first timer-chat

got this from a internet forum, OP posted his omegle chat:

Stranger: is this justin bieber??
You: don't get any p*o on my weiner
Stranger: xD
You: please
Stranger: um
You: This is Biebs. What's up girl?

Stranger: um...
You: I can prove it
You: Baby baby baby
You: Ohhhh
Stranger: wow very nice
You: So what's up?
You: Is your clit tingling?
Stranger: no o.O
You: How old r u?
You: 12?
Stranger: 15 -.-
You: Your clit hasn't dropped yet.
Stranger: what does that mean
You: You have no sex drive
Stranger: well if you're "justin bieber" than yours hasn't dropped either
You: Are you home schooled?
Stranger: no
You: How come u r still a virgin then?
You: B honest
You: U scared?
Stranger: um yeah
You: There will be bl**d
Stranger: what does that mean?
You: First time is going to suck
You: Painful
Stranger: oh gosh/:
You: But it gets better
Stranger: .-.
You: U have a bf?
You: No u don't
Stranger: no...
You: Would u describe urself as 5 lbs overweight?
Stranger: no o.O
Stranger: i just turn down people because i don't want a boy friend ok?
You: Then u should be getting ur fuck on!
You: R u on the pill?
Stranger: what? no o_o
You: Lots of guys would want to put their stiff penises in you and ejaculate bc u r not overweight and u r a 15 yo girl
You: Ur missing out
Stranger: lol this conversation is kinda sexy xD
You: I'm a master of romance
Stranger: i can tell lol
You: But for real, get on the pill and start shaving your vagina
You: U sound hot enough to me
Stranger: haha you don't even know whati look like lol
You: 90% of guys want to pull your panties down and spread your legs open
Stranger: that's hott
You: time to start living a little
Stranger: xD i do though o_O
You: For real, your teachers, classmates, coaches, men are pigs. 90% of them thing about bending you over a bench and shoving their dicks in you
Stranger: i know /:
You: While you arch your back and moan
Stranger: wait what o__o
Stranger: i've never had sex
You: Ever masturbated?
Stranger: no... should i?
Stranger: o_O
You: R u for real? Never?
Stranger: yeah seriously:p
You: R u Amish?
Stranger: lol no
You: Think abou this
Stranger: alright
You: The hottest boy in your class
You: If u 2 were on a cruise ship
Stranger: mhmm yess
You: and u went up to him at the pool and said that you wanted to go back to your roo
You: m
You: he would take you back their, unhitched your little top and suk on your titties
You: while u moaned and trembled
Stranger: ....ohh...
You: even if u couldn't get this guy at school, he would fuck u on a cruise ship if it was a one time thing. Not k**ding
Stranger: how do you know/
Stranger: ?
You: Then he would pull your little bikini botto
You: m down and start licking your clit
Stranger: oh gosh... what is this feeling >_<
You: I know human nature. No guy will turn down a freebie with a moderately attractive girl
Stranger: well he has a gf though
You: Then he would take his boardshorts off and expose his throbbing boner to you and make you suck it.
You: What's his name?
Stranger: dylan...
You: Unless he is a total fag, like Ronnie on Jersey Shore, he will cheat on his gf if she isn't there on a cruise in international water
You: It isn't cheating if you're at sea
Stranger: actually... just k**ding he broke up with her yesterday. so he's single.
You: Doesn't matter. Dylan would take your virginity if you asked him point blank discreetly in the right setting. Guys are all about quantity.
You: Can you imagine sucking Dylans cock while running your hands up his abs?
Stranger: well... even if that was so... it's not like we're going on a cruise together anytime soon.
You: How hot is that?!?!!!
Stranger: dude... he has NICE abs...
Stranger: that's really hot...
Stranger: >_<
You: Doesn't have to be a cruise. Does he live in your hood?
Stranger: haha no/:
You: Invite him over when your parents are gone for a study session n
Stranger: well we really don't talk very much.
You: Just sen him an email that kind of let's him know that you're a free meal and it will be a one time thing and that you won't talk about it.
Stranger: haha alright... well let's say that does happen. what happens when he gets to my house?
You: If you're willing to put yourself out there, you could have Dylan on top of you dripping sweat
You: You dress slutlily and kiss him after 8 minutes of studying on your bed
Stranger: ok... then what?
You: That basics of this plan are simple. Guys are horny devils.
Stranger: lol that's true. considering i'm in high school they're a lot worse:p
You: Then he will tongue kiss you for about ten minutes then try to get under your shirt
Stranger: do i let him?
You: You should pull your own shirt off if u want to appear dtf.
You: Either way he's going to try to fuck you until u say no.
Stranger: well what about him? do i just get naked or does he too?
You: Your shirt. Your shorts. His shirt. Your panties. His pants.
You: That's the order. Have u ever kissed a guy?
Stranger: yeah... at a party.
You: So not a lot of experience even kissing. That's sweet.
Stranger: haha yeah/:
You: What's your name sweetie?
Stranger: haha it's Claire o_o
You: No fake names please.
Stranger: it's not
You: The moral of this story is that you can have Dylan if you're clever and discrete and you should feel good about your sexiness Claire. You've probably underestimated it.
Stranger: well... he doesn't like me though. and i guess dylan is kind of a prude >_<
You: Okay, so your shirt comes off. Then he undoes your bra.
You: He's faking the prude thing.
Stranger: why would he?
You: You've misread him. He's a teen boy. He'll fuck anything. He just doesn't want a bad rep.
Stranger: haha that's true...
You: Now imagine Dylan sucking your nipples for the first time on your own bed.
Stranger: ...o___o
You: It's going to feel pretty intense. And you're going to be nervous about being half naked. But omg will u be soooo wet.
Stranger: what does it feel like? o_o
You: Hmmm, it kind of makes you tremble and get really horny. And if they look in your eyes it pretty awesome. Great type of foreplay.
