “Now suck” I did as I was told and carried on worshipping his dick, very aware that there was a guy just metres away pissing in a urinal. This chav didn’t seem to care as he moaned out loud and told me to take his dick deeper and deeper.

After a few more minutes I heard a moan that wasn’t from us, and seconds later the door went again. “Dirty bastard was wanking over us” he laughed. I’ve got to admit this turned me on a lot and I took even more of his man meat down my now stretched throat. “Fuck you’re gonna make me cum if you keep this up” I started sucking harder when suddenly he pulled out. The look of disappointment on my face must have must have been obvious as he started laughing. “Don’t worry, I’m not finished with you just yet” He then pulled me up and bent me forward so my head was resting on the toilet. And then I felt his warm, wet tongue sliding across my wanting hole. I’d never been rimmed before but I could tell this guy was a professional. I could feel my hole opening for his tongue, and when I felt the tip enter me I nearly came right there and then. “Just fuck me! Please!” I begged. He laughed “All you had to do was ask”

He spat into my hole and began fingering me. Slowly at first, then faster and faster. Then two fingers. Then three. I knew he was loosening me up to prepare me for that horse cock of his, but I was too impatient. I wanted… no, needed him inside me. “I think you’re about ready” he said and I heard him spit on his cock. Then I realised: nothing could prepare me for this. He slowly eased the head in and this alone was enough to make me scream aloud. My head was spinning. I was gasping for air. Clinging on to the toilet for dear life. But once the head was completely in I began to relax. And inch by inch he fed his meat into me I began to moan in pleasure. “I knew you’d like it” he laughed, and he then pushed the last four inches into me at once. The f***e pushed me into the wall and as my head banged against it I felt his balls slap against me.

“I’m gonna fuck you so hard you won’t walk for weeks!’ he laughed, and I knew he was right. Now that my hole had adjusted he began riding me harder and faster, taking long strokes in and out of my rectum. I began tightening my hole round his huge dick and he groaned his approval. He thanked me by pounding me even harder till I was screaming in pleasure, writhing on his baseball bat of a cock while he pulled me back and bit my neck. He starting thundering into me faster and faster like a piston “Aww I’m gonna fucking cum!’ “Do it, please cum deep up my ass” I cried. I wanted to feel his warm seed inside me. With that he began pumping deep into me and screamed “Fuuuuuuuccckk!!! Awwww I’m cumming!” He bit into my shoulder to stop from screaming louder as wave after wave of cum flooded into me. It seemed to cum for minutes and my insides felt like they were going to burst.

“Fuck that was amazing” he said as he pulled his massive tool out of me. As he did so cum came flooding from my hole like a fountain, drenching the floor till it was white. He then wrote his number on my arm and stuck his finger up my gaping hole. “Give me a call sometime. Name’s Matt” He then pulled his finger out sucked it dry. “I’d love to fuck that ass again, might even introduce you to me mates” I looked at him, wondering what he meant. He just winked, smiled that sexy smile and left.

I took a minute to let what had just happened sink in, then grabbed my cock and shot the biggest cumload I’ve ever had. It flew over my head and painted the walls behind me, and I moaned in ecstasy. It was a good 10 minutes before I had the energy to get dressed and leave. As I headed out I wondered what would happen next time I saw Matt, as I knew I could never not ring him. As I went through the door a man brushed passed me, and my cock jolted at the thought of him stepping into that end stall and guessing what had happened. Maybe he’d have a wank over it too.

Posted by Hardcumer 2 years ago
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2 months ago
hot story something like this happeded to me but it was my friend or a friend at his was looking all the time, and my face was going redder all the time.well after a few hours i told my mate i was off. and within a few minutes he was walking behind me. and im looked at him and he where you off to. gotta piss lm saying to him. and be4 i new it we was in this park and hes standing near me watching me piss. was some what turned on by this. ? if you wish to know more let me know...