Stranger: i feel kinda funny right now... o_o
You: Are you a little wet for real real?
Stranger: i don't know... o_o
You: Just k** of slide a couple finger down there and feel the lay of the land
Stranger: i'm scared... it's my first time o__o
You: Just check if your clit is puffy and if you're wet. You don't have to masturbate.
Stranger: um a little bit...
You: When Dylan gets your top off he will most likely slide his hands down your pants without unzipping them.
Stranger: aughh i'm feeling so weird down there...
You: He will rub your clit and try to turn you on to get you to go all the way before you decide to say no.
Stranger: i will most deffinately not say no to that... especially if it was dylan
You: Why don't u slide your hands under your pants and rub yourself a little and pretend it's Dylan
Stranger: mm... okay...
You: Well that the fun part of making out is coaxing girls to go further than they want.
Stranger: so he would just be taunting me?
You: So u might not even be considering it now, but once you're horned up u might change your mind.
Stranger: meaning...?
You: He will just be slick and try to get his dick in u.
You: And if that means going slow thats what he'll do.
Stranger: and if i won't let him the first time?
Stranger: ohh well i'd probably let him go in
You: If he's the hottest guy in school I recommend just going for it. He won't gonsteady w u but he will fuck u.
Stranger: and i'm fine with thaaatt
You: "Claire I just want to taste u a little. That's it. U have such a cute body. Can I take your shorts off please?"
Stranger: and i let him take them off?
You: Yeah. U r going to give him your virginity. He's hot and u need the practice.
You: Besides he will be super sweet.
Stranger: lol yeahh... you know a lot don't you?
You: I've been around the block.
Stranger: haha expert hmm? well ok so i let him get in my pants. then what?
You: Oh. He pulled your panties off too. What type of panties would u wear for the big night?
Stranger: a thong..?
You: meh
Stranger: what else is there?
You: Got anything really cute? It can be a thong. Something with bows or straps or whatever. This is your virginity. Class it up.
Stranger: lol well i have a black lace one with pink bows...? is that ok?
You: Very nice. And let's just assume you're completely shaved.
Stranger: lol i am
You: He will probably kiss your inner thighs a little and work his way up. When his tongue does hit your pussy for the first time you will probably jump like you got shocked
Stranger: what will it feel like?
You: I can't say first hand, but imagine this vague horniness you're feeling right now times 1000
You: You'll be thrashing and moaning and arching your back and saying ughghhhhh Dylan.
Stranger: ughhh...
You: Meanwhile something will be building down there that we can only co
You: compare to a sneeze because you're such an innocent girl u have nothing to compare it yo
You: to
You: r u getting turned on Claire?
Stranger: lol yeahh
You: Wanna rub urself? I think u should
Stranger: is it masturbating?
You: Yes dear. U should masturbate now.
Stranger: oh-okay....
Stranger: what should i use for practice?
You: Btw. Guys like that.
Stranger: lol ooh;]
You: Slow down tiger. Just rub circle over your clit and if you're feeling really turne on then slide a finger inside
Stranger: ok i have a finger... now what?
You: Do what feels good to u. Styles vary greatly by person.
You: R u thinking about using a dildo?
You: Or electric toothbrush. Or something?
Stranger: i have an electric toothbrush haha
You: Ever put it on your clit?
You: Yeah. That's a popular thing.
Stranger: no... should i?
You: Could be fun.
You: Wanna try your first vibrator experience while I coach u?
Stranger: ok.... i'm a little nervous...
You: Or do u just want to use your hands? Your choice. Today is a big day for u
Stranger: can we start with hands?
You: Yeah.
Stranger: ok... what do i do first
You: So rub your clit with your middle finger, but not too directly if it's uncomfortable.
Stranger: ok....
You: Then occasionally slide that finger inside of you.
Stranger: i'm doing it...
Stranger: wich hole?/:
You: And feel free to imagine that it's Dylan
You: Your vagina dear
Stranger: lol sorry... this is a big day...
You: One finger won't break your hymen and shouldn't hurt
Stranger: ok its inside
You: Slowly try to get it in deeper.
Stranger: hurts a little...
You: You will probably get wetter
Stranger: i am..
You: Make a come here motion with your finger and rub against your
You: Pubic bone. You should feel a rough spot.
You: Ultimatley. Just do what u like.
Stranger: i feel it...
You: At 15, you will probably be more likely to get off from rubbing your clit.
You: Keep fingering yourself and get in the right State of mind.
Stranger: oh-okay...
You: One. You're turning me on. And two you would be turning on just about any red bl**ded guy in the world right now.
You: So feel sexy Claire. You're going to break a lot of hearts.
Stranger: haha am i doing good?:]
You: You're doing great baby.
Stranger: how do i know when to stop?
You: If it feels good, you can rub and finger with two hands. Most girls only use one.
Stranger: should i try?
You: When you have your first orgasm you will definitely know.
Stranger: what does that feel like?
You: To masturbate to orgasm on the first try at 15 is fairly tricky. So you might need a few tries.
Stranger: alright
You: It will change your life. It will feel like getting straight As times 1000
Stranger: ooh nicee
You: You will probably tear up, turn red, shake, go
You: into a ball, and tears will roll down your face as you laugh triumphantly.
Stranger: haha:]
You: You're going to become a woman this week Ms. Claire
Stranger: :]
You: Still touching yourself?
You: You may want to kick your finger
You: lick
Stranger: will it taste good? o_o
You: Not bad. I meant lick it to lubricate it. But a girl licking her finger is pretty damn hot too.
You: Virgin girls taste like butterscotch.
Stranger: haha oohh sorry >_<

You: Are you still wet? Do u feel like you're building to orgasm?
Stranger: yeah...
You: Keep doing what feels good u little sex kitten
Stranger: haha;]
Stranger: you're a good coach
You: I sincerely wish I was there to see this. It's kind of a beautiful thing. It's certainly a very hot thing.
Stranger: haha :]
You: I would kiss your neck while I slide two fingers inside you and played with your g spot.
Stranger: ooh;]
You: Then I would pull your shirt up and suck your heaving nipples while you grind on my hand.
Stranger: mm...
You: Then I would whisper in your ear "
Stranger: ....
You: there's a good girl. Your doing great my little Claire. I want to see u cum"
Stranger: mmmmm
You: Then I would kiss you as your breathing picked up and you got closer and closer
Stranger: yesss
You: Then I would take my fingers out and say I want you to finish by yourself Claire. I want to watch you. It gets mr soo hard
Stranger: i would finish for you;]
You: And I would stroke your hair as you lay on your back exposed
Stranger: ;]]]]
You: And rubbed yourself trying to get there for me
Stranger: mmmmm yesss
You: I want u to cum
Stranger: i wan't YOU to cum
You: I want your sexy little body to be overcome with waves of pleasure
You: I'm really hard right now
Stranger: that's excellent;]
You: Do you want me to come?
You: I'll get some lotion.
Stranger: haha;]
You: This won't take long. You've got mr really turned on.
You: I'm stroking myself n
You: I wish we were in the same room
Stranger: good good:]
You: almost there
You: I came all over my abs and chest
Stranger: that's hott
You: wow
You: how u doing?
You: It might take a few tries. Practice tonight before u fall asl**p
Stranger: haha alright ;]
You: Do u think u can come now?
You: then I want u to come sweetie
You: nothing would make me happier
Stranger: i think i just did...
You: did it feel good?
Stranger: yes;]
You: good girl
Stranger: :]
You: my name is Dean
Stranger: hello dean
You: I like being your coach. I think u r capable of way more intense orgasms.
You: what's your email?
You: You should maybe try the toothbrush thing later tonight.
Stranger: lol i will:]
You: u gonna email me?
You: You make mr pretty hot Claire. I could definitely do this again.
Stranger: ah! sorry i have to go/: i don't have an email either/: but it was nice talking to you. i'm very grateful;]
You: I happy you're happy

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